7 Quakes This Week, ALL Over 6.0

7 Quakes This Week, ALL Over 6.0

Personally, I believe the Lord HaShem is trying to get the attention of the earth.

7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti; at least 29 killed | National |  wdrb.com

I do not believe we have ever had so many major earthquakes in just 1 week...

8/14/21 – Earthquake(s)…

8/14/21 – 7.2 Magnitude strikes in the Bahamas (Haiti, Puerto Rico, etc.)
8/14 – 6.9M strikes off of Alaska
8/13 – 6.2 Strikes off of Antarctica
8/13 – 6.3 strikes south of South America
8/12 – 8.1 Strikes near Antarctica
8/12 – 7.5 Strikes southeast of Argentina
8/11 – 7.1 Strikes near Philippines

In Haiti:

Has It Begun? Powerful ‘King Tide’ Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Has It Begun? Powerful Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Ive not seen anything like this, personally.  This happened a time before in LA, 4 years ago… However, God extended grace to America at that time.  America, unfortunately has not corporately repented..  Ive lived on the bay and the beach most of my life-except now.  

Has God finally said Enough is enough?  I dont know.  But, if you are in Southern CA on the beach…you should probably get out.  We’re not under Gods grace anymore.  We’re at his mercy and thats a total different story…

The ‘tidal waves’ people have had spiritual dreams of regarding CA may not be a huge tidal wave. The tides may get higher and higher until a lot of CA coast is possibly washed away.

People thought this was a Tsunami…

The “CHANGE” Americans Will Want 2 C, 2012 Is: “ANYONE THAT CAN STOP THE NATURAL DISASTERS, 2012!”

You think I am joking?  We have turned over to debauchery run amok, sin run rampant, cloaked liberalism, which is satanic, using the name: ‘tolerance’.   We defy GOD–day after day.  The MSM reports deceit. The Churches and Synagogues rule by their own power and the American people LOVE to have it this way.  They want to hear ‘peace and recovery’. We are stupid, dumb, sheep- not knowing GOD.

Look at what is happening with the weather, and now the latest:

Rainbow flag dresses up Richmond federal building for LGBT month

We have turned from the HOLY ONE of Israel, we have an unrighteous ruler that is a plant for Communism and catastrophe. We have a Republican party that lacks any morals or ethics to can the usurper with his fraud docs of proof of his birth-place. We have embraced disgusting ‘life-styles’ that are an ABOMINATION to GOD.  I say we will suffer, immensely.

Here is another fiasco of filth:

EVIL people helping HAMAS/TERRORIST against our troops in FAKEstine–they are on a ship called “The Audacity of Hope”. On a pretend mission to Gaza to help these ‘peace-filled’ palis. Who are not peaceful in the least bit.….AND DO NOT fight back Israel, or America, the MONSTER will bomb you next– We are EVIL people and GOD will not spare this nation: If we refuse to repent and turn to him NOW.

Obama Inspired Ship to Join IHH Gaza Flotilla



The cry in 2012 for the next KING of America will be:


But, If America refuses to repent, we will have diaster upon disaster, it will NOT end. And when we still refuse to REPENT;


The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end?  Jeremiah 5:31