Why The Shock Over #NBC ‘Nurses’ Jew Hating Scene? Leftists Are Jew Haters.

Why The Shock Over #NBC ‘Nurses’ Jew Hating Scene? Leftists Are Jew Haters.

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I saw the scene the other day of the Orthodox Jewish young man laying in his bed not wanting to receive a ‘body part’ from a ‘goy’ or an Arab…

1st of all, the scene is a complete fabrication of Jewish laws regarding surgeries, etc and Alison Josephs wrote about that here in her blog post calling on NBC to apologize for its Nurses scene. (I don’t blame Allison for asking for an apology regarding this).


2. We live in a godless atmosphere. We should expect the godless to pull stunts like this. After all, Christian hatred is an everyday occurrence in America. The Jewish people, (especially Orthodox) need to expect Jew hatred in a political atmosphere where God is of ‘no concern’ to congress according to fat, poo-pants, secular, Jerry Nadler, who happens to be a Jew, in name only.. An atmosphere that lacks God will have the evil spirit of hating Gods people IN it. This should be a no-brainer.

This brings me to:

3. Not only do the leftists absolutely hate Christianity, they hate Israel and most Christians are Zionists and support Israel as a Jewish state. The Leftists hate Israel with a passion but they excuse that hatred as ‘valid criticism of Israel’s foreign policy against the pali’s’. Which is garbage. The Left does not care about the pali’s. The Leftists only care about Leftist causes not people. But, they especially hate Israel and who lives in Israel? JEWS. See how that works? Why many Jewish people, (about 70%) even vote for Leftists is beyond my comprehension. I’m too stupid to figure it out. We need a seriously brilliant psychiatrist to assess this situation.

4. Leftists hate white people. It is an everyday assault against white’s here in America. Every. Single. Day. They are complete bigots against them. Even demanding that white people be  ‘less white’ in the workplace. You know… “Diversity training” stupidity.. There is no training for blacks, Mexicans, or secular Jews to be less white hating, there is only diversity training for white people. THAT’S not racist, though. I fully believe in my heart that the Leftists would love to murder every, single white Christian person in America and Jews also. Absolutely.

5. The shock over the hatred of Leftists against the Jewish people leaves me shaking my head. We should observe this godless atmosphere and call on the nation to repent to God. Only by repenting to God will we be saved from white, Christian and Jewish genocide if this continues.

CNN Outraged By 1 White On Black Hate Crime. FAIL To Report HUNDREDS Of Black On White Race Crimes, Inc “Knock-Out”

CNN Outraged By 1 White On Black Hate Crime. FAIL To Report HUNDREDS Of Black On White Race Crimes, Inc “Knock-Out”


I had the distinct displeasure of having to watch Ashleigh Banfield at the YMCA this AM. She was ranting and raving about this hate crime, below.  Where has Ashleigh Banfield been?  Why does she not cover the hundreds of thousands of racial crimes perp’d against white Americans, Jews, Asians & some Hispanics at the hands of sons of Obama every year?  Why is she OK with calling this a ‘white on black crime’, but NOT OK with reporting a ‘black on white crime?’  She is a racist against whites and wants to see more dead. Period.

AND, that’s the left-wing for you–they care nothing for ALL of us, only black people.  That’s all.  Only black people matter in America.  They are royalty.  Don’t say the N word, don’t ever touch the holy grail.   But, its OK to rape, rob, beat and murder whites or those who look white.  ‘Knock out’ crimes are happening all over this nation and the blacks are the perpetrators, but you won’t EVER hear the Communist main stream media touch that.  Just: “Some teens acting badly.”   Further proof of their genocide against white people.  These miscreants are NO different than Germany with the NAZIs who also HID their crimes.  Leftists are evil and genocidal

See the phony outrage here (Yes, this young, black man’s life also matters, but that isn’t the point.)

The Truth Revolt shows us that the MSM reported nothing about ‘knock out’  CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC Ignore Blacks Targeting Whites and Jews in ‘Knockout Game’

To the rest of you who are waking up…. Look up this man & read about him: 


(Of course I’m not talking about patriotic American blacks.)

#Benghazi: Nothing Will Happen To Obama & The Teflon #Communist Admin. Getting Away With MURDER

#Benghazi: Nothing Will Happen To Obama & The Teflon #Communist Admin. They Got Away With MURDER

Benghazi Hearing Coverage is now be broadcasting Live C-SPAN. But, only FOX is showing it. 
ABC – Nope
CBS – Nope
NBC- Nope
MSNBC – Nope
CNN – Nope
FOX – Yep

That is what is happening, not only on TV, but also online.  Journalism is dead.  That much is certain.  How does this make you filthy, debaucherous, degenerate ‘liberals’ feel?  I bet it makes you feel triumphant.  Well, when they turn on you and throw YOU under the bus- I will laugh my ass off-BIGTIME.  Eat your Monsanto shit, you vomitous TRASH.

This administration is getting away with murder.  I hear there are 10K patriotic Libertarian people marching on DC in June or July?  Maybe we should all go & Storm the Bastille.  I HATE being female at this time in history. If I was a man, I would have already gone to war and turned this place upside down. I hate the evil so much.  They are getting away with MURDER.

They’re protecting the m’f*cker Tyrant & this admin.. because THAT’S RACIST if they don’t.


Message To Hannity & O’Reilly: The Reason The MSM Reports Nothing Bad About Obama & NEVER Will


It’s snowing, I had to  come home and I am so fed-up.  What do people not get?  What?  In 2008, the Communists took over America with their foreign, Muslim/Marxist usurper from Kenya, BHO.  Get it, yet?  When will people wake up?  When will O’Reilly, Hannity and the rest of the blow-hards just wake the hell up?  

You will not EVER hear this MSM talk bad about Obama because in their screwed-up minds, that’s ‘treason’.  It’s a ‘traitor’ that would talk bad about Obama, their totalitarian..  They don’t live by our rules.  They live by Communism.  The Constitution means nothing to them. NOTHING.  They will not report on the black-out of Sandy Hook.  They will not report on Chris Kyle, John Noveske or Keith Ratliff (the 3 men murdered for being serious pro-gunners) Or Breitbart.  They are not allowed (By the Marxist book) to talk against the piece of crap, Obama OR his ugly wife. This is the reason that there are millions of blogs and websites, now.  Because people are totally frustrated.

America is NOT “free” anymore. It has been usurped.  It has been taken over. After 2008, we saw thousands of Commies and Socialists at protests, they had no shame.  They have no shame because they know this is a COMMUNIST nation, now.  In their minds, WE ARE THE “SHAME”.   So, stop bitchin’, Hannity and O’Reilly… You are a big part of the reason that 10 million Americans (nightly) do not know that America has been TAKEN OVER by Communists.  

O’Reilly had a poll this last week that was dumb as dirt.  The poll was “Do you think Conservatives have helped Obama with their crazy talk?”  Excuse me, idiot; YOU HAVE HELPED OBAMA, BIGTIME, by hiding his crimes, hiding his true identity.   YOU, stooge – are the one that says; “I am not into Twitter, facebook or the net”.    So, it is SO obvious to us who DO research for our country, that YOU are a blithering idiot. 

Refute this, O’Reilly:


Refute this, O’Reilly:

YOU tell me why a ‘gaffe’ like this would be made. It wouldn’t! You will NEVER hear a Jew or a Christian say ‘MY MUSLIM FAITH’.  His name alone is HUSSEIN.  How DUMB can YOU be, O’Reilly???  You can’t refute this because  you are SCARED TO DEATH OF OBAMA, O’Reilly. You shit your pants when you hear the imposter-freak, speak.   It’s YOU that is the ‘crazy.’   Hannity is not as bad as you, but he better get tough, or we’ll start dumping on him too.

The nation is COMMIE, now.

Commies don’t talk bad about their ‘dear’ Leader!!!

It pisses me off NO end that we here, on the blogosphere – have to do YOUR job!!

We ALL need to get like McCarthy.

The Conservative Monster is CORRECT.

NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS WANT Americans MURDERED By Drones. Not One Covered Rand Paul Filibuster Yesterday

NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS WANT Americans MURDERED By Drones. Not One Covered Rand Paul Filibuster Yesterday

The elderly, (many who don’t have computers) & think Obama is just a ‘nice guy’ because of the stupid, smiley face Obama shows them- did not see the filibuster yesterday.  Poor people who don’t have money, who barely have access to local cable and worried about their next meal did not see the filibuster yesterday.  You see what I’m saying..

When was the last time we saw a filibuster?  1960 something? Do ANY of you remember the last time we saw a REAL filibuster?  This was HUGE news, HISTORIC NEWS- and none of these treacherous, sonofabitch, bastardized filth who call themselves ‘journalists’ showed this.

There is NO, absolutely NO unity that can be made with these Bolshevik-NAZI leftists.  Do you understand this?  They want you DEAD.  NO being nice.  No ‘reaching across the aisle’.   They want us DEAD. PERIOD.  That means you too, you sick, demented, maniacal, lunatic, ‘liberal’ traitors.

I am sick of this.  


In 1953, Senator Wayne Morse set a record by filibustering for 22 hours and 26 minutes.

One of the most notable filibusters of the 1960s occurred when southern Democratic senators made a filibuster that lasted for 75 hours.

500 People To Be Laid Off @ NBC. See? There Is A G-d.

Here is the list of domestic layoffs compiled by DailyJobCuts.com  since Monday of this week: NBCUniversal – 500

Wasn’t NBC Obama’s election HQ?  Even Obama donors are laying their employees off.  Zerox is letting 2,500 go.  Smithfield who makes great salted meats, such as bacon who will start with 120 workers will lay off 400.  950 people at Lake forest Medical Center in N.C. Turkey Pt Nuke Plant in FL will lay off 277.

Hopefully, NBC will be shut down–permanently.   Change we could all believe in.



Benghazi-Gate! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Attack. STOP THE COVER UP

CLICK: Here.  The Mad Jewess 8:13 PM PST Oct. 23, 2012

Do you think that we will hear about this on the 6:00 evening news?  NOPE.  Romney probably knew this was about to happen.  That’s what I think at this point.  Which may be why he didn’t attack Hussein Obama last night.  This is very serious.   This is much more serious than Watergate.  NOBODY DIED IN WATERGATE!!!    Anyway: Of course, these radical-Jihadists in Libya are the ones that were set free from the prisons and you can thank the Obama administration of dumbass for that.  Also, Chris Stevens was aiding this enemy as Israel reported, he was also gay. And we all know what happens to gays in the Muslim lands..

But, lets understand one thing…it is not serious enough that the GOP OR the DNC will do a damn thing to their head Negro in charge. THAT is the facts.  Love me or hate me, I dont give a shit.  Obama only gets away with this crap because its ‘RACIST’ (bullshit) to report it.  Un-be-friggin-lievable…

You should watch this:

Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping to Trade Blind Sheik

  1. GOOGLE SEARCH News for Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group …

    1. White House knew al Qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for deadly Libya attack just TWO HOURS later, emails 

      Daily Mail‎ – 23 minutes ago
      The brief missives also show how U.S. diplomats described the attackBy the morning of September 12, the day after the Benghazi attack, Reuters  links to groups such as (al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar …. Michelle Obama comes out on top as style set deal their verdicts Take a look at their 
  2. BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for 


    56 minutes ago – BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Slaughter 2 HOURS AFTER ATTACK – Before Ambassador’s Body 

  3. BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for 


    53 minutes ago – BOOM! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Slaughter 2 HOURS AFTER ATTACK http://t.co/ynTqxZ01 #tcot #p2 

Pig-Flying Moment: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell-“This Was Not The Time For Obama To Go On “The View”

Whoa….Pigs fly…