MLK’s Nitemare: America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

MLK’s Nitemare: America  WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character


…And, this is a tragedy for black Americans like Doreen Borelli, Al West, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, etc.  Who DO have excellent characters.  Are God fearing individuals who have loved our once great nation, are excellent citizens and respected people.

America worships black skin, not character content.  MLK said that he wanted black people & humans in general – to be judged by their content.   I have not studied MLK.  I’ve been too busy fighting off his people who pretend to possess the attributes of brotherly love but act like barbarians and heathen pigs.  They clearly do not possess humanity:  murdering, raping and robbing whites–even killing each-other.  If this was MLK’s dream…You can shove it up your ass. I don’t want it, thank you very much.

51% of American people re-elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  An enemy to America.  A hater OF America.  A human-hating, war-mongering, colonial, imperialist, Communist, Muslim hybrid.  When he was elected, the Liberal blacks in NYC had posters that claimed; “The dream, realized.”  The dream is a nitemare for the WHOLE of America. In fact, a minority in charge has been a disaster.  Black liberals are too busy screaming “THATS RACIST” to anyone that opposes their Messiah, Obama.  Clearly proving that THEIR majority knows NOTHING about American politics.  They elected in this PSYCHO because they WORSHIPED his skin color, not his politics & certainly NOT his character.  Obama will turn on liberal black people. He already has.  Paybacks a bitch.


Americans worship the skin of the JayZ’s, The Beyonce’s, the Rhianna’s.  Not for their music, because their ‘music’ is vomitous.  It’s not even music.  Not anything like the sounds of the 30’s-80’s which black Americans blessed the public with.

MLK’s Nitemare. America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

….And, I pray that more people realize this.  That God will be with the black conservatives in their fight against the drek among them. That God would help the fighters against rabid black racism against white people.  That God would give me and my husband strength to fight nasty, ugly-spirited, anti-freedom, God-hating, Liberal-Communist Jews who help enable the WORST in the black community: