FASCIST, Commu-NAZI Government Stock-piling 700 Light-Armored Tanks, & Who Knows What Else-WHY?

To murder us.  

If you don’t know this by now, then you are stupid. Hopefully, they will go straight into the liberal cities, first.   But, I doubt it.  We are frogs in the water.  That is what American’s are.

In NY, they left their people with 7 bullets for their guns. NY went down without a fight or a shot.  Why do you think they left you NYers with 7 bullets?  You are easier to murder.  Obama is a psychopathic, murdering, genocidal maniac – as is Cuomo. 

And, here are the cold, hard facts:  As a country, we did not speak out about war all over the map–wars that were not warranted.  9/11 should have been the day, the year – the nation repented of it’s national sin.  What did NYC do in 2002 to honor Elohim (GOD)?  They built a museum.  The museum is called “The museum of sex”.  Lack of morals, filthy debauchery, anal sexos ‘gay’ marriage, abortion, hands bloodied from murdering foreigners–time is coming for massive judgement from God.  I am sorry,  I don’t want to be mean–but that’s the way it is.

We will ALL be affected by Obama’s, paranoia, insanity and madness.  His manufactured crisis’s and rape of our once great nation.   I can guarantee that “Liberals” will still not be happy when it’s through………..

Frog in water

See here:

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

DICTATOR-Obama Releases More Illegal Occupiers Into Streets. He’s An Illegal, Himself


The defacto dictator, Barack has released a few thousand more slimey wetbacks into our streets to murder, rape and rob stupid Americans.  While he is doing this, he says he is ‘not a dictator’. I say BULLSHIT.  Just like Barack Obama, Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro also released criminal prisoners. 

So, there it is.  Barack does the same thing; Punishes political ‘enemies’.  Excuse me, he IS the enemy.   He is a Commu-NAZI, fascist, piece of excrement. Period.  If the illegals come near us, its simple; They will be dead illegals.  You dumb lefty’s can kiss illegal ass. Fine.  We will execute them up here.  “Liberals” try to be ‘tolerant’.   Sure, tolerance for illegal criminals, NO tolerance for Americans.  What a crock of shit ‘Liberals’ are.  I just wish the illegals would go straight into the left-wingers homes and do whatever… CHANGE!

I thought the bitch, Napolitano said she didn’t do this after the WH blamed her: ‘Homeland’ released over 2,000 immigrants… MORE…

AND, you all think cases of TB just ‘happened’ in LA?  Ha Ha Ha, dummies.. NOPE.  TB is from the 3rd world.  From the illegal, occupying, criminal invaders…

Good, the TB is in LA.  GREAT!! DIE LIBERALS, DIE!

Dangerous TB Patient Nabbed on Border…


Fascism\totalitarianism in America will come from the Left with great fanfare by their media wing in the MSM because there are simply no limits on what a Democrat\Leftist can do. 

Prime example:

Republican President Bush
Interrogation of terrrorist was the “worst human rights violation” since the Inquisition.

Democrat President Obama:
Drone attacks against American citizens and outright killing of said terrorists …..meh, not a big deal at all even when Nancy Pelosi, the lead Congressional Democrat, said that the President had no obligation to tell the American people about it or to justify why it was being done….or when the newest appointees to the post of Secretary of Defense\National Security would not assure\guarantee that they would not be used within the boundaries of USA.

Didn’t even cause a stir in the MSM of NBC, ABC, CBS or CNN…not a peep as they were too busy during the period launching a preemptive attack on a potential Republican presidential candidate because he took a sip of water during a speech. Even though I dont like Rubio, that’s what they did…


Every damned AM, I wake up and have to look at this news. It makes me want to puke.  Just look at this fat buffoon, Napolitano with her FAT mouth, now:

This bitch should be HUNG. In a SANE world, we would hang this treasonous bull-dyke for crimes against humanity.

What the hell happened with Fast And Furious?  #OWS has taken the spotlight off of the most important issue; Holders knowing of “Operation Gun-runner” in 2009:

If You See A White Patriot Or A Vet, Say Something~Napolitano’s Fascist Coffee Shop Promotion

One cannot even go have a cup of coffee anymore without the Marxist-Nazis watching you.  This is the Coffee sleeve that is at Coffee shops now. So, stupid left wing pieces of shit, now you can say something about fellow Americans.  Just remember something, history always repeats itself and the powers-that-be- WILL turn on you.

COFFEE SHOP FASCISM against white patriots and vets.  Nothing from the BITCH, Napolitano about black terrorist flash mobs.  Evil, racist, Nazi propaganda.  Coffee shops should say HELL NO.  I will NOT EVER drink a cup of coffee in a place that has this sleeve-EVER.

Read this From Daily Caller…

D.H.S. Releases Another Anti-White Video, & REFUSES To Show Black Terrorist “Flash Mobs”

  When was the last time, in America, that you saw pack of white savage people blowing up buildings? You haven’t. When was the last time you saw a pack of white people, in the hundreds, beating a bunch of people at a State Fair? You have not seen these things. Because white people are not offensive, they are, for the most part, defensive. 

  The DHS refuses to report the black terrorist flash mobs, and News stations refuse to report these crimes as racial-this is dangerous to white Americans, because those not ‘in the know’ will NOT know who their attackers are.

  By the way: The Norway massacre happened in NORWAY, not here.  Jared Loughner was a leftist who read the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf, he had an affinity for men.  Not a conservative American.

But, Miss Napalmitano is targeting white Americans. 

Why? Because the DHS is evil and racist against white people, thanks to the HNIC, Eric Holder.

SEE: Another! DHS PSA Video Depicting Whites as Terrorists

The only thing ‘suspicious’ is Obama, Holder and Napolitano., PERIOD!

GROTESQUE! TSA Forces Women 2 Remove Nipple Rings

 Shock 4 OK… now some people are into some really strange shit, but this one takes the cake. This woman has nipple rings. the TSA demanded she remove them.. EW.  Anyhoooo…here it is…

   See this all found by DONNA:

Napolitano Does Not Care About This TSA Scandal, Because NOBODY Would Want To See HER Naked!

  Who would want to see this ugly ass bitch naked? Gross.  Thats why shes a lezzie.  What man would want this hag?! Imagine having to ‘see me, feel me, touch me’ with Napolitano! YUCKO!  She told America to ‘just not fly’.  Like this ugly, OLD lezzie would go through a scanner…Sure..

  Here is a question to you jackass ‘liberals’ that are now OK with this shit; If this was done under GWB, you would be outraged, but now that it is under your moonbat messiah, whats up, assholes? Huh?  You were hypocrites all along. I knew it, people that are ‘in the know’, knew it, and now AMERICA KNOWS IT.  You are has-beens.  You have been politically assassinated. Rendered useless. NOBODY trusts you animals anymore, especially your Evita Napolitano.  FIRE THIS BITCH!


Would this HAG be OK with some big ‘evil’ white man checking out her BFF?

Now, the BITCH has more respect for Muzzies…

You’ve got to be kidding? Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is considering giving exemptions to Muslim women at airports.

Isn’t that the reason that we have these intrusive groin checks in the first place?… Because of Muslim bombers?

Gee… It’s not like we’ve ever heard about a terrorist hiding under a burka before.

What is up with America, that we allow these people to stay in power? Are we INSANE? COME ON people!

Violence @ Peaceful Protest; Napolitano Named WRONG “Home-Grown Terrorist”

Janet Nero-tano was SOOOOOOOO wrong. What isnt the ugly hag wrong about, anyway? The Jezebel Jerk-off criticized our law here in AZ, and she is the damned DHS. 

 She named conservative God Fearing Americans as the ‘terrorists’ & what have we here?  A ‘misunderstood‘ black man…beating on a white guy for protecting his wife against this savage evil black dude.

See this, they REMOVED the original Youtube… they didn’t want the Black dude looking bad…

UPDATED VIDEO: More Left-wing Violence at Peaceful Tea Party Protests

Then we have the Code Pinko Nazis going insane all over NAZI Pelosi: Nancy Pelosi Heckled at Washington Event (From Breitbart) Who also has Bawney Fwank, that fairy demanding ‘more authority.’ Radical leftist even going after Hussein O: Left icon Daniel Ellsberg: ‘Obama deceives the public’  (From Savage Website)

  I was watching Beck last night, I must concur that he is 100% right on about these radicals, they ARE going to get violent, people, they are.  And stupid moronic Napolitano named US and not THEM as the potential problem.  Something bad is brewing in the wind, something spooky in the house. Obama kicking ass, Rahm Emmanuel making dirty deeds with Sestack, and these radicals think nothing of using minorities to make their points. This is dangerous, they are scary, and some shit is gonna shake down in WDC, and probably major cities.


We are headed to the Danger Zone; God fearing Americans, stay out of the way when these people riot, let their plans of EVIL turn on THEM.

Bill O’Reilly is a WUSS now~A De-Balled little man

  Are these people kidding?? “Did O’Reilly go soffffft?”  Lets get real. O’Reilly is now a wuss, a de-balled little man, destroyed by the left- he let it happen to him.  Napolitano is not capable of protecting our borders, and let me be more frank; Napolitano, being a female is a huge mistake, females can’t even steer a car correct, and now they are “Homeland Security”- that’s #1.  #2. She does not want to protect the border, she wants to let every 3rd world scum from south of the border, down Mehico way, IN, take your childrens inheritance and shove it up your ass.  Period, end of story.

  What I despise, is the absolute insincerity of journalism.  Everything is ‘polite’, we are not living in ‘polite’ society, we are in a world where tyrants want to destroy this nation, hang our people out to dry, take over our healthcare and give our money to illegal occupying criminal invaders with free Obama-Care.

“O’Reilly went soft”  GIMME A G’D BREAK! Damned Patsy’s.

Did Bill O’Reilly Go Soft In His Interview With Janet Napolitano?

Watch this video, this is what O’Reilly needs to go back to doing;

bill-oreilly-flips-out.jpg Angry O'Reilly image by Mexicano272



From my blogger friend, Steve;

Napolitano Urges Action on Amnesty in 2010

IS Napolitano a total wackjob or WHAT?   Let the ILLEGALS be ‘legal’..?? Is this AFTER the crimes the illegal occupiers have committed? Let me tell you something…Why do you think Calif. is BK?  I will tell you why.. ILLEGALS, period.  Illegals all over CALIF,  Also AZ, and that fat b*tch, disgusting vomit-slob, white-hating, man-hating supremist slime, NAPOLITANO wants to give these rat b*stards a free ride- IN YOUR DREAMS, B*TCH!

Does this stupid, fat, She-male even see what she is doing? HELL NO!! We will have more flights, more illegals that will convert to Islam, maybe even for money, NO ILLEGALS.  Good people worked a long time to get legal here, and these criminals just get a free pass? NO!! NO!! NO!! FIRE NAPOLITANO!

She will make them LEGAL, they will murder more than the 16 a day that are American already, and she will say;