If Bundy Is A Racist Or Not, The Issue Is Federal Fascism Vs. We The People, Not Race Relations

If Bundy Is A Racist Or Not, The Issue Is Federal Fascism Vs. We The People, Not Race Relations

It is OK for blacks to murder, rape and rob whites, but NOT ok to say the word ‘Negro.’

The only law of the land is the unwritten law of the radical, left-wing.  If you say something they ‘believe’ is racist, xeno, etc, they will bury you and your life is over.  Even though it is not against the written law of the land to speak your mind, freely, as even ‘hate speech’ is protected by the Constitution.

The Communist left, (Who have always been anti-Feds, anti-Cops) are suddenly pro-cops, pro-feds.  Many of us have woken up to federal over-reach and many of us have seen it for decades.  But, now the left-wing finds a video of Bundy talking about Negroes and ‘that’s racist’ even though the NY Times has used the word Negro over 2000x in the past few years.  Pot, Kettle, black much?

The issue is not race-relations.  The issue is federal over-reach.  If the right gets in power again, the left will be against the feds, against us and the cycle of stupid will continue.

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Heroes of Social Justice:


Who murdered this innocent couple in TN:


The hypocrisy continues….

Another Black SOB Raped & Robbed A White Couple In Their Late 80’s, Early 90’s

The South warned us but we didn’t listen.  In the mid to late 60’s, the South warned against giving these people ‘rights.’  Even Lincoln, who believed slavery was wrong wanted them freed, but not here.  He wanted them sent back to Africa.

He Believed, if allowed to be part of our society they would murder, rape white women, steal, lay around and get drunk.   Sending them back to Africa lost by a single vote, in the senate, because it was considered too expensive.

Talk about penny-wise and pound foolish.  We didn’t heed Lincolns warning and we didn’t heed the Souths warnings about these people, and we are paying the price for that today.  Even our elderly are not safe from them.

My comments obviously exclude black patriots such as “Puma By Design”, Al West, Pastor Manning, etc.

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Zombie Attack, Again? Naked Black Man Murders 79 Yr Old White Lady Named Carol Jane In Her Own Home

If you follow this site, you will see terrorism against white-Americans continuously. The perpetrators are always blacks.  The Colorado shooting was terrible, no doubt.  But, just why do these same type acts of terror have no publicity and no coverage?   Why is it only hate when it is white??

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An elderly Fair Oaks woman murdered in her own home Sunday evening has been identified.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s webpage identified her as 79-year-old Carole Jane Sturgis.

The suspect in her death, 32-year-old Moses Trotter, was naked and bloody when he was taken into custody outside Sturgis’ Olympic Way home Sunday evening.

-David Ben Moshe

2 Black Males Torture Wheelchair-bound Man, Then Shot Him Execution Style

2 Black Males Torture Wheelchair-bound Man, Then Shot Him Execution Style…

Put in Obama the King negro another 4 years and we will see this in all 57 states.

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RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) – Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott on Tuesday announced a second arrest in a double-murder he described as one of the “most brutal, cold-blooded murders we’ve had in Richland County in quite some time.”

Lott said tips from the community led to the July 5 arrest of 36-year-old DeAndre Leroy Diggs in connection with a June 28 incident that left two men dead and a woman severely injured.

-David Ben Moshe

3 Black Bastards Rape 76 Year Old White Woman.. It Is “UNFAIR” To Be White.

3 Black Bastards Rape 76 Year Old White Woman.. It Is “UNFAIR” To Be White…. Disgusting, filthy, Obama-blacks, raping a SEVENTY-SIX year old woman.  These type black pigs need to be taken off the street and sent back to the slave quarters. Wheres the outrage you SICKO liberal slobs?  Oh…Dont tell me, I already know…You are a racist, and a bigot, Mad Jew Bitch.  

The rest of you sane Americans; Please pray for the healing of this elderly woman, who cannot even enjoy the fruits of her labor. This makes me so damned sick I could scream.

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Government by Negro – A Little Bio of the Scrambled Egg-Headed, African-Arab, Thug, Gangster, Jackass in Our White House

  Despite the role played by the America-hating, Jewish Bolsheviks calling the shots in the Democrat party, which by the way, is now, the de-facto Communist party, foremost as to  how and why this surly, insolent, anti-Christ wound up in our White House has always been on the white American morons who for 50 years didn’t give a sh*t and  made it all possible.

  Even dumber if that’s possible, are the dopes who voted for Obomo. I play golf with a bunch of Hibernians, habitual, knee-jerk, Democrats, stooges who during the elections chortled, O’Bama is not black, he’s probably half Irish, he’s our guy.”                                               

  I won’t ask these morons how they like their Irish President now, because most are still morons, and, who will they get mad at? Me of course.

  Note that I left out the America hating Kommie cretins who voted for him anticipating orgasms as he and the devil’s advocate, Rahm Emanuel, consign America and Americans to the fires of hell. Let’s face it, without the collective apathy, stupidity and plain laziness of America’s mainstream culture, there would not have been an Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, Sluts in the City and the Bolsheviks would be a an asterisk in the annals of America’s political history. And, the surly, nasty, racist Negro would never been anything more than a 2 bit Acorn crook in a Chicago precinct. Correction: he still is a 2-bit crook.  Read The Rest: http://thelampoonist-american.com/  Author-Dave Baker © 2010