About George Soros, By David Ben Moshe

About George Soros, By David Ben Moshe..

 George Soros, an atheist from parents who were atheists, came from Jewish lineage, but in 1944, he collaborated with the Nazis against his fellow Jews. He called 1944 his greatest year. If that wasn’t bad enough this parasite started feeding off the currencies of various nations almost bringing England down, among others. Today, he fancies himself a king maker and master of the globe.
 I find it amazing that in all of these years since 1944, survivors of the Holocaust or their descendents have not taken revenge against this monster – and before its too late.

 Compare Soros to this story. Once again its 1944, late 1944 and the Battle of the Bulge is raging. SS colonel Joachem Piper has over 80 American POW’s shot down at the French town of Malmedy. After the war, justice on Piper fails us, but someone or some group, we don’t know who,wasn’t going to let that stand and in 1976 the burnt body of Piper is found with a bullet in him after the fire in his house is put out. Decades passed but justice was finally served.

Decades passed for Soros too, but no justice for this power mad beast.

David Ben Moshe

Soros Recent Contributions 2 Media Matters Prove ME right, Soros ALSO BUYS NPR REPORTERS

View ImageMedia Matters: Below-Youtube that I did in Jan 2010. MMFA is the left wing head of the snake, just as I stated.  Contrary to what Beck believes…Soros, (The Jewish Nazi..I know..oxymoron) is in to ‘sweep the lick’, because he sees that turning America into a Commie shit hole is now HERE.  -IF Beck is right, which I hope, then Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition.. ..

   But why would Soros throw, not only 1 million at MMFA, but also buy 100 reporters from NPR , contributing to NPR, 1.8 Million as well (see the link below)  ~OR are they panicking because of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE issue that I talk about in this video?? This is interesting… But, Beck..Why hold back on the B.C. issue?  Why not just push the envelope and open this can of worms, just what do we have to lose?  It is our nation that is being held hostage by a usurper…and you KNOW this, Beck.


George Soros Buys 100 NPR ‘Reporters’