Happy Now, Leftist Bastards & PHONY Patriots? Ukraine Now Has Neo-Nazi’s In Their Government, YOU ANIMALS.

Happy Now, Leftist Bastards & PHONY Patriots?  Ukraine Now Has Neo-Nazi’s In Their Government, YOU ANIMALS.

We were right from the beginning and got called ‘conspiracy theorists’ & “Russian Propagandists”   *You A$$HOLES.….The left is always looking for the fake, white, boogeyman here in America….. But, have NO problem with their neo-con, FRAUD, ‘patriot’, ‘conservative’ enablers installing NAZIS & Muslim terrorists into other countries..

Oleh Tyahnybok:  This POS went to Chechnya where he fought WITH Muslim terrorists against the Russians.  He has also been accused of torturing and beheading captured Russian soldiers. I hope the Russians take him out.  Muslims, Commies, Nazis… Sickening.

Former Soviet citizen, now in USA is sick over what is happening:

‘The party, which has been accused of promoting anti-Semitism and xenophobia, says Daily Caller, below’

Oh gimme a break, thats stating it MILDLY.  

The guy is an outright nazi who just wants Ukraine for Ukrainians only, period. He hates ANYONE not pure-blooded Ukrainian.   How will this work out for Ukrainian Russians?    He is just like Obama – who hates anyone not a Trayvon.

“Anti semitic??”  I cant stand many left-wing Jews but I dont want to just kill everyone who does not think just like me.  That is what this man’s ideology is.   I dont want to just kill everyone who does not look like ME. Thats anti-
American.  He’s a Ukrainian NAZI.

From the Daily Caller where they banned me:  HERE…  ALSO: My friend, a Brit in Ukraine tried to warn people of this in 2012: Graham Phillips

Michael Savage finally woke up to this COUP DE’TAT: SAVAGE INTERVIEW: U.S. teaming with neo-Nazis in Ukraine

People wonder why I am frustrated, angered, outraged to the point of wanting total seclusion from many American humans. 

(‘Soldier’ is a Ukrainian Nazi, See the “N” on his helmet? He is also a Svoboda party member, no doubt.)

I digress:  Why shouldn’t a NAZI come into power?  Soros helped Nazis and delighted in seeing his fellow Jews murdered, plus 5.5 mil plus Christians.  Soros claimed responsibility for the Ukrainian disaster: King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

By the way:  We had a sudden death. Our friend just died a few days ago- just like that.  It grieved me more than I had realized the other day.  

Why Is “F’k The EU” ‘Jewish’ Victoria Nuland Pictured With #Ukraine’s Nazi Party Leader, SMILING?

Why Is “F’k The EU” ‘Jewish’ Victoria Nuland Pictured With #Ukraine’s Nazi Party Leader  SMILING?  We, here on this blog take up the cause of white Americans but we certainly HATE NAZI-ism.

 According to Victoria Nuland’s Wiki page: Religion Judaism  Click.

There are 2 things I absolutely hate in this life:  Communism & Nazi-ism.   And, often, we find they are strange bedfellows, right next to Jihadi-Islam.  What is incomprehensible to me is to see a ‘Jewish’ person so slap happy, standing next to Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok in this picture: (He is on the left)

nuland in ukraine

More here: Images compiled by Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, hat tip Chris H. I dont agree with EVERYTHING on the GR site, but most is accurate.

For someone who says “F’k the EU”, she seems to embrace the same humans who f’d our people.   She should resign, as should John McCain.  For the life of me, I can never understand these types of “Jews” who always make buddies with people that would LOVE to murder them.  Like Max Blumenthal, who is endorsed by David Duke.  Nuland’s excuse will be that she ‘didn’t know’, we say garbage:  Victoria most certainly DID know.

These pictures we found also beg the question:  Just who is going to be in charge of Ukraine???

Call for hate groups to be taken offline-JEREMIAH WRIGHT NOT INCLUDED…

Call for hate groups to be taken offline

Erika Niedowski, Washington Bureau Chief

  • Last Updated: June 14. 2009 8:59PM UAE / June 14. 2009 4:59PM GMT

An investigator inspects bullet holes in a door at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, on Thursday. Mike Theiler / Reuters

WASHINGTON // Last week’s fatal shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US capital by a man authorities say has deep ties to white supremacist and neo-Nazi organisations has renewed calls by some for Holocaust denial groups to be shut down on popular social networking sites.

Brian Cuban, an attorney in Texas who writes a blog called The Cuban Revolution, is seeking to have groups such as Facebook’s “Holohoax” and “Holocaust: A Series of Lies” removed from the site, calling them a “hateful form of speech that promotes violence”.


   ALL of this, and JEREMIAH WRIGHT, the HATEFILLED racist SKUNK gets to STAY.  Fair is NOT fair in AMERICA.  When they preach that “FAIRNESS”————-they are FULL OF CRAP.



Because he is black, and some IDIOT will cry their GUTS out:


Let me tell you something, June 11, 2009 in the NY:



They bring up a small few paragraphs on the murdering, hate-filled Jeremiah Wright, and “Them Jews.” He also speaks that Israel is committing ‘crimes against humanity’ against the peace-filled Muslims in Palestine.


The Pastor has the same hate, and murder in him, and the obvious is in front of us, yet they put him on the back page, when it should have been with the Front page with the Neo-nazi.  This Neo-nazi is on the same thought pattern as James Von Brunn, yet they put Obamas black Pastor on page 19.
Isn’t Martin Luther King the one that said that: “Anti-Zionism” is anti-semitism??? Von Brunn is a murderer, yes, but this so called Pastor is right with him.  Of course this gives me great ease (being a Jew) that Obama went to his church, which is filled with utter hate an contempt at all Jews.  The black man gets a pass, because he’s black.  Who are the real racists here, that are causing the racism??