#BlackPrivilege? SC NAACP President Arrested For Trespassing & Disorderly Conduct

SC NAACP President Arrested For Trespassing & Disorderly Conduct

He refused to pay his bill.  Does he think he is above paying bills?  They claim  Randolph has a ‘medical related condition.’  Sure. Don’t we all when it comes to paying our bills..  Is this what the NAACP teaches blacks?  To not pay their debts??

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Small excerpt:

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – South Carolina NAACP President Dr. Lonnie Randolph Jr. has been charged with trespassing after warning, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident at a Columbia dry cleaners.

McCullough said he has spoken to both Columbia Police department and Tripp’s Cleaners about how this issue has a “medical related origin.”

Censored News: Another Week Of Black On White Crime, Murders & Issues In “Post-Racial” America

Censored News: Another Week Of Black On White Crime, Murders & Issues In “Post-Racial” America

 By David Ben Moshe

The media censors the race.  But, if it was a white on black crime, nothing would be censored; they would want to hang the white.  Even conservative websites leave out the race.  Helping these black thugs.

Black thugs murder white UMKC student, media censors

Yet another hate crime murder in Tulsa

Another NYC subway attack caught on tape

Defending the Stuebenville rape:

Stuebenville, Ohio NAACP president defends Steubenville rapist

Demanding white students “Stomp on Jesus”

Mormon student persecuted by University for refusing to “stomp on Jesus

White Student Union Claims Towson Has Black-On-White Crime Problem:

It’s ‘racist’ to report these stories..

UN Observers To Oversee Our Elections?

I understand that the ACLU, NAACP, the Leadership Conference On Civil And Human Rights, among other groups are inviting the UN to monitor our elections. Claiming there is a coordinated effort to disenfranchise minority groups. They’re asking the UN to send observers from various countries some of which have corrupt elections themselves, to impinge upon our sovereignty.
Obama’s (fraudulent) ACORN was not a threat? Neither were the Black Panthers patrolling outside the polling places with clubs saying; “kill the crackers (white people) kill the cracker babies.”* Apparently it’s okay for the Black Panthers to intimidate white people and suppress their vote; according to Attorney General Eric Holder. What arrogance, what audacity.

EXCLUSIVE: Almost Half of NAACP Registrations Are Suspected Voter Fraud

This should surprise me, but it doesn’t.  Why do these Negroes think they can get away with murder?  Answer: We allow it.


-David Ben Moshe


In the course of two weeks we received about 1300 registration applications, over 174 received from just three groups – the Voter Participation Center, the LCV Education Fund and the NAACP.  Of the 174 received from these groups, roughly 10% were voters already registered but with a slight variation of their legal name or address, which could have resulted in voters being registered multiple times.


After Laying An Egg, Romney Received A Standing Ovation At NAACP For Straight Talk

After Laying An Egg, Romney Received A Standing Ovation At NAACP For Straight Talk

Maybe after this, Romney can muster up some courage and talk straight to American patriots and bring up the fact that Obama was ‘born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii?’  Like waiting on snow in the middle of July in Phoenix, AZ.

Katie Pavlich – Romney Receives Standing Ovation for Straight Talk at NAACP Convention 


-David Ben Moshe

Romney Lays An Egg at the NAACP By The Lampoonist..

The Romney campaign committee’s advising Romney to address the primates at the NAACP is symptomatic of the colossal stupidity of the uber-morons running Romney’s campaign.
To stupidity & gutless;  add clueless, and if that’s not bad enough, the culprit who wrote his address should be boiled in oil with the rest of them…
And Romney was so dumb, he delivered it.
When he proudly proclaimed that: “I will repeal Obama Care,” that was a biggy!   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!. That’s a 10 banana Bo….
The only people who want Obama Care repealed are?…..TAXPAYERS, YOU MORON!
To add insult to injury, he brought up the [J] word..
Jobs? Telling that crowd that you are going to find them a job went over like a fart in church…
Best thing he coulda’ done was go there and tell them the 1.2 million Mexicans that Obomo gave amnesty to made a beeline for the hood.
So far, the beaners took their food stamps and drained the entire inventory of Colt 45 Malt Liquor and worse! they created a shortage of crack with the welfare money allotment. Lastly, the only thing white that they want in the NAACP is J Lo..

db c. 2012  author of:

Armani X Contest

NAACP Is “Booing” Mitt Romney, He Must Be “Too White”

NAACP Is “Booing” Mitt Romney, He Must Be “Too White”?

Of course, Obama, a negro won’t even meet with the NAACP, from what I’ve heard.

-David Ben Moshe

QV says:

Racist Smear On Romney By The Soros Media: “You’re Too White”
This has to be one of the most disgusting and misleading pieces of campaign filth I’ve seen in quite some time.

It’s the product of a new Soros funded media group entitled ‘The Message’, composed of Razor & Tie co-founder Cliff Chenfeld, former Media Matters for America president Eric Burns, former AOL chief creative officer and co-founder of theknot.com Michael Wolfson, and former New York Times journalist Andrew Zipern
This is not an official Obama campaign message, which gives this president plausible deniability. But there’s absolutely no question in my mind that his campaign knows all about it and approved it.

Do you think Obama is going to disassociate himself from this and condemn it publicly? Don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE! LINK REMOVED!COMMUNIST NAACP: Boycotting Kid Rock-Confederate Flag!

Funny.. I think it is.. The way these Communist DEVIL fascists hate the Confederate flag.  Love it. Its the main reason we have a few in our house now.  Now, they are boycotting Kid Rock. I guess Kid Rock must be doing something right!  Most southerners I know are into their heritage. These COMMUNISTS act like THEY were slaves! Just like so many Jewish people pretend that they had parents in the Holocaust.  And they DO pretend this. I had a left wing “Jew” on this site who is 22 years old tell me her MOTHER AND FATHER survived the Holocaust.  Unbelievable. So, they happened to give birth to her when they were in their 60’s? Come on.

As far as this Confederate flag nonsense: GET OVER IT, NAACP