Pfizer Filed SEC Form 25, Delisting from Stock Exchanges:

Pfizer Filed SEC Form 25, Delisting from Stock Exchanges:

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Looks like killer Pfizer has delisted from the NYSE. See the SEC report: Sec.Gov

See this news: Pfizer Filed SEC Form 25, Delisting from Stock Exchanges


The news certainly wont tell you the truth about the planned FUBAR.   Trump isnt telling the truth, either.  Our world has been DESTROYED.   Courtesy of the DEMOCRAT Party with their fascistic, bully mentality… add our ‘precious’ (puke) GOP governors who went right along with the unConstitutional lockdown.


Interesting That @JeffBezos Sold 1.8 Bil In AMZN Stock Before -1190 DOW FIASCO

Interesting That @JeffBezos Sold 1.8 Bil In AMA Stock Before -1190 DOW FIASCO

Maybe the SEC should look into this?  Maybe the Deepstate and Bezos are tanking the market on purpose?  Nothing else has ‘stuck’ to Teflon Don..Maybe Bezos is a tad upset with Trump over a defense contract?


In a shocking revelation on Monday, CNBC reported that Amazon wants to depose President Donald Trump to determine whether he personally played a role in ensuring Microsoft, and not Amazon, was awarded a $10 billion government contract for cloud services to be provided to the Pentagon as part of what has become known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI).

Right after the stock surge in late Jan, early Feb, Bezos sold $1.8 Billion of Amazon Stock in Two Days After Surge CLICK here

So, is this a personal vendetta….OR, is the deepstate involved with Bezos and planned on the stock dump this week?  How many other players are involved?  Another question is why have so many CEO’s ‘resigned?’   Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and Keith Block, co-CEO of Salesforce, stepped down from their roles on Feb. 25, 2020.  How much did they take off with? Click here to see… 

Inquiring minds wanna know.
Was this DOW dump manufactured?

Chinese Companies Pull Out Of US Stock Markets. Russian Submarine In Gulf Of Mexico For Weeks

Don’t worry…Nothing is wrong.  Just go on about your day.  Our ‘best days are ahead.’


A Chinese man walks past a TV advertising screen by Focus Media Holding Ltd. on display near an apartment lift in Beijing Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012. Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges. This week, Focus Media Holding Ltd., announced its chairman and private equity firms want to buy back its U.S.-traded shares and take the Shanghai-based advertising company private. The deal would value Focus Media at $3.5 billion, according to financial information firm Dealogic.
Don’t worry about the Russian submarine in the gulf of Mexico, either: