Another Day, Another Dead JP Morgan Banker..

Another Day, Another Dead JP Morgan Banker..

How many bankers dead now? 14?  I lose count.  Are they being murdered, or are they actually killing themselves?  Nobody knows and JP Morgan does not seem to give a damn. These are not the mega-rich bankers, these are peons in the scheme of things.. What did they know?  Were they going broke?

The incident happened inside their home at 12 Log Road in Jefferson Township, New Jersey.

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JPMorgan Employee Shot And Killed His Wife Before Taking His Own Life – See more at:

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Christie’s Office Is Having A HUGE Re-Election Party…

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…….I hear fat back, walking condominium, Christie could not even root for Cuccinelli or give him a good word of endorsement.  You know why?  Bloviated Christie is a Communist who is munching on NJ.  Gobbling them up in taxes.  His first order on the pork-filled agenda will be non-stop catering. Jersey…this man has not even taken care of the mess of Hurricane Sandy. What are your taxes on income property & food now?  Chow down New Jersey…It’s gonna be a heavy load..Just like your governor.

One of Christie’s first actions as governor was to scale back tax breaks that effectively hiked property taxes on hundreds of thousands of residents, after he pledged to do the opposite.  Four years later, Christie has capped property tax hikes and provided some business tax relief. But levies on homes have risen at about the same rate as under his Democratic predecessor, keeping New Jersey the highest property tax state in the country.

LAX & NJ Shootings~Are Obama & The Communists Busy With Left-Wing Terror?

LAX, NJ~Are Obama & The Communists Busy With Left-Wing Terror?

You decide for yourself.


You can’t fool me, Obama.  All of these terrorist attacks, one right after the next?  Who truly believes in their heart that these random events are just ‘happening?’

Obama possibly utilizes these shootings to:

1. Divert attention of f Obama-care, Marxist policies, gun grabbing, executive orders, NSA, NDAA, IRS gate, Fast and furious, Benghazi and too many other things to list.

2. Communist “Liberals” are the worst perpetrators of terror–worse than Muslims.  Communist leftists have been attacking  inside of the USA since the 1880’s: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS. 

LAX suffered a shooting.  The only problem is that the Police involved gave away that they were working on terrorizing Americans for 3 weeks:

Was it staged?  You must decide for yourself.  I am not into coercing anyone, but the COMMUNIST MSM lies, daily – and it is easy to look outside for the news because of their falsehoods.  

You can read more about this whole event at LAX here: LAX government / media shooting hoax features sub zero crisis actor: Police Chief admits to the contrived event

Communist “Liberals” want America taken down.  Need proof? OK.

Leftists:  (These 5 wanted to blow up a bridge in Ohio.  They were also OWS losers)

Tim Wise wants to ‘exercise the 2nd Amendment in Republicans faces:

(Nobody was ‘taking water’.  FL has massive voter fraud at EVERY election.)

Tim Wise also staged a fake beating:  Indiana State University Police Say Beating of White Supremacist Protester May Have Been Staged (SPLC)

All below are Dems/Liberal Commies with the exception of Adam Lanza.  The 2 murderers at Columbine had parents that were registered Democrats:

What do these registered Democrats all have in common?

Jared Loughner was a leftist who fancied buggering boys, Anton Alexis was an Obama-voting “Liberal”

You must all know who this is:

Nothing the Communist Left does surprises me anymore.  At all.  I do not believe that these events are just ‘happening’.  Sorry, folks.  You may believe what YOU wish and that’s your affair, but in my opinion…

BTW: New Jersey ‘random’ shooting: Shots fired at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey 

AND:  what have we here:  Central Connecticut State University Emergency on lockdown

….Hmmm, a little more: Passengers evacuated at BHM Shuttlesworth Airport in Alabama after security breach.  

Commies are SO busy: North Carolina A&T State University shooting

Ugh: Obama’s Next Manufactured Crisis

SO-Why is this happening?  To bring fear?  To get you to give up your guns?  Selah..Think.  We ARE in a Communist revolution.  Wake up, people.

Lard-A$$, Communist Chris Christie Sued Over Gay ‘Therapy’ Ban. Go Eat & Stay Out Of Our Privates

Lard-A$$, Communist Chris Christie Sued Over Gay ‘Therapy’ Ban. Go Eat & Stay Out Of Our Privates

Why doesn’t Christie just go eat??  Chow down, fatty.  Stick to pizza, donuts, and gobbling up New Jersey, you porky pig bastard.  Stay out of people’s private parts you demented, gordo, lunatic.  If gays need therapy, who the hell are you to ban that?  

A southern New Jersey couple has sued Gov. Chris Christie over his signing of a bill banning so-called gay conversion therapy, claiming it violates their constitutional rights.

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SECESSION NOW! Scalia; Nothing In Constitution That Says States Can’t Secede. Leftists Calling For “EXILE” Of American Patriots

Obama is a divider, a destroyer. His filthy treacherous pigs that follow him are petitioning for OUR EXILE.  Some g’d-damned nerve. They hate America, have ALWAYS hated America-they need to get the f’k out and go to Siberia. They hate this Christian nation and have done nothing but destroyed it. It is time for THEM to GET OUT.  I AM indigenous, here.  I want these f’ers OUT. Get out or we start throwing your asses out.

HOW DARE YOU PUT IN A MUSLIM!!!!!  Not just once, but 2 f’n times.


 I figured this would happen if the Muslim usurper from Kenya got re-elected…  Just so that you all know: Obama LOVES drones.  So, you had better prepare for this.  Obama IS a Stalinist and Stalinists are murderers.  So, better have plenty of ammo.

There are 2 new petitions ask the federal government to deal with the secessionists by either deporting them, or stripping them of their citizenship and exiling them.

How bout we are tired of this government forcing every regulation under the sun down our throats? How bout we are sick and damned tired of you statist fascists?  We are tired of wars all over the map for NO reason. We are sick of your baby-murdering ways. Sick of your sodomy. We are sick of Bolshevism/Marxism and want to go be Americans, again. 

As More Secession Petitions Appear, Petition to Deport Signers of Secession Petitions Gains Steam

Read more: here

“Deport Everyone that signed a petition to withdraw their state from the united states of America” see below:


NJ TOP COURT RULES~Cops MUST Explain DWI Test Laws In THEIR Language!!


N.J. top court rules police must explain DWI test laws in native language  WTH!!!!!!  Here: Reply to INSANITY Post  new


geowb  GET THESE MIDGETS OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Record


In a 4-3 decision, the court overturned a conviction for refusing to take an alcohol breath test because the man, who spoke only Spanish, did not understand the consequences.

The court found that a Plainfield police officer failed to inform German Marquez, who is from El Salvador, in Spanish that he would automatically lose his driver’s license for seven months if he refused the test.

Police had responded to a two-car accident in 2007. The officer initially asked in English for Marquez to show his license. When the officer repeated the request in Spanish, Marquez complied.

After reading Marquez a statement in English explaining the consequences of refusing the breath test, Marquez shook his head and pointed to his eye, which the officer considered uncooperative. As a result, he was charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a breath test.

Marquez said he didn’t understand what police were reading to him and that he had taken his driver’s license exam in Spanish. He later testified through an interpreter that he had taken two Percocet tablets for pain associated with an eye injury, and that the painkiller made him sleepy and dizzy.


However, even the dissenting justices found that Marquez’s refusal conviction should be overturned since the officer initially communicated with Marquez in Spanish but made no additional efforts to talk to him in a language they knew he understood. 

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Ameeerika has de stupido pince Gringos, Ever!

gina23 July 12, 2010 at 2:11PM

I don’t even understand how they can live here and not want to learn to speak English. When I’m in a room full of my friends & their families and they are all speaking Spanish, I feel so uncomfortable… how do these people go through life living that way?


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What a friggin’ joke. Christie can’t throw these bums out fast enough.