Putin Adds Chechen Militants & Neo Nazis To Intl Wanted List, While U.S. Government Supports Them

Putin Adds Chechen Militants & Neo Nazis To Intl Wanted List, While U.S. Government Supports Them

Oleh Tyahnybok, party saluting his leader.

Staging a coup and replacing an elected government with unelected stooges, as the US has specifically done with the Maidan opposition, is a true violation of sovereignty foreign affairs.

Of course, the neo US Govt with radicals like Obama, Kerry and McCain in charge…what could go wrong…!  Watch all of the phoney-cons come out and say this is a ‘publicity stunt.’   While Obama says that ‘radical Islamics?’ is ‘Just ‘workplace violence.”    And, people wonder why so many Americans are more  pro-Russia?

AND:  All the pieces fit together nicely. We, who are sane can see these possibilities:   #1. Lot of Chechen terrorists could receive possible political asylum in Germany.    #2.   We can see how former Chechen terrorists play an active role of destabilization in Syria and now in Ukraine.   #3.  We can see how the Chechen terrorists and Ukraine ultra nationalist actions have been coordinated.

Angela Merkel promised massive damage to Russia. Perhaps unleashing Chechen terrorists aided by Ukrainians ultra nationalists is what she means by massive damage to Russia?  We shall see, won’t we?

Of course this is just “Russian propaganda”, (Former USSR) but, I’ll take it over White House active, Stalinist propaganda…Russia to add 2 Maidan leaders to intl wanted list over Chechen militant links 

Meanwhile, as we worry about Ukraine, this is happening here at home:  Americans Worry About “Freedom” For Ukraine Are Being Arrested Here @ Home For Filming Police

An art collage from November 2013

Shock Photos: NATO *Appears* To Have Trained The Neo-Nazis Who Used Violence To Take Power In Kiev:

Look at this: NATO Appears To have Trained The Neo-Nazis Who Used Violence To Take Power In Kiev.

If this is all truth.. NATO is pro-Neo Nazi. Case closed. Take a look at all the pictures in this link: here, click.  WHEN looking, observe that the rooms are all the same wood, books, etc.

Top paragraph (from above) translated:

As an instructor at the NATO military base in Estonia taught Ukrainian nationalists everyday to fill up with Molotov cocktails, and throw grenades at law enforcement officers.”

*You will have to sift through the post. above.  At any rate:  If this is the truth-why are you supporting these people?  How will neo Nazis work for half Ukrainians/Half Russians?

TRANSLATED: classes were successful a subversive science, taught by an instructor NATO assimilated Ukrainian militants remains to obtain an order for its use in combat

We shall see in the coming days… But, its not that hard to believe…After all, the Ukrainian nationalists wear T-shirts saying: “BEAT THE YIDS”  Ukraine nationalists wear ‘Beat the Yids’ t-shirts

#Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Caught With Nazi Salute?

#Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Caught With Nazi Salute? UPDATE by The Mad Jewess:  IF this is a photo-shop job, we will recant it immediately.  If it is not, then just who are you supporting? We’ve already seen the Nazi salute of the Svoboda party leader, Oleh Tyahnybok.

https://i1.wp.com/www.11points.com/images/animatedgifs/drudgesiren.gif   UPDATE, information found that this photo is misleading, SEEVideo Found Showing Arseniy Yatsenyuk Nazi Salute Is False. Svoboda Party Leader Tyahnybok Photo-Not False

“Genocidal” Yanukovych, USA’s Fav Boogeyman: NO Proof Of Any Genocide. #SouthAfrica Is In Stage 6 Genocide

“Genocidal” Yanukovych, USA’s Fav Boogeyman: NO Proof Of Any Genocide. #SouthAfrica Is In Stage 6 Genocide


Look around for yourself on the internet in the searches re. Yanukovych genocide.  I challenge you.  There is no genocide in Ukraine in 2014 or even before, not in decades.  You want a real genocidal maniac? Jacob Zuma, the dictator of S.A.  Ya know..people ..America loves to make-up phony dictators at present because we seem to crave wars in other countries.  We are always fighting these ‘dictators’ lately.  Fight the dictator in the White House. He is our issue, not Yanukovych.

Before 4 or so weeks ago, did you even know who Yanukovych was? NO. Why the deep concern now?  If he WAS a genocidal maniac, we would have heard it from the surrounding countries of Belarus, Romania, Hungary or the Czech Repub.  We also would have heard from the Russians since Ukraine has a large population of Russians.


Are there any walls around Ukraine? NO  Yanukovych, although – has a denial issue with the Holomodor: Yanukovych Says Ukrainian Famine Not Genocide The potential reason for that may be a national/patriotic/blind pride issue. Genocidal watch does not even have Ukraine named: Genocide Watch

**However….let’s not look at the elephant in the room.. South Africa, where whites die daily at the hands of black racists: Online Genocide in SO memorial.

Genocide Watch  States that South Africa is in stage 6 genocide.

Wake up, America, you sleep while wanting to war.  The truly evil go unpunished in South Africa:


[Thomas Hester Beaten by armed thugs Bloemfontein Wicus Bürger Volksblad Mar242010[2].jpg]

[Van Vuuren Marthinus and family beaten up Jagersfontein six man black gang March 23 2010.jpg]

“Kill the white farmer” sung by the Jacob Zuma, Leader of South Africa:

South Africa today is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers who go unpunished, and where whites are anything but the citizens of a democratic country which honors the principles of equality and freedom. From David Horowitz

Meanwhile…Barack Obama is turning into the genocidal maniac and has a dead pool pages long: Obama’sDead Pool

Plus his 2400 plus dead by drones over seas: The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead – Huffington Post

Add Obama’s state run media cover up of the ongoing genocide of whites here in USA at the hands of Obama’s sons…

Priorities much? 

Get your head out of your ass, America.

Border-Jumpers In Action!

I want you to take a good look at the border jumpers..


So…What is the difference in these 2 pictures?  Can you spot the difference?  Who jumps fences like this? Criminals, thieves & welfare moochers.  You know, Illegals.  BUT, there is a small difference in these pictures.  

Give up yet?

OK, I’ll let ya know.. The top picture are illegal Meztizo’s.  The 2nd picture is in Israel.  The Palis are jumping the fence. I got this pali-picture from Palestinian-firster, Jew-hating slob, David Dukes website..

Ya see.. the Docta Duke is an oxy-moron.  He does not want illegals jumping fences in EU and USA, but its OK for them to jump the fence in Israel.

You wonder why America is cursed?  Take a look no further than David Duke.  He curses Israel, daily, just as the Japanese govt does & just see how they suffer because of their Jew hating govt…  Duke knows nobody IN Israel, EXCEPT the Marxist/Commies like Finkelstein and Chomsky (Chomsky was banned for treachery, btw).  Koo koo, Koo koo Duke…. He does not know decent Jews, Messianics or Christians in Israel.  So, he ‘sides’ with the Jihadis.  Brilliant…NOT.. Chalk one up for Docta Duke being a conservative-‘Christian’.  What a laugh riot this cat is… 😀

You white people that think he is ‘for’ you.. Ha Ha Ha.  He is for Palstine-FIRST before you.  He has NO recent articles on white-oppression.  NONE for many days.. What a phoney.  I bet some of you idiots give him $$, too! LOL!!!  The nasty Mad Jew bitch cares about the plight of whites, but ‘Aryan’ asshole, Duke does not.

The world is upside down.

“Zionist, Israel-Firster”, Obama Demanding Israeli Withdrawal From Judea & Samaria

“Zionist, Israel-Firster”, Obama Demanding Israeli Withdrawal From Judea & Samaria


I bet David Duke is having a huge hard-on.  All he talks about is Israel. He is truly the one that is for pali-first before America.. Leftist Jews talk just like him. Obama is Dukes dream come true.  Look at one of his posts, just like the FAR LEFTIST, Bolsheviks:  Israeli West Bank Settlements “Greatest Threat” to Peace, EU Report Finds

…You  stupid ‘liberal’ Jews that voted in this MONSTER are going to be 100% responsible for this mess that you have helped create for our blood-brothers in Israel and the SNAFU here in USA.  You deserve NO mercy for your treachery against America, against Jews, Christians, & against God.  You voted in AND helped fund this black-faced Hitler.  Go rot in Gehenna. Evil, wicked, self-hating kikels.

…You are WITH treacherous neo-Nazis who hate you. They are with you!! THEY LOVE YOU!!!  You are a despicable people.  Truly disgusting and vomitous.  I told you he would do this, but you morons voted him in, anyway.  GO DIE.

…People who are righteous, pray for folks that are believers.  This will be terrible for America, worse than it’s getting.  Think Fukishima.

Read the story: Hat tip: Tiffany.

Israeli sources told the Tribune that Obama has demanded a timetable for Israel’s complete withdrawal from the areas of Judea and Samaria, commonly referred to these days as the West Bank.

I hope this pos is happy, now:

Salvation is not from p-lestinians.  Salvation is from the JEWS.

I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you. All of the families of the earth will be blessed in you.  Genesis 12:3

Black Supremacists Vs. White Supremacists: Whites Get Arrested In FL, Blacks Go Scot-Free

That’s America, now. 
The white supremacists were planning to kill minorities, illegals, blacks and Jews.  The blacks supremacists: If you want freedom, you will have to ‘kill white crackers and their babies.’    If you defend yourself against the Trayvons of this world, you will be hunted down, and a 10 K bounty will be placed on your head, courtesy of the Black Panthers.  If you are white, angry, and thinking about things, you will be arrested.  Personally, supremacist groups don’t bother me.  If they want to be that way, that’s fine, (I am locked and loaded, so I dont give a damn, I shoot back.)

Acting out, in public, advising to murder ALL white people is grounds for arrest and possible jail time. If you are acting out in public, saying “kill ALL minorities, illegals, blacks and Jews”, you should get arrested, tit for tat.  Evidently, these supremacists were preparing for defense. So, if you are white, and preparing for defense, be careful, you WILL be arrested and no doubt, they will probably label you as a ‘white supremacist.’


This is hate:

NOT hate:


NOT hate:

Stalinists In Bed W/ Neo-Nazi Group @ Media Matters (Dershowitz Interview)

What have  I been saying about the Left and the Nazis? This scenerio is the same exact thing that happened with Germany/Hitler & Stalin/Russia in 1939-1941.  The 2 made a pact and it finally drove Americans ‘liberal’ Jews insane.  Which is what is happening now.

I regret nothing in my life. I have always done my level best to keep on the righteous path….Sure, I mess up like other people, but definitely not when it comes to my country. I have ALWAYS voted for who I have seen as the most pro-American, period.

BUT: You ‘liberal’ Jews had better wake your asses up.  X-COMMUNICATE yourselves from ALL ‘liberal’, left wing, Bolshevik, Marxist, Progressives and get the hell out of politics for awhile.

DO NOT TELL ME “Never again” and associate with these enemies of freedom, life, liberty, spiritual freedom and happiness.  It is time to CHANGE your ways. Break up your fallow ground. Turn back to GOD.   The term “Israel-firster” is directly from NEO NAZIS, Muslims and WHITE SUPREMACISTS, period.

Dershowitz reveals in this interview that a site called ‘reporters.com’ sends him harassing emails every day and the emails are Neo-Nazis.    This Jew hating groupis sending Media Matters all sorts of anti Israel and anti Jewish propaganda.  And, that, my friends, comes directly from Muslims.    What a happy bunch: Stalinists,  Neo-Nazis and Muslims….Shows they all have something in common; Hatred for Christians, Jews and America.  Who could find a nicer crowd of scumbags?


Dershowitz: I Won’t Vote For Obama If Associated With ‘Stalinist Bigots,’ Media Matters who work with neo-Nazi groups.

Video Re. Islam, Leftists & Neo-Nazis Working Together Against Israel, Beck Vindicated

Go to fullsize imageMedia Matters, as usual suffers foot in mouth.  Beck Still Promoting Conspiracy Theory That Socialists And Islamists Are Working Together, Lashes Out At Kristol Again

Actually, I was the first one that said these people are working together.


   Media Matters knows very well that the Bolsheviks/Progressives/Socialists/Muslims, Neo-Nazis/Liberals are all working together in their insanity against God and Israel.

Video of gasbag, left- wing-led, pro-Islamic Jihad insanity, below.  Here is what a DUMB Media Matters blogger says:

Author by bootyprof (33 minutes ago)

Where is the evidence Glenn????

Oh, right here, stupid:

Dream I Had Of GODS Victory Over Leftists, Moslems & Neo-Nazis: (Satanists)

Go to fullsize imageI believe in dreams, God says in his last days of the end of ages, he will: 

…And it shall come to pass afterwards that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

 Joel 2:28  DARBY Version.

Here is my dream:

  Go to fullsize imageI was in a Victorian style town, just walking, minding my own business, observing the shops and restaurants. Day turned into night and it seems that I was living there now.  Somehow, I ended up at this theatre. I was in an upstairs room. There were only windows, and 2 panels that were really thick, inotherwords, there was no way out of this room. NONE.  I began to hear a rally downstairs. In this rally, I knew instinctively there were leftists crying ‘revolution’, there were Moslems shouting “Allahu Ackbaar” and there were Neo-Nazis chanting “Hail Hitler” and some other atrocites in German. Sure, I was scared. I am a Jewish Christian, seriously hated, they hate me for my Jewry, they hate me for my Christianity. I was scared.  I began to pray, what else could I do?  I was thinking; “It is a matter of time before they come up here to possibly murder me”.  All of the sudden, one of the panels (THICK) that was like a door, opened. I was scared to go look, because it could be one of satans people, named above that were perhaps coming to this room now.  I gently looked outside, as I looked outside, there was NOBODY there, the only ‘entity’ was the sun, in all of its glory, shining through a rainbow in the doorway.  I walked out–FREE.  FREE. FREE.  There was nobody there, GOD HIMSELF OPENED THIS PANEL/DOOR for me to walk into safety. I was walking away, I can remember taking caution. I was so joyous. GOD had SAVED ME.  I walked on…and on…and on. GOD with me, in the bright of the day.  As I walked, I could hear their evil chants.  I, however, was safe from these murdering bastards.


Hear me well, Christian haters, Israel haters, Jew-haters (NOT left wing-Jews, satans kids) It is not OUR days that are numbered: IT IS YOURS.  God will obliterate you. We WILL watch as he obliterates you with; tornados, floods, earthquakes, diseases, plagues. Every terror imaginable from the almighty IS coming upon you.  YOUR END IS COMING. Deliverance of GODS people is HERE. We will laugh at your destruction, for you mocked our God and played the fool.   God will not be mocked, he WILL destroy HIS enemies.