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For about a week, the Lord has lightened my load, spiritually speaking. I really was heavy spirited over all of the events that keep happening. I really don’t like when he releases me for a time because I lose my edge, get sloppy and lazy. Its just too ‘comfortable’. I would rather be at the edge of my seat. Alas, HE has given me some peace even tho I don’t want it, LOL.

I had a dream the other night: Little owls had made their home on my legs and feet. I looked down at them and said: “What are you little owls doing here!”

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I did a lot of research on the meaning yesterday and I came to this conclusion: Owls dwell in places of desertion, empty barns, deserts, (places like that). I had recently told my pal that I was in mourning for well over a year, observing the sad state of the nation and world. I believe God sent these owls to comfort me. Owls can take the desertion. They can handle lonely places. We all need to be more like owls.

May the bastards who are destroying the world be brought down to their deaths very soon.

White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

I was talking with tednoiz and he was telling me that “Im a softy, a real mush” Lol… Yeah, I confess there is nothing more fabulous than listening to ‘evil’ white man’s music.

Without further adieu, here is the fabulous Righteous Brothers:

EAGLES: The Best Guitar Players (In Unison) I’ve Ever Seen

This is the level best guitar playing in unison by Don Felder and Joe Walsh I have ever seen or heard at 5.25 on this video.

Don Felder and Joe Walsh both have their solo’s also which are impeccable.

Don Hendley will probably block us from watching this. Dumb leftist. Like he hasnt made hundreds of millions that he cant share a little music. TYPICAL Leftist creep!

I love Joe Walsh and Don Felder. They were so good looking and talented.

Pin on Classic Rock

Hendley can kiss my ugly, flat a$$.

Steve Miller Band BREAK

I love my Rock n Roll from the 70’s, early 80’s. David loves the 50’s and big bands from the 40’s. I love that too but come on, man! I gotta have my 70’s smooth rock and roll! This band is one of my top fav’s. Steve Miller Band had some really cool lyrics. Brings me back to about 1979 in 2 seconds flat! When I was a teen, skinny and YOUNG.

Rock N Me Baby:

Abracadabra…This one came out in my Senior year and my steady boyfriend, who was the team captain of the Football and wrestling team… He used to sing this one to me.

Fly Like An Eagle:

Here’s the whole album

Ernst #KLIMT, Brother Of Gustav. A Superior Artist

Ernst #KLIMT, Brother Of Gustav. A Superior Artist

Children praying:

Ernst Klimt | Art Auction Results

We don’t hear much about Ernst. Its all about Gustav. Probably because Gustav was a rabid Leftist and also a sexually depraved person. Leftists love depravity. Facts are facts, though. Both Ernst and Gustav were fabulous painters. It is good to know art and artists. It opens doors to chat with people that are less Eastern European Left and more Lib/Libertarian.

  • In 1891, he married Helene Flöge (1871-1936), the sister of Gustav’s friend, Emilie Flöge, and they had a daughter; also named Helene.
  • 1881 Ernst, Gustav, and their friend from school, Franz Matsch, founded the “Künstler-Compagnie” and, two years later, opened their own studio.

At any rate… Look at the wonderful art of Mr. Ernst Klimt, someone you probably never knew existed.

  • He died unexpectedly, from an inflammation of the pericardium. Gustav took care of his wife and daughter and completed his unfinished paintings.


Ernst Klimt. Pan Consoling Psyche (Fragment of painting for the Belvedere Gallery, Vienna)

Still Life with armor:

Ernst Klimt, 1885 - Still life with Armor - fine art print — Artprinta

“Woman”, a collab with his brother, Gustav:

This is a painting in a Vienna Federal building. Also a collab with Gustav:

This was Ernst Klimt’s last painting. I believe it was a painting of his wife, Helene Floge. Gustav finished this painting for his brother as he passed away in 1883


Most of his works: here

Here’s a video to enjoy:

NEW Rock Band Called ‘Dirty Honey’. Totally 70’s, 80’s Classic Rock:

NEW Rock Band Called ‘Dirty Honey’. Totally 70’s, 80’s Classic Rock

This is 70s style/80s style rock n roll. A mix of metal and classic rock. Eric Clapton sound in the beginning of the song with a dash of Axl rose in the chorus… A touch of Robert plant and Geddy Lee. Definite Kudos to the mix.

Nat King Cole – Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

My husband tells me in the 50’s, when he was super young that he would hear this on the radio in NYC right before school was out and he was so happy to be going into the summer. They would play it every year and David would anticipate hearing this song because it meant school was out.

My Nana used to listen to songs like this and more every Saturday when we had to clean our house.


Nights In White Satin – The Moody Blues, BEST Live Version

It’s unbelievable that Justin Hayward could actually sing this the exact same way he sang it in the 1960’s. I never liked this song. It seemed too sad.. But, you can’t ignore the fact that the talent only got better:

2010, (I think)

Now compare to 1968. The feeling he put into this song was incredible.

Unbelievable, HUH!?

Keep this post on point.

Cathy’s Clown….

“Cathy’s Clown”, TMJ/PAR 2021

One of my favorite Acoustic/Harmony rock n roll songs. This was recorded in Nashville, 1960. I love the sound of Everly brothers. This’ll bring some of you back–far! To a time when things were just better. How I wish we could go back before this mess!!!

Anyway… Enjoy:

Here’s another you’ll love…

“Wake up little Susie”