There is no way to ‘prepare’ for a nuclear bomb. You’re dead.

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There really is no survival if you are nuked.

N.Y. Nurse Testifies: ‘Patients Not Dying Of Covid But Of Medical Malfeasance & Malpractice’

N.Y. Nurse Testifies: Patients Not Dying Of Covid But Of Medical Malfeasance & Malpractice

What is Medical Malpractice? » Residence Style

I do not know where the rest of this video was uploaded, who the uploader is/was or exactly where this took place. That’s the problem many times but I don’t blame the ‘uploaders’. I blame the media for never reporting the truth. The media is supposed to be the professional.

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

By David Ben Moshe:

Beating up and mugging this Asian model, was it because she held slaves 175 years ago in America?

Is The NY Senate Passing A Covid Concentration Camp “Bill”?

Is The NY Senate Passing A Covid Concentration Camp “Bill”?

**I do not know if this has passed but it certainly IS in the works…

BUT: This is what Leftists do when ya give em power. My suggestion is for NYers to get the hell out of NY. Who knows what else the Communist radicals have up their sleeve.

Hat tip: SICK: New York Senate Passes Law to DETAIN “Contagious” People?

1st The COMMUNISTS Came For Robert E. Lee. Now, It’s The Maj Gen Schuyler Statue In Albany, NY

1st The COMMUNISTS Came For Robert E. Lee. Now, It’s The Maj Gen Schuyler Statue In Albany, NY

They will not stop until they are stopped and obliterated.  Understand? Totalitarians do not stop.  They just keep going until half of the population is murdered.  Statue removal is an outward sign that a totalitarian makes to the traditionalists.  It says ‘We are in charge now”.   It’s not about R E Lee or Schuyler.  It’s about cultural genocide:   Cultural genocide involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate.

The Communists do not give a damn about who owned slaves or who didn’t own slaves as this is the argument these Left wing idiots are making.  With Communists, its only about Communism.  

For the record, the Communist Democrat party:

  • Keeps their minorities and blacks in the projects.   (Slave owners kept their slaves in small quarters)
  • Ration their food with EBT; Food stamps.   (The slave masters rationed food: Pork rinds and popcorn)
  • Keeps their minorities and blacks uneducated by dumbing down the curriculum.    (Slave masters kept their slaves completely uneducated)

Philip Schuyler began his military service during the French and Indian War as a captain and was later promoted to major. He partook in the battles of Lake George, Oswego River, Ticonderoga, and Fort Frontenac.  After his first stretch in the military, Schuyler ventured into politics. He began his tenure as a New York State Assemblyman in 1768 and served until 1775 when he was selected as a delegate to the second Continental Congress in May of that year. On June 19, 1775, he was commissioned as one of only four major generals in the Continental Army.

More:   At Battlefields

The story on this Communist lunacy: Albany.Gov

Latino & Dominican Gangs (Not White “Racists”) Turn On Black #Rioters In ChiTown, Lootersville & NY.

Latino & Dominican Gangs Turn On Blacks In ChiTown & NY.

Pew Pew Gun GIF by Won't You Be My Neighbor

All you white ‘racists’ must have plotted this! 

Well, its a sunny day up here, 100 miles from the border of Utah in no man’s land.  The birds are singing, the trees have a nice breeze running thru their leaves and Dave and I had a nice Egg Sandwich at the country pie place up here in the boondocks.  Far away from the Left wing city of Phoenix where the radical slimes are going to cut 180 mil USD from the Phoenix Police force..  

But, its not such a sunny day in Lootersville, Chicago: Latino Gangs in ChiTown come to the aid of the cops.  Black radicals are pissed about this on Worldstar hip hop

In the Communist Progressive shitty, once called the “Big Apple”…it’s not too wonderful either the last few days because the Dominicans are turning on the black rioters who they thought were going to loot.  Unfortunately, the bad blacks are bringing shame to the whole race and even tho they were not ‘looting’, the Dominicans just cant trust them anymore. It’s kinda like how Left wing looney-toon “Jews” make all Jews look like unhinged jackasses.

“Rip These F**ks Heads Off” -Dominican Goes OFF & Thanks The Latin Kings In Chicago! “Dominicans, Ricans, This Is How You Do It”

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Saner heads like Candace Owens prevail.

In Rochester, this store owner just can’t take any more of the bs.. Starts shooting at the rioters.  


NAZI HOUSE Will Try To Pass Bill Today Requiring Expansion Of Background Checks For Guns

HOUSE Will Try To Pass Bill Today Requiring Expansion Of Background Checks For Guns

Just picture this scenario, Liberal gasbags….

A serial, right-wing fascist gets in charge of the USA and is requiring ya’ all to pass background checks for guns.  (We have not ever had a right-wing fascist, BTW)  Admit that you would be going insane.   How is this ANY different?  Obama is a Communist, control freak and even his own lapdog media has said so:  NYT reporter calls Obama’s White House most ‘control-freak’ administration ever. …

So, it is OK for Obama to be a control freak and a Communist who wants gun-control but not OK for a right-wing fascist to do the same.  What have I always said?  Liberals are friggin nutz…

Treacheurous house up to no good….AGAIN:   Representatives Peter King (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) have drafted an amendment to an appropriations bill that would expand the background check system for gun purchases! 

Peter King the Commie is leading the charge.. He looks like Heatmiser, btw:

An art collage from January 2014