#RAYTHEON: Nuclear Missile Co. Segregates Employees, & Teaches Critical Race Theory

Raytheon: Nuclear Missile Co. Segregates Employees, & Teaches Critical Race Theory:

These idiots teach that ‘whiteness is of the devil’. Now, they push this absolute garbage on a nuke missile plant:

Click to read his synopsis of what is transpiring:

The program segregates employees by race and identity group: Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, LGBTQ, and other intersectional categories. 

According to the documents, Raytheon’s white, straight, Christian employees are asked to deconstruct their identities as being on top of the oppression hierarchy and “step aside” for minorities. Employees are told to “identify everyone’s race” during workplace conversations, with whites ordered to “listen to the experiences” of “marginalized” identity groups and defer to them in meetings or calls “even if it means silencing yourself.”

READY TO STRIKE: #Russia Fires Missiles In Black Sea & #China Moved Nuke Force To “Launch On Warning”

READY TO STRIKE: #Russia Fires Missiles In Black Sea. #China Moved Nuke Force To “Launch On Warning”

Our Govt and NATO are the ones that have ‘awoken’ a bear and a dragon. That will suck for America being only an eagle – And, a sick eagle at that with an old bastard suffering dementia leading the band wagon with his army of gay happy jerk off’s and a former President from Kenya rooting it all on. The Russians are ‘in it’ to protect their nation & land. What nation does America have? A country with ugly feminists, emasculated girly-boys, rotten children, baby murderers and soldiers walking around in pumps and bra’s.

READY TO STRIKE Russia fires cruise missiles in Black Sea & moves dozens of fighter jets to border as Putin ‘strangles’ Ukraine 


Hat tips: https://www.stevequayle.com/ via Mr and Mrs Brown.

Enjoy the hell coming.

You REALLY think they won’t hit our land?

Are you stupid?!

WAR COMING? #RUSSIA & #ukraine Testing “Blast Doors” & Bomb Shelters. USA Has NEITHER

WAR COMING? #RUSSIA & #ukraine Testing “Blast Doors” & Bomb Shelters. USA Has NEITHER.

WTG USA! Joe-Bama is starting a war in Ukraine against Russia and here at home, we have NO ‘bomb blast’ doors or bomb shelters. Democrats are a REAL Blast!

Some speculate that USA may just start this insanity if Alexei Nalvany is harmed: White House warns Russia will face consequences if Alexei Nalvany is harmed …. Imagine that? Nalvany is a Russian Conservative. So, harm any ol’ Conservative here in the states, OK. Harm a Conservative Russian and they’ll start a war. Sick, psychopathic, pathetic, satanic, demented, anti American Leftists.


Cities in Ukraine and in Russia have begun testing the NUCLEAR BLAST DOORS installed in their public subway systems which are some (not all) of the BOMB SHELTERS for their population.  The USA, has NONE.

The rest: Read over at Hal Turner’s & watch the video. He is one of the only ones really keeping up with what is happening in this mess that the US GOVT started in Ukraine

As this is going on: foreign, political analyst, Mike Averko says:

(PDF) Michael Averko: Consistency and Reality Lacking on Crimea | Andreas Umland – Academia.edu
Poster Parody of Civil Defense Notice | Unknown, Parody of U. S. Department  of Defense | First Printing

USA: Stop War Mongering W/ Russia OR Gruver & Duduman Prophecies WILL Come To Pass:

USA Stop War Mongering W/ Russia OR Gruver’s & Duduman’s Prophecies WILL Come To Pass:

Both Henry Gruver and Dimitru Duduman (Christian Prophets) had prophetic visions or words from God Almighty about America’s land coming under a bomb/nuclear attack at the hands of Russia and China.

Here’s a word for those of you who are quick to call prophetic people, ‘false prophets’ when something does not happen in the time YOU think it can/will happen. It is Gods will that destruction NOT happen and that people repent and change their way. It is a GOOD thing when destructive prophecies are put off or a people repent. Read Jonah!

However, I really fear that if the evil Joe-Bama regime does not stop with this war mongering stupidity against Russia, we could be nuked on our own soil. And, not just by Russia but China also and an array of other countries. God will not be ‘with’ a nation that is vile, either. He will NOT protect us: We have completely walked away from God, corporately speaking.


Dumitru’s prophecy of America begins at 55:40 :



New Vid Of #Ukraine NAZI Flag In Battle Vs Russia. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine:

New Vid Of #Ukraine Battlefront W/ Nazi Flag. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine

The Communist Democrat party wants this battle and war against Russia. Period. Their allies are NAZI’S. We are the ones telling them to GET OUT of this mess.

> Hal Turner is covering the Russia vs Joe-Bama-Ukraine situation: U.S. and NATO Backing Literal NAZIS :This will be both a kinetic and cyber battlefield that will have a global reach

Democrat, Don Lemon said that he would ‘never be on the side of the Nazis’.


I covered the Ukraine Nazi FUBAR for many years: Click to go through the posts.

Ukraine and (Poland also) have serious Nazi issues and that has been documented for years: BBC, Stadiums of hate.

Hat tip: https://www.stevequayle.com/

Nicolas Boddiford: Vision Of War, Nukes, Missiles. Repent Apostate America.

Nicolas Boddiford: Vision Of War, Nukes, Missiles. Repent Apostate America.

This is my brother in the Lord.  He is very shaken up by this vision and what God has shown him.  He reminds me of Jeremiah the Prophet.  

He speaks in sadness and sincerity about:

  • Judgment
  • Missiles
  • Nukes
  • Apostates
  • Repentance
  • Get out of the stock market
  • and More

Ive turned off commenting. If you wish to talk to Nic, go to his YT channel.



Nukes, Bombs: DEM #Hillary, 2008 “I Want The Iranians To Know, We Will Attack Iran”…..

We here are ANTI War.  Please understand this.  We believe America is depleted of funds, broke, broken, immoral, violent and more.  There are NO MORE EXCUSES to attack whole countries.  We have problems HERE:  >Far Left Communists.

[Hillary said that she would ‘attack Iran if they try to ‘get a nuke’ and attack Israel.] Same as Trump. SAME.

Democrats, you can’t have it BOTH ways.  You admonish this Prez without rebuking your own who run for Prez or who become Pres like Obama who dropped 26K bombs in 2016 alone:   ‘America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to the Obama regime:’  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/09/america-dropped-26171-bombs-2016-obama-legacy

Dem hypocrisy is breathtaking.  I cant stand it:


As John McCain Is Pushing To Start WW3 In Ukraine, Who Is Taking Care Of Arizona?

As John McCain Is Pushing To Start WW3 In Ukraine, Who Is Taking Care Of Arizona

John McCain wants to make Nuke explosions the future of the world.


Why doesn’t this idiot move to Ukraine?  He does ZERO in Arizona. Only undermine.  This crotchity, old, hornet is AOK with our borders wide open, yet NOT OK with Russia on the border of Ukraine.   This piece of old stench is OK with far, far, far, rightists in charge of Ukraine.. But, can’t stand moderates like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.  You tell ME this jackass isn’t slippin from reality and into comatose land.   He must be senile.  Either that, or just getting sloppy in old age. 

The wack job just sent out this email: 

RNC Sends Out Fundraising Email From America’s Least Popular Senator

McCain does not believe he is the ‘least popular’.  The crazy is in denial.  He says that poll is ‘bogus.’  READ IT!!

McCain is supposed to be a Senator for ARIZONA.  Not a regime changer for Ukraine and Syria.

Look at the places this creep has screwed up:  Map: All the Countries John McCain Has attacked … – Mother Jones (Who I hate, but they’re right about this)

BTW: Ever wonder how much of your city or town 
can be wiped out by a nuclear explosion? 
Well wonder no more. 
A man by the name of Alex Wellerstein made this nifty little 
thing that lets you choose from a list of know nuclear bombs and will 
simulate the destructive force of it via blast radius in your city or 


Putin-“America & UK: Stop Helping Al Qaeda In Syria Who Cannibalize Victims” STOP OBAMA’S IMPERIALISM

Putin-“America & UK: Stop Helping Al Qaeda In Syria Who Cannibalize Victims” STOP OBAMA’S IMPERIALISM

Obama & McCain must be stopped.  

The world is going mad just as the LORD God said it would. The end time/end age scenario is falling into place and no one can stop it.  Repent and turn to God.  Do what you can to stop Obama’s WW3.  This time, we get bombed. Our men will be vaporized.  There WILL be mass death.  Syria is the 21st century Sarajevo moment.  

Jeremiah 25:15

 For thus saith the LORD God of Israel unto me; Take the wine cup of this fury at my hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I send thee, to drink it. 16 And they shall drink, and be moved, and be mad, because of the sword that I will send among them.

Hat Tip:Catholic Glasses 

#BillOReilly? Hello Dummy!! PARTISAN #Commie Obama Purges 17 A.F. Officers Who Control Nuke Missiles

#BillO’Reilly? Hello Dummy, Partisan Obama purges 17 Air Force officers who control nuke missiles

Is this what YOUR ‘prez’ promised to Russia, O’Reilly? It’s amazing that YOU think patriots are ‘partisan’.  Bill, your name should be dumbshit.   Why do I pick on Bill so much?  Maybe b/c the GASBAG has 15 mil listeners every night.  So many of them a bunch of radicals that demand his bowing to the usurper filth.  I used to think this jackass was a tough guy.  I was SO wrong.  He is a weakass wimp.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Air Force stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control

Click: Obama purges 17 Air Force officers who control nuke missiles

I am right about this idiot. Harvard did ZERO for this jerk-off.