Instead of LISTENING to their EMPLOYERS, We the PEOPLE… the leftist Alinskyite ‘democrats’ chose to ATTACK the people, WITH this tyrannical govt. OVER the people.

 You can’t trust democrats anymore, I will go so far as to say that this party would like to see the DEATH of over half of Americans that are conservatives and God fearing. The ONLY thing that the democrats DO LIKE, is the total DESTRUCTION and aniliation of AMERICA.

And  this ISN’T NAZI-ISM? Its the same as Hitlers 30’s Germany, and Hitlers followers?  They did NOT listen, and became MURDERERS.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Barack HUSSEIN Obama


Another Son of a Bush?

No Thank You….

 [Traitor Bush and The Global Economy] The prevailing wisdom, that is if you infer wisdom in the same sentence when making reference to any Bush idiot starting with Bush Sr., and then, Junior, the former goofball in Chief, is that conservativism is dead. In fact, in enlightened neo-con circles and geniuses like Carl Rove is that, not only is conservatism a thing of the past, “conservatives are a pain in the ass” especially when it comes to exporting jobs, selling America’s infrastructure on the global market and keeping the border open. And they spent 15 years importing illegal aliens from Mexico, exporting strategic American manufacturing capabilities and outsourcing jobs and made it a self-fulfilling prophesy… Whether by mistake, deliberately or sheer contempt for the intellect of white Christian Conservatives, just like the Axlerod wing of Obomo’s administration, these morons pass up few opportunities to piss all over white Conservative America… In two posts recently printed in the Washington Times, Jeb Bush, the Fat Son of a Bush, I prefer “son of a bitch,” details why two generations of Bushes and the former jackass in Chief, Bush Jr. betrayed conservatives and this country, and Jeb joined in that he would finish off what’s left, that is if there is anything left after Obama… The first headline in the Washington Times contained this quote from the fat slob: “The Republican Party Will Never Again Win An Election Being Perceived As The White Guy’s Party,” and this gem a few weeks later, “Time To Leave Reagan Behind” removes all doubt regarding their evil agenda game and maybe why Reagan despised the Old Man [Bush] Even after Junior ran rough shod over our movement and lost his approval ratings and the House in the mid-term elections, Fatso Jeb Bush’s latest regurgitations reveals the Bush continuing contempt for conservatives which led to his leaving the White House with the Republican Party and country on the verge of smoldering on the trash heap of history…. And now you have the rest of the story….And, by the way, they, the Bushshies are betting that there are millions of dumb bells out there who would vote for another Son of a Bush, and they are right….

Author: Dave P. Baker ©2009