No Masks For The Obama’s 500+ Party? NO MASK FOR ME. KISS MY MASK!

No Masks For Obama’s 500+ Party? NO MASK FOR ME.

The lying, pathetic, filthy, anus-sucking, feces-worshiping, baby-murdering, debaucherous, scumbag Leftists demand people wear the idiot mask all the time….


Trump World Turns on the True COVID Villain: Surgical Masks

I already don’t wear one. I reject the mask.

If that sack of crap, Obama & his LOSER friends can go without their masks to a huge, 500+ person party, with a bunch of sexual deviants and pedo’s….I can walk around my small town without a mask. And, don’t tell me: “They were vaccinated”. Anyone with a brain now knows the kill shot does not work.

cdc-says-fully-vaccinated-people are spreaders.