Sotomayor, The NYC Firefighter Hater

This is going to be our new Supreme Court Justice??   A NY fireman worked hard at his job, plus had a second job for additional income, needed in NY, land of 1000 taxes.  He quit his second job to study for a promotion in the NYFD.  He finished 6th out of all who took the exam, but was not allowed a promotion since the examination results were thrown out due to the fact that not a single black passed the test.  Those that aced the exam, sued to get what they rightly deserved, but 3 of the judges dismissed their case.  Sotomayor was one of those 3.  A liberal Clinton appointed judge on this appeals circuit, who was not one of the 3 who decided whether the case had enough merit to be heard of not, said that the decision of these 3 flies in the face of the Constitution.

Didn’t Martin Luthor King say that he longs for the day when a man is judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin?  That day never came.  We are still judged by the color of our skin and now if you are white and qualified, you dont get the job, but if you are a ‘minority’ you get special treatment, such as points added to a test because of your skin color or a promotion at your job, once again because of skin color.  Robert Reich said about all the new road construction jobs that he hopes will be created, that he doesnt want to see them going to white contractors.  Does the Constitution mean anything to our government?  Does this governement mean anything to the American people????

Whites in America are not losing their country.  They already lost it by sitting back and letting all of this happen in the name of tolerance.

David Ben Moshe from