WOW!! NY Totally Flooded, LARGE Holes In The Streets, Subways Flooded Massively

WOW!! NY Under Floods & LARGE Holes In The Streets:

This always blows me away when I see the subways flooded. Having been a native NYER, I never saw such things my whole life. Videos like this shock David, too. He lived in Queens and worked in the Chrysler bldg and he never saw this either:

NY Is 73% Vaccinated, But Hospitals Are FILLED & Coolers Stacking Up. The Vaccine Is A Concoction Of Chemical CRAP That KILLS:

NY Is 73% Vaccinated, But Hospitals Are FILLED & Coolers Stacked Up. The Vaccine Is A Concoction Of Chemical CRAP That KILLS:

There is NO other way to explain this disaster: The Vaccine KILLS people DEAD. If the vaccines worked, why the hell are the hospitals filled in NY? With almost 75% of NYers vaccinated, the numbers should be down, NOT up.

And, just LOOK at this from Coronavirus Health. NY. Gov

From the statistic pages on Google:

LocationDoses givenFully vaccinated% of population fully vaccinated
New York36M 36,000,00014.3M 14,300,00073.4% 73.4%

Who goes to prison for this mass murder?


#WhitePrivilege? Son Of Obama Murders 99 Yr Old White Woman In Her Home

#WhitePrivilege? Son Of Obama Murders 99 Yr Old White Woman In Her Home


Javon Tyrek Rogers

Other countries revere their elderly.  In America, blacks murder them because they’re bored and ‘entitled’.  If this was in reverse…

Click: (Black) Suspected serial burglar, 20, arrested for killing (White) 99-year-old widow in her home 

EDIT by TMJ:  God bless these 2 bloggers below for reporting the race.  As David says above; “If this was in reverse…”

Click: Jovan Tyrek Rogers black thug kills 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger

Click: Black Thug Jovan Tyrek Rogers Charged with Murder in Killing of 99-Year-Old Fannie Gumbinger of Poughkeepsie, New York

A 20-year-old City of Poughkeepsie man charged late Friday night with murder and burglary in the death of a 99-year-old city woman is being held without bail. Police chargedJavon Tyrek Rogers, 20, of the City of Poughkeepsie, with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary around 11 p.m. in connection with the homicide of Fannie Gumbinger, 99.

Fannie Gumbinger

Our prayers are with this family.


SECESSION NOW! Scalia; Nothing In Constitution That Says States Can’t Secede. Leftists Calling For “EXILE” Of American Patriots

Obama is a divider, a destroyer. His filthy treacherous pigs that follow him are petitioning for OUR EXILE.  Some g’d-damned nerve. They hate America, have ALWAYS hated America-they need to get the f’k out and go to Siberia. They hate this Christian nation and have done nothing but destroyed it. It is time for THEM to GET OUT.  I AM indigenous, here.  I want these f’ers OUT. Get out or we start throwing your asses out.

HOW DARE YOU PUT IN A MUSLIM!!!!!  Not just once, but 2 f’n times.


 I figured this would happen if the Muslim usurper from Kenya got re-elected…  Just so that you all know: Obama LOVES drones.  So, you had better prepare for this.  Obama IS a Stalinist and Stalinists are murderers.  So, better have plenty of ammo.

There are 2 new petitions ask the federal government to deal with the secessionists by either deporting them, or stripping them of their citizenship and exiling them.

How bout we are tired of this government forcing every regulation under the sun down our throats? How bout we are sick and damned tired of you statist fascists?  We are tired of wars all over the map for NO reason. We are sick of your baby-murdering ways. Sick of your sodomy. We are sick of Bolshevism/Marxism and want to go be Americans, again. 

As More Secession Petitions Appear, Petition to Deport Signers of Secession Petitions Gains Steam

Read more: here

“Deport Everyone that signed a petition to withdraw their state from the united states of America” see below:


Beautiful Young Irish Woman Visits America & A Black Bastard Threw A Brick At Her For Fun

Welcome to Amerikaners.  If you VWW (Visit While White) we guarantee that you will be beaten, raped, robbed or murdered by a son of Obama and no white person will have the least bit of compassion to report it on the main stream media.

Youtube by 


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 20-year-old woman from Ireland visiting New York City spoke out Friday about the brutal brick attack she suffered last weekend in the Bronx.

An unidentified assailant walked up and smashed Alisha Jordan in the face without warning. She is so afraid that she didn’t even want her face to be shown on T.V.

“Its completely ruined me. I used to be completely independent,” Jordan told CBS 2′s Lou Young in an exclusive interview.


-David Ben Moshe

New York: ANOTHER Naked Zombie Cannibal-Liberal Woman On Bath Salts Tries To Eat Her Own Son!

CLICK: New York: ANOTHER Naked Zombie Cannibal-Liberal Woman On Bath Salts Tries To Eat Her Own Son!     What’s next in the world of liberalism?   Many people tell me that this is not what ‘liberalism is all about‘.   I say bullcrap.   “Liberals” LOVE drugs.   They love all of the most vile shit in the planet.    Cannibalism is the end product OF liberalism. Period.

Woman tries to eat his son in New YorkPamela McCarthy attacked the boy, and tried to strangle him and tried to eat in an act of cannibalism, the aggression was prevented by her boyfriend who saw her naked and outside of the house, he ran to grab the child and she fled.

No doubt in my mind that this Cannibal was an Obama-voting piece of drek.

Obama voters are:

Cannibal-Liberals, Commies, Marxists, Progressives, La-Raza Racists, Black moonbats,  Zombies, pro- ‘gay’-marriage, drug-abusers, drug-pushers, baby murderers, pro-dog-eaters, anti-1st & 2nd Amendment, anti-man, anti NORMAL Marriage,  pro-illegal occupiers, evil-leftist Jews, fraud Christians, anti-American, anti-Israel, Jew haters, Christian-haters & God hating FREAKS.


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB): AFRICAN-AMERICANS RUIN NEIGHBORHOODS: White Buffalo Resident Says :O ……… Of course, I have not ever lived in a neighborhood ruined by black people. Black people on the Monterey Peninsula are law-abiding patriots.  I lived in a sanctuary city for illegals, which, imo, is worse.    But, I will say this much.. Times are bad.  Many minorities act insane, including leftist-Jews.  I believe this man is right to some extent. People hang with their own people anyway for the most part.

About 15 miles from me, the Commies moved in.  They didn’t like that there were not enough minorities (Mostly black, welfare folk)  So, they moved them up here.. And, wallah, now there are starting to be robberies.  Whoda Thunk…!!

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – News 4 spoke to a South Buffalo resident about an arson fire in a South Buffalo neighborhood that may have been motivated by racial hatred. He had some startling opinions about race relations in the Queen City.

He spoke his opinions freely with News 4’s Ed Drantch. Warning: Some may find his comments offensive. Watch the video on this page to hear his comments.

Friday morning, the man called into the Shredd and Ragan show on 103.3 The Edge to explain his opinions further. He claims to have received death threats after his comments aired on News 4 Thursday evening.

(Black patriots, Christian blacks, etc, please don’t include yourselves in this post)