‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.

‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.


Anybody that actually thinks that Obama/Jarrett are Zionist ought to have their heads examined.  They’re Communists, NOT Zionists. At any rate, it is mostly Christians who like Israel and give her moral support..

Look at what the Zionists are doing now…Funding Iran to blow up Israel (sarc) This is Valerie Jarrett’s baby.. Many people are so happy that America is now buddy-buddy with Iran.  Where are the Libertarians against foreign aid?  Crickets. Chirping.  It was always just Jew-hatred, nothing more.  While I am none too fond of the Israeli government, I certainly would not give their arch enemy 20 billion dollars.  What can we expect from Obama, though?  Just more treachery, throwing allies under the bus and shaking hands with Commie terrorists, attending funerals of genocidal, black South Africans.

SO, how is this plan working for you ‘Jews’ that voted for this piece of rotten sh*t?  You’re just doing what you did during the 1940’s: Throwing your brethren under the bus. Predictable.


Meanwhile…we are broke at home, bankrupt, in debt and our healthcare is cut off next year.