Beastly #Feminist Monsters Insanely Jealous Of Nia Sanchez. This Has 0 To Do W/ Self Defense

#Feminist Monsters Insanely Jealous Of Nia Sanchez. This Has 0 To Do W/ Self Defense

Feminists do not care one way or the other for Nia Sanchez’ self-defense mechanisms at all.  They are insanely jealous of her because she is pretty–actually gorgeous–beautiful.  Most modern feminists are not just ugly on the outside, they are demonic, satanic, evil Jezebel pigs with smelly panties, dried-out puss’s, fat asses and an ugly demeanor.  No man wants them.  No man dreams of them.  No man would take a Bella Abzug looking woman on a date unless he is legally blind without any feeling in his hands. Fact.

Now, let’s look at some of the feminists founding Mothers:

Betty Fryingpan (Friedan)

Feminist Pioneer Betty Friedan Dies

Alice Tuchas (Toklas)

OK, that’s enough.. I feel like vomiting.  She reminds me of Howard Sterno.. *Puke*

These women above helped pioneer the feminist movement because WHAT his sane mind would want these women even if they had a bag over their mug?

Now, take a look at Nia Sanchez.. 

Strutting her stuff: Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez takes the runway during the evening gown portion of the pageant

It’s just plain old fashioned jealousy.  Period. End of story.  EVERY woman wants to look like Nia Sanchez. Fact.