Media Matters; KARL FRISCH Obamas ‘Protector’-SMEARING Beck


In recent days, conservative media figures have been sounding the alarm, attacking {WHAAHHHHHHHSad) 

President Obama and the Department of Justice (DOJ) for employing lawyers who previously represented terrorism suspects or supported their legal arguments in their private practices. It really is just the latest case of Bush-nesia, in which media conservatives block all memory of the Bush administration in an attempt to tar the Obama administration with politically motivated, half-baked smears.

The fact that President Bush’s DOJ also hired lawyers who represented terror suspects hasn’t fazed right-wing media shills.  for the rest of the Bullshit drivel…

**************You mean like me, Karl?  You know what Karl, have you NO shame? 

First of all, the “Blame Bush, remember What Bush did” crap is OVER. 2nd:  Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Honeymoon is OVER.  3rd: You GENERALIZE, and are extremely bigoted when you really believe that we are “All” GOP.   

 *******Below, is a Y.T., where he points out Beck “DIRECTLY UP MY NOSE”  – Beck makes NO bones what he did as a young tot, but to the left wing Elite Shitbags, its never enough, if a person seeks to redeem themselves… So, SMEAR, make fun of, call a RACIST, name them a HATER!  

BTW: Frisch, put your $$ where your mouth is, and GIVE us the money to take care of America, until then:

Why don’t you do America a big favor, Karl~