Vaccine Related? 46 Yr Old N.P.R. Editor DEAD From “Blood Clots”

Vaccine Related? 46 Yr Old N.P.R. Editor DEAD From “Blood Clots”

There is enough information out there that people should be researching on this killer vax. We warned all of these silly a$$es about this shot. They didn’t listen. We’re all just ‘conspiracy theorists’.

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* VAERS (USA) Latest Numbers:

DEATHS: 17,128 (as of October 15, 2021)
ADVERSE REACTIONS: 818,042 (as of October 15, 2021)

Evil Eric Holder Participated in ‘Armed’ Takeover Of Columbia University ROTC Ofc.

Will we see this on MSN? NBC? ABC? CBS? CNN, NPR, PBS?  Nope.  Probably not even Faux news will report it.

This is USSA where the news outlets keep quiet… Just like Soviets or Nazis.

Plenty of other bad news re. Eric Holder as well:

UNIVISION report connects ‘Fast & Furious’ to murders of 16 Mexican teenagers…



RYAN: ‘Holder must go’…

JAMES O’KEEFE~Project Veritas About To Expose 1.2 Trillion $ Industries Corruption, They NEED Our Help!

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Please help Mr. James O’Keefe get this information out.  Please help support the same young man who brought down NPR, ACORN, NJEA, etc. I just did, please do your part.


  Now we’re about to blow the whistle on a $1.2 trillion industry so rotten with fraud that many of those on the inside think their corrupt behavior is normal. I think you’ll disagree.

For months, footage has been pouring in from our army of citizen journalists all across the country, and what’s on these tapes will shock you. Every American should see our next report, but there’s one problem: We need your help to release it.

O’Keefe says: Can I count on your donation of at least $50 today to help take our latest investigation public before this corruption gets totally out of control?

Project Veritas, Inc.
2100 M St NW Ste 170-241
Washington, D.C

NPR’s History With The Murderous Black Panthers, They Should Have Been Cut OFF Long Ago

Go to fullsize imageMumia Abu Jamal was a Black Panther who shot a 25 year old Police officer. He continued to pump bullets into the fallen officer, while the officer was dying on the ground, he was laughing about it the whole time. NPR supported this murderer and gave him a radio program, to voice his hatred and murder. My question is, why did it take some taped sessions of the NPR undercover to cut off their funding?  This incident with this officer should have BURIED these bastards. Jamal is on death row, since the early 1980’s, WHY is he still alive? And what’s more, WHY do we have to wait until now to cut these enemies off at the root?

Mumia Abu-Jamal commentaries

In 1994, NPR arranged to air commentaries by convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal on All Things Considered, but canceled them after the Fraternal Order of Police and members of the U. S. Congress objected to the airing.

  • ACORN BUSTER-James O’Keefe Strikes Again. This Time NPR & Muslim Brotherhood! YAY!

    Well, well… What have we here.. A lot of dirt on Americans, courtesy of the NPR.  For all of you that don’t know, O’Keefe is the one who busted up ACORN.

      Thank You James O’Keefe.  The Leftist schmuck in the video below calls the Tea Party all a bunch of  radical Evangelical, white racists… Come on…please… They are all ‘gun-toting’, and scary..  OH!! They are ‘anti-intellectual’… Hmmm…

      What he really means, is that Christians and Conservatives are not BRAINWASHED anymore. Then he talks about how 90 million dollars comes from the GOVERNMENT.  Just a spit in the bucket!! What a jerk, that means from US, WE THE PEOPLE.  Bite the hand that feeds it….?? As USUAL!!  And here is the deal…They don’t want federal funding anymore- Well HALLELUYAH!!  CUT THEM OFF! 

    Listen to this, its just too good to be true! LOL  Oh, and those PESKY “Zionists”!  ROFL…….

      HAHAH, I told you that the INCOGMAN is just like these LEFT WINGERS. I told you all hundreds of times, they are ALL in this TOGETHER. For one thing; To Kill Christian “Zionists” and right-minded JEWS. If the Jew is a leftist that is an “Israel hater” like Noam Chomsky-THATS OK…GO FIGURE!!!  These leftists and neo-Nazis are of the same cloth=MURDERERS.    Just an FYI; Americans that support the PEOPLE of Israel, do not necessarily consider themselves “Zionists”. “Zion” to a Christian means Jesus being the cornerstone, spiritually and physically.  So, not too many Christians are going to inwardly hate the PEOPLE of Israel. Sorry Jew haters, thats the way it is.


      …..And there is more!!….They are looking for a ‘fair point of view’ from the EVIL Pro-Israel people, but they LOVE being Pro-FAKEstinian…of course they do!  Whatever. Whatever Whatever.. Heres the deal: Christians that are real, and Jews that are not braindead will follow the Bible and bless the PEOPLE of Israel, not the GOVERNMENT….  OH! And also, they are SO happy they fired the ‘BIGOT’, Juan Williams.. I didnt like Juan either, he’s a leftist, but a bigot? LOL  What a RIOT!  Donna found this video, for you to enjoy, while these EVIL slimes come crashing to the GROUND.

    Marxists and Neo-NAZIs=THE SAME.  You FAKE “Right Wingers” that don’t agree with Christians that bless Israel are WITH the leftists. Sorry, its the truth. 


    Good OR Evil? 

    The left wing is SATANIC. Period. WAKE THE HELL UP. Did you ever stop to wonder if YOU have been infiltrated, White Nationalists, & White Supremists? Well, you have been.


    The Commies/NPR Under Soros Fire Juan Williams.. For a Muslim Comment? I DONT THINK SO

    Go to fullsize imageWhat a sad day… Williams was not totally sold on the radical leftist cause, and has been sounding more and more ‘centrist’… The reason Williams got fired is because he is no longer useful to the Bolshevik/Communist cause.  I feel bad. I do.  I don’t know WHY I feel badly for him- he has spent most of his life trampling America down, but I feel bad.  Imagine being with a radical movement and you start to see some light, and truth.. Then your ‘comrades’ throw you under the bus for a BOGUS comment.  We will see more and more useful idiots get fired or disappear.. In Bolshevik Russia, they were called dissidents:

    A dissident: broadly defined, is a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution. When dissidents unite for a common cause they often effect a dissident movement.

    USEFUL IDIOT: In political jargon, the term useful idiot (Russian: полезный идиот; polyezniy idiot) was allegedly used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them — however in 1987, Grant Harris, senior reference librarian at the Library of Congress, said “We have not been able to identify this phrase [useful idiots of the West] among [Lenin’s] published works.”[1] [2]

    People: You are watching your republic slip away.  This firing should be sending shock-waves, but people are fixated on his “Muslim” comment.


    They fired him because he is NO LONGER USEFUL.

    Soros Recent Contributions 2 Media Matters Prove ME right, Soros ALSO BUYS NPR REPORTERS

    View ImageMedia Matters: Below-Youtube that I did in Jan 2010. MMFA is the left wing head of the snake, just as I stated.  Contrary to what Beck believes…Soros, (The Jewish Nazi..I know..oxymoron) is in to ‘sweep the lick’, because he sees that turning America into a Commie shit hole is now HERE.  -IF Beck is right, which I hope, then Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition.. ..

       But why would Soros throw, not only 1 million at MMFA, but also buy 100 reporters from NPR , contributing to NPR, 1.8 Million as well (see the link below)  ~OR are they panicking because of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE issue that I talk about in this video?? This is interesting… But, Beck..Why hold back on the B.C. issue?  Why not just push the envelope and open this can of worms, just what do we have to lose?  It is our nation that is being held hostage by a usurper…and you KNOW this, Beck.


    George Soros Buys 100 NPR ‘Reporters’