Black Bastards Murder, Knock Out Whites, Beat White Woman, & Elderly White Men All Over America

Black Bastards Murder,  Knock Out Whites, Beating White Women, & Elderly White Men All Over America

It doesn’t matter what country these black males are in, they just can’t seem to act civilized.  These ‘people’ (people in the loosest sense) are a bunch of savages barely removed from the jungle.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the schvartze sleeps tonight.    Or in our case, they’re up all day beating whitey.

70-year-old beaten by two blacks while trying to slow down cars in his neighborhood


Savages not yet identified but they’re black


Man (Son of Obama) severely beat white woman in West Side robbery, police say


Betty Whiteley


Jerry Smith

Docs: (Black) suspect in brutal murders of two white women was disgruntled ex-employee


Kelly Erb Marylyn Erb


Christian Rene Haley

Charlottesville Newspaper Shuts Down Comments on Knockout Game Report for ‘Hateful Nature’  (Blacks ‘knock out’ white couple & other whites.)  They shut down the comment section of the aforementioned post because it was ‘hateful’ against black people.  What do they call these racial beatings? Love???

If this white man had a gun, we would have one less black problem.

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-David Ben Moshe

PS:  Happy New Year which is starting out as expected.

Nov. Election, 2012: Hundreds Of Blacks Suddenly Voted In All-white Maine Towns

We are seeing more and more evidence that this election was stolen. There was massive voter fraud throughout the country.
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The Democrat Party Is FINISHED. It Will Be FOREVER Known As A People Of Treason & Lies

You think the GOP is done? Old, white and history?  Yes, they are finished because they threw out true conservatism/Christianity long ago. But, as bad as they are, they will not be remembered as being treasonous.  They will just be remembered as a party that ‘went along to get along.’  

When people see the real Obama in his complete power-grab of American liberty, you stupid democrats will come out of your slumber, but it will be too late.  

When the idiot, Obama tells you elderly dems that there is no more money in the S.S. fund, you will see that he is a rat-bastard.  But, it will be too late.

When you elderly dems have your medicare turned away because ‘we the people’ cannot pay, you will be sick and die, but it will be too late.  When the stock market continues to crumble, you will wonder why, but it will be too late.  When you start to see all of the big corps laying people off and letting people go from their jobs, you will be upset, but it will be too late.

When public schools start shutting down by the bushel because of deficit, you will curse Obama, but it will be too late.  When prices of food go up so high, that you will be eating canned food & top ramens, you will yell at your televisions, but it will be too late.  When you have your T.V’s shut off because ‘times are so bad’ that you cannot afford the tube anymore, you will whine and break down, but it will be too late.  

When you have to shut off your cell phones because you need gas and food more than a cell, it will be too late.

When you have to have your land-line for your phone shut off, you will feel helpless, but it will be too late. When you cannot take a shower because it is not affordable, you will get lice and weep, but it will be too late.   When you lose your homes, and your failed messiah cannot help you, you will cry but it will be too late. For those that still own homes, when UN agenda 21 comes to take your homes, you will cry out loud in the streets, but it will be too late. 

When you finally wake from your slumber and start to search out the REAL news of what is happening in the middle east and how your young men are dying by the boat-loads, you will wonder why it was never reported…but it will be too late.   When white people that you know are murdered, raped, robbed and beaten in numbers that will be unfathomable, you will hate Mexicans and blacks, but it will be too late.  When some of your very conservative neighbors are visited by the secret service, threatened & taken away, you will say “I am so sorry, neighbor”,  but it will be too late.  

When you dumbbell Jews see that Obama hates Israel with a passion and seeks to destroy it, you will weep with despair, but it will be too late.

When America is humbled by invasion, you will cry to God, and he will hear it because he is kind, but it will be too late.  When you finally hear the truth about how Obama was REALLY born in Kenya and usurped the White house,  you will be very angry & feel betrayed, but it will be too late.   Plus too many more things to count that will happen to the once great America…

And, finally, when you see that REAL Americans warned you about Obama, time and time again, you will come to apologize on your knees to us…..But,






Comments are on, but any & all leftists & nazis WILL be spammed.  Feel the fascism, YOU created it.  There is no free speech, anymore, YOU destroyed it.

(I will write why the GOP REALLY lost this wknd)

2 Black Bastards Rape, & Rob Pizza Delivery Woman

Don’t let the government handle this one, it’s time for the MAFIA to step up to bat.  There is no justice from the government, the MAFIA would know exactly what to do.


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La Raxa Mexicans, Obama-Blacks, EVIL “Jews”, FAKE “Christians”, White Trash & All Of You SCUM:

This website will remain “politically CORRECT” Got it? 

We are the correct, the rest of you SCUM, are INCORRECT.

When you sub-humans start acting like decent citizens, we will treat you like decent citizens. 

You bitch, cry, moan and groan about people being racists, homophobes, ETC,…but you don’t look in a mirror at your sick selves.

  La Raza Mexicans, illegal enablers: You have come to the nation, and all that you have done is destroy.  You listen to the Commie-jargon how ‘this land is Aztlan’.  This land is NOT your land.  MEXICO is YOUR land. You have one child after the next, and expect Americans to take care of your sorry asses. You have drained our society and robbed us blind without an inch of shame. you rape, rob, torture, and enable evil.  Until you sub humans start acting right, we will call you every ugly name in the book.  So, get used to illegal-occupiers, wetbacks, bean-dip and so forth.  You have NO respect. You hang your UGLY ASS flag above the American flag–UPSIDE DOWN, and you expect us to not hate your guts? ARE YOU INSANE!?

  Obama-blacks: YOU are terrorizing all over the USA: Robbing, raping, beating and instigators of the worst havoc across this once great nation. You get mad as hell if someone calls you a nigger (oh my GOD!!) but don’t even see that you are ACTING like a NIGGER!! And we ALL know the difference in a decent, patriotic, God-fearing, Christian black person over you trash.  So, push your race card all over the map, nobody gives a damn anymore.  We will call you every ugly name in the book, until you act like decent citizens of society-SHUT UP. WE AINT LISTENING ANYMORE.

Evil “JEWS”:  You make society sick with your tolerence for every evil thing under the sun. In fact, you call Holocaust museums “Museums of Tolerance”.   You want all of this ‘tolerance’, yet you hate Christians, you hate white people (why the hell that is, I will never know-YOU ARE WHITE, stupid DREK!) You have waged a war (With atheists) against Christians in this nation (REAL Christians).  You help produce some of the most grotesque movies, music, books etc.  And you get your ass in a sling when people are angry at you.  They are seriously angry with you, because you have not an ounce of decency in you.  You call yourselves “Jews”, and dont even see the pain you cause REAL Jews in America. When you get called “kikes, Bolsheviks, ETC”-DONT cry to me. I dont give a damn.  You are getting what you asked for by voting in OBAMA, a MUSLIM. Obama is a  Christian-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, White-hating SOB.  When we call you bad names, TOUGH SHIT. Start acting right and things will CHANGE.

Fake Christians:  You use that Socialist, Communist, sick jargon. It is totally repulsive. I have seen born-again Christians that I used to hang out with years ago, and they endorse ‘gay’ marriage.  WHAT THE HELL!! You  that call yourselves “Christians”-you hate Jewish people that are right-minded and religious. You blame ISRAEL for OUR nation going to the ashcan. You refuse to take responsibility for your own actions. You also demand ‘tolerance’, yet forget that GOD can be an ANGRY God, and full of wrath when a nation turns on him. You refuse to take a stand against evil and call it what it is; EVIL.  You are cowardly, passive, agressive freaks that are Christian in name only.  You deny your identity and pretend that Jesus was not a JEW.  You make me sick-until YOU change, we will call you satanic, fake, phoney liars and FRAUDS. GET USED TO IT.

WHITE TRASH:  You are the worst out of this whole group.  You attack decent Americans; call them ‘trailer-trash’, rednecks, Israel-firsters, “ZOG”.  You voted for Obama and have NO shame.  Most of you are on a ton of prescription drugs, smoke pot, drink a ton of liquor, want Americans to pay for your LAZY ASSES. You persecute patriotic individuals and have some screwed up notion that you are ‘offering God up a service’.  You are offering SATAN up a service.  You hate this country, take up for enemies, enable Communism and Nazi-ism.  THERE IS A HELL, and you are going there. Repent or go to hell. And….STOP VOTING, you screw EVERYTHING up.


America: This is what is coming here, only WORSE

Go to fullsize imageI know that most of you have seen the severity of the situation in London with the leftist anarchists and the usual leftist violence.  But, I will tell you, it will be MUCH worse here. Why? Because we have 3rd world scum~that’s why.  We have let savage-monsters into our once great land. 

   You can thank the Kennedy brothers for the violence that IS coming.  Just tell me wtf you think that bad-blacks, white-trash, and a bunch of Marxist/Mexicans will do once there is no more $ for the handouts, projects on the beach in the Rockaways, NYC, food stamps, welfare, medicaid, medicare… you name it. It WILL be cut off.  Employers will not give a damn for the EOE and affirmative action programs.  You had better get prepared and fight like hell for your 2 Ammendment right to keep and bear arms…

  The ONLY reason this is so out of hand in London is because they are not allowed to have guns.  The Bobbies/Police don’t carry guns. This is anarchy going SNAFU… I am sitting here so sickened by our mother, England and how they allowed the Fabians to destroy a once great place.  Weep, America, weep… put on sack cloth and ashes. Our time is coming. It is on the horizon. Say goodbye to America, as savages WILL unleash hell.  Fight for what is right, because the day is coming where you will have to defend your family, protect your well and property against rape, pillaging, plundering.  If you are a right minded person, get the hell out of the cities.


‘British Soldiers Burn in Hell’: Radical Muslim Protesters Disrupt British Veterans Day

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