SOHO, NYC Leftists Are Angry W/ The Violent Crimes.. They’re Reaping What They’ve Sewn. They Called Us “Racists”, So, Let The Good Crimes Roll:

SOHO, NYC Leftists Are Angry W/ The Violent Crimes.. They’re Reaping What They’ve Sewn. They Called Us “Racists”, So, Let The Good Crimes Roll:

Islamic Danger to Americans: January 2009

The Leftists in Manhattan had my husband’s TV show kicked off of NY Public access Television on cable in 2007. His show talked almost exclusively about violent crimes in NYC. The Commies called my husband’s show: “Must Hate TV”… Now, the Leftists are crying in Manhattan? BOO HOO. Ya reap what ya sow, suckers! Dummies! RACISTS! Fat bigots! HATERS!

Check it out: At the NY Post

In the 1st Precinct, which covers Soho, crime has soared 52.6 percent over the last 28 days compared to last year, and year to date, it’s up 48.4 percent, NYPD data show. 


STFN Says: ‘NYC DROWNS IN ITS OWN SH’T & That’s What They Get For Turning USA Into A Sh’thole”

STFN Says: ‘NYC DROWNS IN ITS OWN SH’T & That’s What They Get For Turning USA Into A Sh’thole”

Very calmly, STFNews is celebrating NYC flooding in its own sh’t. He says that ‘the Communists of NYC are having to suck up what they have brought upon all of us’. He says that NYC is the most evil city ever. He says: ‘The Libtards will die in the millions in NYC”. (I think he is either really angry or very happy)


Never Seen Before: Biblical Flood Hits NYC & NJ

I’m from NY myself & have never seen such flooding. My God….turn to the Lord, east coast.

I don’t agree with this site I’m linking on a few issues but he has the news on this:

Brave #OrthodoxJews Burning Masks In NYC Protesting NY Commie Govt

Brave #OrthodoxJews Burning Masks In NYC Protesting Commie Govt There:

Good for them. burn, baby burn. 🙂

We’re with ya! 100000%.

NYC Is A Nightly War Zone: Thx Dems!

NYC Is A Nightly War Zone

The Rotten Apple NYC - New York - Tote Bag | TeePublic UK


Lawlessness reigns supreme in the big, rotten apple.  Of course it does, though…Stupid Democrats want the Police Department cut off…so, its deserved.  I feel bad for people left behind in this SNAFU but this is what happens when Democrat Communists don’t ‘get their way’.  They hate Trump–who is a moderate, so they want to ‘drive the ‘regime” out of power with terroristic tactics and intimidation upon people in NYC (smh) who probably didn’t even vote Trump:


Blacks For George Floyd Protected A Target Store From #AntifaTerrorists In Brooklyn:

Blacks For Floyd Protected A Target Store From #AntifaTerrorists In Brooklyn

As the Commie pieces of garbage were burning down stores all over the cities, these blacks in Brooklyn formed a human chain trying to protect their neighborhood Target, (which is a Commie, leftist chain) from the Leftist Anarchist terrorists:

The heroic incident came as Target announced the temporary closure of 175 of its locations, 12 of which were in New York, as cities across the nation succumbed to violence and chaos,  via Activist Mommy 

OY VEY! Leftist Jews Want Orthodox & Black Racists To Kiss…

First off, I am for SELF DEFENSE for all people.  

Image result for shaking my head"


I say, give the Orthodox  in the Crown Heights area 2-4 months to learn Self Defense, (aka GUNS, weapons, etc)  with some paid P.D. protection in NYC, namely Crown Heights..  Then, let them travel in packs only, fully armed like any NORMAL American living in a savage, violent city.

*But, Left-leaning Jewish groups against tax payer Police protection are against a new measure to protect Brooklyn Jews in the Crown Heights area because it will “further divide” ‘communities instead of work to bring them together’…(Insert whiney voice)

These same aforementioned  idiot Yids are against guns.  The same group of moronic creeps are for not even mentioning RACE (unless its a white male) when others are attacked by racist, black, savages.  These moonbats are advancing the ‘colored people’ as they hate all over whites and expect religious Jews to just ‘take it’ and kiss the ass of these animals.

You know what?  Im sick of this shit.
Jews! Go get your f’cking guns and shoot the savages when they approach.  You cant ‘talk’ to these racist, black sonofabitches.  They live like animals.  

Animals have 3 rules: Violence, sex and food.

Get your shit together for cryinoutloud.  DEFEND YOURSELF!! This is setting a BAD example.  If you don’t fight back, you are opening the door to savages to attack everywhere as Mel is saying:  Beatings Of Orthodox Jews Must Be Ended

If The Jew Killers Were White Supremacists..

If The Jew Killers Were White Supremacists..



  1. He/She/They would not be ‘mentally ill’. 
  2. He would be inherently evil.
  3. He/she/they would be front page news with Marxist reporters rambling on and on about how ‘white males are evil‘.
  4. We would hear never-ending rants about gun-control and hashtags on twitter demanding to take all of Americans arms to DEFEND ourselves against attacks such as these.
  5. The SPLC would be all over every white supremacist group in the country, investigating.  I GUARANTEE they are NOT doing the same thing with the Black Nazi filth  in NYC.
  6. They would claim there are white “Nazis everywhere” & release supposed white supremacist propaganda.
  7. If it was a white killer, he would NOT be let out of jail!!! They let a FEW of these attackers just ‘go’! SEE for yourself!!! 
  8. Twitter would shut down & ban any person expressing any type dissent against the Left saying:  “These are white nazis”.
  9. Ditto Facebook.

I could go on…you follow my drift..

For years on this blog and my other blog, I posted endlessly about black on white crimes. Because they were CRIMES being perp’d by one racial group against another, but it wasnt the RIGHT COLOR!! BS!!   I was scorned by many Jewish people for doing so.  The world has moved on since the 1960’s.  There are no Jim Crow laws anymore.  Black people get great jobs in this nation, are in numerous modeling mags, sports, TV, movies, music, art, one of them became the Pres for cryin’out loud, another Secretary of State and (Rice) and (Powell) as well, (Clarence Thomas), SCOTUS…ETC.  

The Lefto-Communists love to live in the 1960’s when whites were supposedly ‘evil’.  They want to live forever with the modus operandi; ‘white people are inherently evil‘.  Leftists are full of shit.  Whites have been beaten, robbed, raped and murdered by black people for decades now.  It should not have to take a string of Jew hating attacks for this to start getting national coverage.

The Left just CANNOT have equality in crime.

NEVER, EVER mention that the killer is BLACK!!!!……..



The new face of anti-Semitism is black;’


Bullshit.  Blacks have been doing this to Jews in NYC for decades.  #YankelRosenbaum   (Look it up.)   #RabbiMarvAntleman, Massachusetts. (Look his book up and read it!!)

May God avenge the recent murders.