Israel-Hating Jews Align With Nazis To Fund Anti-Jewish/Israel, Soros-Run Website: Media Matters

The “Jews” at Media Matters have worked for 80 years (their parents and grandparents before them) to destroy America, using the Communist Goals.

They are never content, and  these treacherous ‘Jews‘, are helping fund the Neo-Nazi/Communists @ Media Matters.  These same “Jews” are for ‘gays’, ‘gay’ marriage, black worship & multi-cult insanity.  Yet have the f*cking audacity to call people that support Israel with moral support (because it is BIBLICAL) “Israel-firsters”. They have *NEVER* been patriots of America-EVER.  NAZI talk….from ‘JEWS’.  Un-be-friggin-lievable. I guess this would make Nathaniel Kapner one of them. Israel hatred is key in Nazi-ism and Communism.

Israel haters that call themselves “Christian” have got to think at some damned point… “Am I in the wrong direction?”  Yes, you are. WHERE in the Bible does it call on Jews OR Christians to ‘just hate Israel?’ It doesn’t. Separating the wheat from the chaff is all any good person is supposed to do. Hating Israel is hating ALL of Israel.