Now That Bundy Used The “N” Word, The FASCIST Feds Can Drone & Bomb Him & You Who Turned On Him Will Be 100% Responsible

Now That Bundy Used The “N” Word, The Feds Can Drone & Bomb Him & You Who Turned On Him Will Be 100% Responsible

Yes, you will.  This is what Bundy really said:  Unedited Video Shows Bundy Making Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican Comments

The unwritten ‘law’ of the radical, left-wing is the law of the land.  And, you who have abandoned Bundy because you did not research the truth are responsible if this man is murdered by Obama and Company.  The N word is King in America.  You say that and you are finished.  Never mind that black males beat, rape and rob white people daily: YOU WORSHIP BLACKS AND THE N WORD.  You revere the left-wing and bow to them.  Yes you do.  You worry about what they believe and think.  You trip over yourselves to make sure you don’t say the wrong thing so that the left won’t harm you.  That is pussy.

Last night, I saw one commentator after the next turn on Bundy.  And, that is what Americans are now: TURNCOATS AND COWARDS.  You disgust me.  What the hell is a word! What the hell is an opinion!  Our country is supposed to be a place where we are allowed opinions & expression.  And, every time you bow to the left, you just give up your soul.

When the FEDS come for you, I won’t care.  In fact, I’ll cheer them on.  I’ve had it.

This is the truth of what Bundy said:

So, NEGRO is now retrograde? I guess the United Negro College Fund, the United Council of Negro Women, and a host of other such organizations just haven’t gotten the memo.