Must Read: American Marxists In Action

Must Read:  American Marxists In Action- Author: David Ben Moshe

Every problem this nation faced was caused by government. More than that, it was caused by liberal government and more than that it was caused by progressive (Marxist) government.
  • Progressives (Marxists) have turned America into Sodom and Gomorrah by making deviant behavior, normal, and if you complain about it, you are branded a racist, sexist or xenophobe.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for lower standards in school and job performance. Just a few years ago in a single Florida district, 23 was a passing grade. Would you like a doctor operating on you who scored 23 in his final exam?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for 55 million dead babies that will never be born. Could one of those that were aborted possibly be the one who would have found a cure to cancer or Alzheimer’s?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for allowing same sex marriages and calling it normal. Anyone can see that the parts don’t fit.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for opening our doors to almost 1 million from the 3rd world every year. You didn’t really expect someone who never used a toilet bowl or saw a closed sewer to do well here, did you?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for a flood of illegal immigrants and not only not stopping them but wanting to grant them amnesty and make their crime, kosher.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for Affirmative Action where the far more qualified are pushed to the side for those barely able to hold on to their job.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for removing prayer in school. Well, nature abhors a vacuum so the Bible was quickly replaced by violence.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for killing millions of innocent babies but stopping murderers from facing their deserved penalty, death.
One half century ago we could walk the streets at any hour with no fear of being attacked, cars didn’t need alarms, homes didn’t need bars on windows and triple locked doors. Do you understand where we were as a nation and where we are today and just how we got here???
What are you going to do about it-turn on the football game?????

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