NAZI’s In #Ukraine. & Pictures Of Russian Troops In Crimea, Plus..

NAZI’s In #Ukraine. & Pictures Of Russian Troops In Crimea, Plus..

Commies, Nazis… This is why people should have ALWAYS defended American freedom instead of subverting & undermining it.

I’m sure some of you have seen this:

“Shut the f**k up, you little b*tch! Your f**king time is over,” he uttered, threatening to rope the clerk like a dog and lead him to the people on Maidan.


Brought to you by our beloved John McCain who hates the T-party but is OK with the violent Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.   This American-Ukrainian is upset: The Ukrainian Situation Continues to Sink Into the Toilet… USA REFUSES to Own Up to Its Role as Provocateur of the Whole Mess… Blames Russia for Its Failure to Subvert the Ukraine (SIFT THROUGH her post to determine.)

Of course, this below (one of the Svoboda Party leaders in Ukraine,) ..He is just trying to scratch his ass and is missing by 5 feet. He’s not Nazi, he’s just misunderstood, just like Islam is.   If the rest of you don’t know: The Ukrainian situation was a coup.  

“Russian” Propaganda:  Ukraine Transition Government: NeoNazis in Control of Armed Forces, National Security, Economy.

I see Russian Times are very upset and exaggerates this #: ‘675,000 Ukrainians pour into Russia as ‘humanitarian crisis’ looms.’  It is probably many thousands but not 675,000.  There is no way they could have known that quick what the # was.  Republicans, who side with John McCain/SOROS & their Nazi brigade in Ukraine are quick to denounce this #.   They say it is more like 140K.. 140 K is BAD enough, isnt it?   Of course, we don’t know, because we’re not suffering here.  So, no big deal, 140K, right?  Shame on you.  Russians are upset, we (EU/USA) have dragged everyone into ANOTHER “Police action, regime change” mess.

Pictures of what is happening in Ukraine, no ‘invasion’  (THAT is MSM propaganda, ie: “RUSSIANS INVADE UKRAINE”)  See for yourself that it is not an ‘invasion’ like you are prompted to believe:

My friend, A “Brit In Ukraine” #4. Simferopol to Sevastopol (*Crimea – March 1st*)

Crimea March 1st (#2)

Crimea March 1st (#1)

Crimea March 1st (#3)

Anyway, seek you will find….

MY REVIEW of Timothy Snyder, NY Review Of Books-Who Deceives The American Public About #Ukraine

MY REVIEW of Timothy Snyder, NY Review Of Books-Who Deceives The American Public About #Ukraine (I have posted this because many of my bloggers friends have not had as much time as I have to research Ukraine, they are busy fighting Obama’s fascism.  I have been researching and watching the Ukrainian mess since Nov and blogging about it: Ukraine)

**The very first faction that this bag of baked wind (Timothy Snyder, NY Review) leaves out – is that Soros had been planning on undermining the Ukrainian government since 2011:  Are George Soros‘ Billions Compromising US Foreign Policy? – Forbes

#1.  Piece of disinfo in this ‘review’   ‘The students were the first to protest against the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych on the Maidan, the central square in Kiev, last November’

WRONG.  Many of the “Protesters” were brought into Kiev after they had been trained.   Pamphlet instructions on how to riot have been found in Egyptian and Ukrainian:  Picture (Pamphlet) found by a patriotic American person who RESEARCHES


#2.  Piece of disinfo:  ‘When the riot police came and beat the students in late November’

He leaves out the fact that ‘protesters’ have also been beating police from the get-go:

He leaves out the fact that these ‘protests’ in November started out violent. Violence in Kiev over Ukraine – EU agreement delay. The (foreigners) started rioting over a DELAY.  Note in the video:  the Police are not beating anyone, they made a human chain to protect themselves against the foreign infiltration (NOVEMBER.) Then, they had to fight back.

See for yourself, these “Peaceful” protesters:


‘The diversity of the Maidan is impressive: the group that monitors hospitals so that the regime cannot kidnap the wounded is run by young feminists. An important hotline that protesters call when they need help is staffed by LGBT activists.’

So, this is the type crowd that conservative Americans are supporting?

#4.  Piece of disinfo:   ‘On January 16, the Ukrainian government, headed by President Yanukovych, tried to put an end to Ukrainian civil society. A series of laws passed hastily and without following normal procedure did away with freedom of speech and assembly, and removed the few remaining checks on executive authority.

FACTS:   Liar leaves out the fact that the foreign infiltrators had already DESTROYED the city of Kiev and Yankovych (good or bad leader) has to protect his civilians.  Which is WHY he passed the anti protest law.  


Young Jewish men formed their own combat group, or sotnia, to take the fight to the authorities.

We can ALWAYS count on some young, idiot, left-wing, “Jewish” scumbags, can’t we?

Disinfo agent, Snyder also leaves out the fact that most of the Ukrainian Priests had already decided to protect their flock early on against these ‘protesters’

The priests chanted and carried Bibles in between the clashing sides.

Priests are standing in FRONT of the police (as to protect the police) Why?  Because it is the Police that have been taking the beatings from the get-go.  Orthodox priests in Ukraine step into line of fire to stop deadly protests

An Orthodox priest steps in front of an armed riot police officer in Kiev on January 22, 2014.

A Ukrainian priest walks in no-man’s land as riot police look on.

So, why is Snyder’s review a lie?


See it: New York Review.

Did anyone ask just what will happen if Ukraine DOES join the EU?  They will probably see an large influx of 20-30 K Arab/Muslims in 5 years time.  Then, when the civil Ukrainians protest against the Muslims, they will be called “RACIST!” by the Fabians who call all  European whites ‘racists’  for not wanting anymore Muslim infiltration in Europe.

What do sane Ukrainians have to  say?

Ukrainian Protesters Chant “Yankees Go Home“;

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As Illegal Alien Raped A 9 Month Old American Baby To Death

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As An Illegal Alien Raped A Little American Baby To Death

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Where are McCains tears for this beautiful little baby girl?? Where are Rubio’s fraud speeches?   I just sent MJ to bed, she is weeping.

See this news, asap. Email this, link it everywhere. Stop these rats from giving amnesty to these illegal cucarachas 

On Saturday, police in Barstow arrested Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, at a Greyhound bus station after he reportedly sexually assaulted and beat his girlfriend’s baby daughter to death. A day earlier, the baby’s mother, Jennifer Reedy, 31, awoke to find her daughter lying dead in her crib. Aguilar was gone, as was Reedy’s car and money from her purse. Police were able to find Aguilar using the GPS in his cellphone. At a press conference Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller, told reporters: “It appears that Mr. Aguilar was on his way to flee to Mexico.”

New Bill: Senators To DEMAND The Military “Lock-Up” Of American Citizens

  This is the the slippery slope.  Why be afraid of Russia, when our own government wants to lock us up?  This is their “Thanksgiving” present to us. Happy fucking Thanksgiving.  I am depressed.  I feel ashamed and depressed that we live in a fascist nation.  I sing for elderly in my spare time, and all I can do when I look at them is say I am sorry.

I cant believe this news is from the ACLU…Who never really look out for us:

  The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.

H/T  “WildBill”

Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window