Russians Pursue and “STOP” U.S. Troops in Syria, Ask “By What Authority Are You Here?”

Russians Pursue and “STOP” U.S. Troops in Syria, Ask “By What Authority Are You Here?”

Well? What reason are we there? Russia has been fighting WITH the Syrians against Obama’s ISIS for years now. We need to butt out of other countries business.

More at Hal Turner. I don’t agree with him regarding Israel but he is a really good journo on many other issues.


Ukrainian Troops Violated The Ceasefire Four Times In A Day

Ukrainian Troops Violated The Ceasefire Four Times In A Day

When Will The Political Beasts Abandon Death Threat ...

Russia is not the aggressor in the Russia/Ukraine situation. If you do not understand this mess…it’s like any other mess in a foreign country: The US is involved. Why? OIL. Oil = Money. No. Its NOT about “Israel”. There is NO $ in saving Jews.

The only real war we should be involved in here in USA is on the border. The only war that is killing Americans everyday is the Black Leftists on American’s war. Thats the ONLY place we should be.

I’m not in agreement with some of this person’s articles but this is translated:

‘Two servicemen of the People’s Militia of the DPR were killed as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This was announced today by the deputy head of the People’s Militia of the Republic Eduard Basurin.’

See the rest, translated: Piazza D Cara Website.

New Vid Of #Ukraine NAZI Flag In Battle Vs Russia. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine:

New Vid Of #Ukraine Battlefront W/ Nazi Flag. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine

The Communist Democrat party wants this battle and war against Russia. Period. Their allies are NAZI’S. We are the ones telling them to GET OUT of this mess.

> Hal Turner is covering the Russia vs Joe-Bama-Ukraine situation: U.S. and NATO Backing Literal NAZIS :This will be both a kinetic and cyber battlefield that will have a global reach

Democrat, Don Lemon said that he would ‘never be on the side of the Nazis’.


I covered the Ukraine Nazi FUBAR for many years: Click to go through the posts.

Ukraine and (Poland also) have serious Nazi issues and that has been documented for years: BBC, Stadiums of hate.

Hat tip:

VULTURE Capitalists: Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boom in U.S.

Vulture Capitalists: Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boom in U.S.VULTURE Capitalists: Ukraine Crisis Drives a Quiet Lobbying Boom in U.S.


I will tell you what a Vulture Capitalist is.   In the 1990’s, I had an antique store in California.  My Grandmother and I owned it.  My Grandmother had fallen sick and we had to close in a few short months.  We had a large stock of colored glass from the 1960’s.  On the door, we had a ‘Going out of business sale, 50% off.’  That was hard enough on my Grandmother…In walked the Vultures:  “Hello there, so sorry to see you closing down.  I see this is 50% off. It was $50- and now it’s $25-, can I get it for $10-?”


And, that is what will happen in Ukraine.  The US will use her like a cheap whore.  In the end, Ukraine will wish joined Russia in the first place.  It’s not enough that we turned their country upside down, now she will be treated like a slut.  There is blood on the hands of the US Govt in Ukraine, support for Nazis and fascists & now they’ll make money off of blood. Carnivores..

Evil bastards:

Turmoil in Ukraine has sparked a boomlet of lobbying in Washington, with an almost five-fold increase in the number of companies and organizations weighing in with lawmakers and officials.

The rest of the story.  Hat Tip: Lisa Michalek

Is USA Now At War With Russia Without Permission Of We The People??

Is USA Now At War With Russia Without Permission Of We The People??

There is no reason for us to be in Ukraine.

Why are our men going to be sent to fight and die for John McCain, Nuland and Obama (So Barack can look tough?)   The other day, RU said that “We can be friends again”, America/EU/NATO responded with a warship of 600 troops sent to the Black Sea.  I want to tell you that 600 men are NO match to the Russians who will bring in up to 35K men and they can because that is part of a referendum that Ukraine and Russia have.

   Do you understand that your young men will die for nothing?  We are supposed to go to war when our nation is attacked.  Our nation has not been attacked by ANY country or enemy since 9-11-01.  Yet, we war all over the earth.  For what?  It is not to secure our Constitution or borders.  It is not to protect folks like Bundy or that other rancher in Texas. 

Russia joked on television about how they could just nuke America, no problem.  This is the truth.  America has NO strength or money to stand against Russia and their ally, China.  None.   I have been telling you all this for years and now it is happening regardless of what I have been saying.

The Democrat party has proven itself to be just as aggressive with police actions as the Republican party–neither can be trusted.  The days of the war-hawks are coming to and end.  It is THEY who ARE pushing us into the isolation they never wanted.

Click-Russia “Forced” To Launch Drill On Ukraine Border In Response To “NATO Build Up”, Will Involve Fighter Jets



Haaretz Asking MY Question: “Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?” (John McCain Was There)

Haaretz Asking MY Question: “Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?” (John McCain Was There)


Don’t you ever stop and ask yourself just what an AZ senator is doing in Eastern EU???  If the Maldovans do not join the EU Union…then, yes, we will possibly see phony, violent, staged riots there.

  Communist Haaretz is asking if Maldova will be the next Ukraine: Could Moldova be the next Ukraine?  It’s possible if they make up a pretend dictator, bring in the NGO’s to riot and destroy their capital if Maldova renegotiates and joins Russia instead of the failed EU.   If I was a citizen in Maldova, I would run for cover.  

Everywhere McCain goes, countries end up in violent revolutions that he instigates.   Then, he’ll turn and blame Putin & Russia.   AND, make no mistake:  So many Americans are so stupid, they will believe this is ALL Putin’s fault and Putin wants to ‘swallow up Maldova’, ‘Putin wants the old Soviet block’,  even though its NATO that has swallowed up Eastern EU…  Ya’all never learn, do ya?

I questioned this (About Maldova, weeks ago), now Haaretz is.  Click on the links:

Click: McCain: Moldova ‘country to watch’ 

Click: ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova

Click: Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Maldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression …

If its not Maldova, they may go into Hungary and turn the Hungarian people upside down:  John McCain & 6 State Reps Were In Hungary ..

US senators say they will support Moldova financially..

We are going to ‘support’ Maldova?  With what?  Wooden nickels?  Monopoly money?

NATO Expansion map since 1949 in Eastern EU:

History will prove I am right and the rest of you were wrong.  This is USA/EU aggression, not RU Aggression.   Map is American/EU wanting to claim the former Soviet bloc.   Makes sense since EU/USA are the Commies, now.  Look at all of the countries that are with neo-fascist NATO.

Thank you for the link, Grumpy: 

The Mad Jewess wonders: Will Maldova Be The Next Ukraine?”

Here Goes The Anti-Reagan War-Loving Lunatics: Sending NATO To Poland To Ignite WW3 With RU/China

Here Goes The Anti-Reagan War-Loving Lunatics: Sending NATO To Poland To Ignite WW3 With RU/China


They are doing this so Hussein Obama does not look weak.  Starting WW3 to look tough.


It’s rather amusing to see US interventionists mocking Russia’s claim that it invaded Crimea to protect Russian citizens. After all, wasn’t that Ronald Reagan’s justification for invading Grenada — that he was protecting American citizens when he ordered US military forces to invade that independent nation?

Here we go again:  We didn’t learn from Egypt, Libya or Syria…So, let’s try Ukraine.  Hell, why not, have to get something right, correct?  Nope, it will all go wrong.  Remember who started this war: AMERICA/EUROPE/SOROS/OBAMA.  And this time, you lose.  You lose because you have NO morals. God is NOT with you:  He is against you.  He was with America and England during WW2.  But this time, he could possibly allow our people to be obliterated.  Maybe not this week or next month, but it’s coming. 

I’m not a Buchanan fan at all, but he is right: Tune Out the War Party!

I’m not even a Paul Craig Roberts fan, but he is right as well: Propaganda Rules The News.  More: The end could be nearer than you think  And: Washington’s Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil Have Set the Stage for War

So, Obama and his neo nazi friends have to go help his extremists in Ukraine:


Shock Photos: NATO *Appears* To Have Trained The Neo-Nazis Who Used Violence To Take Power In Kiev:

Look at this: NATO Appears To have Trained The Neo-Nazis Who Used Violence To Take Power In Kiev.

If this is all truth.. NATO is pro-Neo Nazi. Case closed. Take a look at all the pictures in this link: here, click.  WHEN looking, observe that the rooms are all the same wood, books, etc.

Top paragraph (from above) translated:

As an instructor at the NATO military base in Estonia taught Ukrainian nationalists everyday to fill up with Molotov cocktails, and throw grenades at law enforcement officers.”

*You will have to sift through the post. above.  At any rate:  If this is the truth-why are you supporting these people?  How will neo Nazis work for half Ukrainians/Half Russians?

TRANSLATED: classes were successful a subversive science, taught by an instructor NATO assimilated Ukrainian militants remains to obtain an order for its use in combat

We shall see in the coming days… But, its not that hard to believe…After all, the Ukrainian nationalists wear T-shirts saying: “BEAT THE YIDS”  Ukraine nationalists wear ‘Beat the Yids’ t-shirts

Take A Good Look At The EVIL Obama, Kerry & Klinton Have Brought To The Syrian People

Take A Good Look At The EVIL Obama, Kerry & Klinton Have Brought To The Syrian People

These bastards should be tried for crimes against humanity.  Throw the Bush’s in while you’re at it.  (Sorry, GOP people, he was bad, too)  Just look at the misery in OUR name:

We will not escape the wrath that is coming.  Or, are these people not important because they’re not AmeriKan?  I used to think that way.  Before the internet came along…….Anyway: We had a commenter here, yesterday who takes up for these insane freaks.

 ‘The US backed Jihadists have been threatening to use chemical weapons all along. In recent weeks, Jihadists have posted videos threatening to use poisonous gas and showing off stockpiles of ingredients for poison gas… video hat tip False Flag?


Homs, SYRIA: Obama-backed Syrian Muslim “Rebels” Behead Christian Man & Feed Him To The Dogs

CLICK, h/t  QV  Here is the new USSA version of ‘democracy’ Read it.  Most American idiots are sympathetic to the ‘rebels.’  Even the very astute, Mr Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit is had by the pro-Jihad propaganda & seems to be sympathetic to the ‘rebels’.

What in the f is up with Americans?  They say they are Christian (or Jewish), yet have the upmost sympathy for murderers.  This blog stands with the citizens of Syria that are either Christian or sane.  We deplore Obama’s Al Qaeda in Syria. We say that Obama is treasonous and an Al Qaeda terrorist.  We believe Obama to be a mass murderer of the middle east and now Africa. We believe that Obama is the butcher of Benghazi.  We believe that Obama should be charged for crimes against humanity and dealt with accordingly.

I am so sorry Syrian Christians. I am so sorry. Please, Lord of heaven and earth, please deal with the USA the way we have been dealing with the world.