Defacto “Prez” Obama Puts A Muslim In Charge Of Religious Freedom Post. Obama Did This in 2010.

Defacto “Prez” Obama Puts A Muslim In Charge Of Religious Freedom Post. Obama Did This in 2010.

I REFUSE to call this current admin “The Biden Admin”. I know very well this is Obama pulling all these stunts. It’s not an issue of every, single Muslim being ‘good or bad or what-have-you‘. The issue is that Obama does this to ‘get your goat’…Why? Because he is the anti christ.

This is linked up (below) at Jim Hoft’s website, “Gateway Pundit”. Hoft covered the Obama Junta all of the years Obama acted as King. Jim knows Obama is the one calling the shots but he won’t say so.

AMAZING PROOF Barack Obama Is The Antichrist & Islam's ...

PBUH, Mayor Mohammed DeBlasio: ‘NYC Schools Off For Muslim Holidays’

PBUH, Mayor Mohammed DeBlasio: ‘NYC Schools Off For Muslim Holidays’


This piece of absolute garbag is working on banning the horse carriages in Central Park.  Advises Gov Andrew Cuomo he agrees that conservative, pro-lifers have no place in NY….And now, to add insult to injury…He wants ALL children to recognize the Muslims, giving them off on Muslim ‘holidays.’    Where is the separation of mosque/state?  Did NYers even vote for this?     Who the hell voted for this creep?  Find the ones that elected in this lunatic and put them ALL in straight jackets.

An art collage from November 2013

IDIOT De Blasio wants schools off for Muslim holidays, Lunar New Year

“Buddhist” Navy Yard Killer, Aaron Alexis Created Facebook Page Called Mohammed Salem

“Buddhist” Navy Yard Killer Created Facebook Page Called “Mohammed Salem”

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Aaron AlexisAaron Alexis was not a Buddhist. He was a Muslim and this is a typical Muslim killing.  This was Ft Hood on the high seas. Bill Clinton, former traitor in chief disarmed the service by exec order in 1993.  So, a more appropriate name would be the “Disarmed Forces of America.”  How many of those at Ft Hood or at the DC Yard would still be alive if they had weapons?  Now, the left wing is looking to defame Buddhists on behalf of their beloved Muslims killers?

Click- hat tip via email: Navy Yard killer created webpage with name “Mohammed Salem”

Navy Personnel murdered by a Muslim:

List of 12 Navy Yard Shooting Victims

Michael ArnoldFrank KohlerMary Francis KnightKenneth Bernard ProctorRichard Michael RidgellJohn Roger JohnsonMartin BodrogKathy GaardeVishnu PanditArthur DanielsSylvia Frasier

One Of The Navy Yard Terrorist/Murderers Is A Son Of Obama?

One Of The Navy Yard Murderers Is A Son Of Obama?

Update-Our friend, Doug:  Black Thug Aaron Alexis Identified as Gunman in Washington Navy Yard Shooting

Is he also a Muslim?

We are brainwashed to believe that only white, right-wing extremists are the perps of these type mass murders.   Even though most all domestic terror is carried out by leftists:  Facts About #Communist Leftists

There are also many mass killings perp’d by blacks: Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List .

We grieve with the families and pray for them. We have lost some of America’s finest.  But, isn’t is past time to start looking into the behaviors of some of the sons of Obama as we look into this terrorist attack?

-David Ben Moshe

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Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism [Video]

Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism

If it looks like a Communist, smells like a Communist and acts like a Communist, it is a Communist.

Video by: Pat Condell

US Govt Is The “POG” ~ “Palestinian Occupied Government”-“Zionist” Obama Gives 500 Mil To Palis

US Govt Is The “POG” ~ “Palestinian Occupied Government”- Obama Gives 500 Mil To Palis

How’s this working for the Obama-bots?  How is all that foreign aid helping people here at home?  Where’s the outrage from P’lestinian- Puppet, David Duke?  I thought he was against foreign aid??  Oh, I guess it’s bad only when it’s on behalf of Israel..  

Well, the world has gone insane, with Obama the profane.. .. (Poem I wrote)   How in the frick can we afford ANY foreign aid?!  STOP AID!! ALL AID!!

Click here: Obama gives $500 million to Palestinian Authority

To Halal Or Not To Halal? The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Eat With Repubs?

To Halal Or Not To Halal. The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Eat With Repubs?

The other day, congress had dinner with the president on an invite from congress. Lobster was the main course. Was it on the tax payer’s dime while millions are still losing their homes and without employment?

The president did not eat. The reason that he gave was that he didn’t have his food taster there to make sure that it was safe to consume. I didn’t know that presidents of the US had food testers or is this something new? Maybe testers are only for imperial presidents. Or-was the real reason that he did not partake in the lobster because it was not Halal? We know that not being Kosher wouldn’t bother him but how about not being Halal?

-David Ben Moshe

Obama’s Storm-Trooping Trolls Posting To GOPers On Blogs “Get Out Of My Country”~Kinda Like “G’BYE JEWS!”

 All of this has an eerie, evil familiarity to me. A satanic spirit that is born in the land through Obama the 2nd Hitler/Commu-Nazi, Defacto Dictator.  My Moms side of my family were just little people and paupers. Fleeing Spain to the Azores in the late 1400’s, early 1500’s. Finally coming to America in the 1800’s..  My husbands family, fleeing the Bolshevik revolt in 1917, Russia. Jews and non- Jews in my David’s family being starved in the Ukraine.  Friends of friends of my husbands being gassed in the chambers of Poland… It’s all familiar.  Every people/s of every tribe, NOT just Jews ~have been massacred and murdered in this type atmosphere that the NAZI-left has created.. We are only defending ourselves..

Let me say, for those that do not know me, I am not a GOPer, I am an Independent-American.  But, let me tell you… Leftist-NAZI, Storm-trooping trolls want Americans to leave their own country or BOW to Obama’s paganistic faggot, baby-murdering, genocidal, gun-grabbing-fascism.  It will be a cold day in hell before I will, but house Repubs are already buckling to the beast who occupies the W.H. by deceit & Obama’s Storm-trooping trolls have already starting sweeping the cyber lick.. Here is a commenter on Breitbarts:


Why don’t you crazy losers put yourselves in a time machine.  One that will take you back to 1776.  Since you refuse to evolve past that time and cling to delusion, violence,  and hate –  “F”  all of you crazy losers.
P.S.   Republicans will NEVER elect another US President.   Just when Americans thought you losers couldn’t get any crazier – you FOAM at the MOUTH to arm terrorists to kill our children in school. YOU CRAZY TEA BAGS are DONE. Hillary Clinton will be your next President.  F all you ‘LOSERS GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY ‘


 For the record, female, NAZI slug- Ginger:  Muslim, usurper, psychopath, Obama is the one who is arming the terrorists.   BUT:  I am glad he is, now.  Because 9/11 will start happening all over and I hope you die in your leftist cities… I pray you do.  I hope I find you one day, Ginger.  When I do, it won’t be pretty. This is NOT ‘your’ country, Ginger, its mine. I AM Seneca/Iroquois. YOU, witch, are trespassing…. And if these ‘old whitey’s’ that you wish to murder so badly do not do something soon, biiiiiiiiiitch…there is gonna be hell to pay and I’ll be looking for you.

This little faggot says:


Yes, Little Benny Shapiro is a paranoid small person, isn’t he?

WELCOME TO BREITBART.COM:  “Bringing Together Bitter, Scared, Insecure Loudmouth Losers, Since 2007!”

  Here is this gasbags comment:CLICK

This is the way they talk to nice people.  Can you imagine how they talk to their own??  Whatever.. You can go through the comments. Bottom line, these NAZI Gestapo, Storm Trooping, Obama slime want you dead.  

Meanwhile…. “Conservative” people are still crying when they get called a racist.  I have *NO* hope. None.  For you who like to come by and rebuke me for being mean and cursing a little.. Dear small-minded children.. We are in a war, this is not a garden party.  You just keep worrying about being called a hater and a racist and I will start taking care of business.  Just what do you think all of this demonizing of conservative, Libertarians, Independents, Rightists & GOPer is?  

It is a war brewing, people.  That is what an an opposing side does;  Demonizes their ‘enemy’..We are not the ‘enemy’, we didn’t want to ‘change’ America-we were FINE with our Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc, like most counties are fine with their founders basic principles…  I am convinced that only an invasion will unite American people. (This excludes illegals, and people who worry about some other hell-hole before their own town, city, state, country)

This is your future, ‘conservatives’ if you do not start fighting back: