Nasty Pelosi Sings “Wet Azz Dentures”. #LOL

Nancy Pelosi Sings “Wet Azz Dentures”. #LOL

Every once in awhile, ya get lucky on the net and find something hilarious…Here is Nasty Pelosi singing Cardi B’s stupid ‘song’, “Wet A$$ Pu$$y”.

This one is really funny too, LOL

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Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Talk About #Benghazi Like Nixon Didn’t Want To Talk About Watergate

Nancy Pelosi  Doesn’t Want To Talk About #Benghazi Like Nixon Didn’t Want To Talk About Watergate

We should send her to a place where she can talk about anything her little heart desires…


Astroturd, Moron Nancy Pelosi: ‘If There’s No Agreement, We Go Over The Cliff’

There is no shortage of dumbass in the US government… Makes me so proud to be an American.. I just love being an American. Don’chu? 

Paganistic Pelosi Vows To “Stand With Barack Lucifer Obama” Against Catholics In Baby-Murdering Slaughterhouse


PELOSI CONDONES ANTI-SEMITISM & VIOLENCE~Astro-Turf Bitch, Nazi Pelosi: “Bless Occupy Wall St”

This bitch ought to be arrested and hung.  Obama with her.  I cannot believe this absolute INSANITY.  This scum-bitch said that the ‘tea party was astro-turf’,  but this slezoid skunk can’t give one reason WHY these IDIOTS are ‘protesting’.  They are ‘protesting’ as they did in Bolshevik Russia; They took homes, murdered those who did not go along with the Bolsheviks. Demanded that people who didnt even know each-other move into houses together; THAT IS what we are up against, people.

She condones the upcoming blood-shed. She condones the Jew hate. She condones the violence. She is an enemy of the state and should be tried for treason and shot.  That’s my opinion.


Pelosi on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters: ‘God bless them’


*INSANE* Pelosi: “We Are Trying 2 Save The World From GOP”-GOP Is On The SAME Page As This LUNATIC

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Drama Queen Pelosi: ‘We’re Trying to Save World From GOP Budget, Trying to Save Life On This Planet as We Know It”

  This is idiocy personified.  There should be NO question in your mind that this sub-human female has totally lost her mind. I believe she must be sick with dimensia, full blown alzhiemers or, jeezzz…. who the hell knows what’s ailing this psychopathic crazy bitch….  I know that Piglosi is worth a fortune, but, typical of a Commie to not offer her own cash to set us all free from the now extremely weakass GOP…..

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Are We Even Living In America Anymore? NAZI Pelosi Wants AMERICANS Investigated

For Opposing the Victory Mosque Community Center close to the graveyard, Ground Zero.  This is unbelievable. I dont write a lot on Islam, because the problem is the GOVERNMENT. IF we had a government that did as we asked, we would not have a problem like this.

It’s a guess that we had better be prepared to see this abomination built right where it’s proposed.

I’ve long thought that God has an odd sense of humor:  Western liberals have taken as an article of ‘faith’ (pardon the pun) that they must publicly support a religion that is the most backward, ugly force in the entire world today, after all, it suits their agenda.  People who will be the first to fee the blade of Islam on their necks are literally lining in a queue on supporting Islam.

Again, either God has a bizarre sense of humor, or God has handed the West over to Satan himself.    I-37

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, called for an investigation of those who are protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque on Tuesday. She told San Francisco’s KCBS radio:


Nasty-Nancy Pelosi, the “Catholic”…Sure.

And, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya…

  This impossible train wreck, whore of Babylon~ never shuts her trap. She should speak when spoken to, to avoid any more catastrophes.

  She is PRO-MURDER of innocent babies. ANYONE that believes this bitch is a Catholic, is certifiably insane.

  Let’s not overlook the HYPOCRISY of all that fuel burned-ferrying these frauds to a CLIMATE CHANGE party, that call themselves democrats… 

  Pelosi is a CRIMINAL just like AL GORE – they are arrogant, lying, thieving FILTH.

  I grew up with Catholics. The Catholic people, I am 100% POSITIVE do NOT agree with this evil witches stance on things, for ie.. look at the killers record;

(Click on the Bills in the middle for more info)

1/07/2009 Prohibiting Federally Funded Abortion Services
H Amdt 509
N Amendment Adopted – House
(240 – 194)
12/06/2006 Abortion Pain Bill
HR 6099
N Bill Failed – House
(250 – 162)
09/26/2006 Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act
S 403
N Bill Passed – House
(264 – 153)
06/09/2006 Foreign Operations and Export Finance Appropriation Act
HR 5522
Y Bill Passed – House
(373 – 34)
05/25/2005 Overseas Military Facilities Abortion Amendment
H AMDT 209
Y Amendment Rejected – House
(194 – 233)
04/27/2005 Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act
HR 748
N Bill Passed – House
(270 – 157)
10/02/2003 Prohibit Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion bill
S 3
N Conference Report Adopted – House
(281 – 142)
06/04/2003 Prohibit Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion Bill
HR 760
N Bill Passed – House
(282 – 139)
04/26/2001 Violence Against Fetuses/Unborn Children Amendment
H Amdt 27
Y Amendment Rejected – House
(196 – 229)
07/20/2000 Abortion Funding Amendment
H Amdt 1017
Y Amendment Rejected – House
(184 – 230)
07/13/2000 Family Planning Assistance Funding amendment
H Amdt 997
Y Amendment Rejected – House
(206 – 221)
06/22/2000 Prison Abortion Funding Amendment
H Amdt 882
Y Amendment Rejected – House
(156 – 254)
05/18/2000 Oversea Military Abortions Amendment
H Amdt 722
Y Amendment Rejected – House
(195 – 221)
04/05/2000 Ban on Partial-Birth/Late Term Abortion
HR 3660
N Bill Passed – House
(287 – 141)
07/29/1999 Abortion Funding Amendment
H Amdt 360
Y Amendment Adopted – House
(221 – 208)
See all key votes in Abortion Issues



The 4 Weakest People In USA: LIBERAL WOMEN & Obama

 Yes We Can have the weakest women in the planet that absolutely take no stance against terror, tyrants, and illegals.  Hillary Clinton the bitch went to Mexico AFTER we suffered the murders of white Americans in Mexico. Did she say anything to the Moslem-Hitler, Obama to CLOSE THE BORDERS? No. She is El numero Quatro for weak females. This article here says that Obama, our dear leader was ‘mourning’ their deaths.  Ha Ha Ha..Sure, that is why he closed the borders, pronto: Clinton, Obama mourn U.S. employees murdered in MexicoHillary

Janet Napolitano is Numero Tres’. This ugly, abominable, butch, creep~ names us normal right wingers “homeland terrorists”- She is the f-cking terror-monger. “THE SYSTEM WORKED” AFTER the terror attempt, (Christmas Bomber) This heathen, alley-cat loves terror.  Did Napalm-i-tano close the borders after a much-loved rancher was murdered in Southern AZ? NO! She is a traitorous weak~ass- punk-bitch.  This slime also has done nothing to close our borders, even after yesterday, one of our consolates in Mexico was bombed. Here is information on the rancher and Napalm-i-tano, who is a stupid creepy witch. She will probably thank Mexico for bombing the consolate.. Arizona rancher murdered by illegal immigrant who flees to Mexico … & Bomb Thrown At US Consulate In Mexico – Congoo 

Numero D’os goes to Pelosi. This is the dumbest hag in the planet. For Christians, you must know that even Jesus hates Pelosi.  This tavern-wench botoxed-dragon uses tax payers dollars to fly OUR jet all over, get drunk and have parties.  She has to “PASS THE HEALTH CARE BILL TO SEE WHAT IS IN THE BILL!”  What a total bimbo.  This is a serial- poisonous, rat-bastard-snake that should go back to the kitchen, but I doubt the skank can cook.  Here is her dumb quotePelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is …


Weak on Nukes, weak on terror, appeasing monster who kisses the ass of Moslem nations-figuratively. Horrible statesmen, isolationist, tin-pot dictator that makes REAL dictators look bad. Weak on borders, Weak on Defense, Weak on healthcare, weak on abortion, weak ass SOB gets the prize. He is an embarassment to Kenyans. He is a terrible foreigner that makes an AWFUL U.S. President: 

See: H/T, ScorpioRose-Obama going off the deep end

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American Women Demand And Get Private Place To Pump Out Titty Milk At Work. I want A Special Place To Jerk Off!