NYT Writer Wants To “Get Rid Of God”. (America ALREADY Has Kicked God To The Curb.) ENJOY Your Leftist Waste-places!

NYT Writer Wants To “Get Rid Of God”. (America ALREADY Has Kicked God To The Curb.) ENJOY Your Waste-places, You Lunatic Leftist Reprobates

Quoted below is a dude whose name is “Shalom”. Unbelievable, huh? A Jewish person who wants to ‘Get rid of God’. Well, Schlemiel…. It isn’t GOD who keeps beating Jews in Crown Heights. It isn’t GOD who shot up humans at the Subway station in NYC last week. It isn’t GOD who is teaching children how to be little sex-deviants. It isn’t GOD who makes the bums dump in the streets of NYC. It isn’t GOD who makes the drug abusers kill themselves. It isn’t GOD who makes people prostitute their bodies. ETC!

I could go on and on with this lunatic – but evidently, he does not see the destruction all around him.

* Titled “In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God,” the article claims that God is responsible for “war and violence” and for “oppression and suffering,” and suggests that people stop teaching children about Him.

Enjoy your RATS in NYC, Schlemiel. ALSO NOT GOD’S FAULT!




In 2015, New York Times Calls Ukraine’s “AZOV Regiment” Openly Nazi; Today NYT Calls Same Regiment “Far Right”

In 2015, New York Times Calls Ukraine’s “AZOV Regiment” Openly Nazi; Today NYT Calls Same Regiment “Far Right”

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Nazi’s are really not ‘far right’. They’re just Nazi. That being said.. Yesterday’s murderous Nazis are today’s ‘far right’ according to the NYT:

Read more here: Hal Turner.

NYT “Journalist”, RACHEL COHEN…Is A Fascist But Also Jewish? HOW Can This Be?!

NYT “Journalist”, RACHEL COHEN…Is A Fascist But Also Jewish? HOW CAN THIS BE?

Ms. Cohen states in this op-ed

Nearly 70 percent of states ordered bans on utility shut-offs, and more than half did so for evictions. Mayors authorized car-free streets to make cities safer for pedestrians, and the federal government nearly tripled the average unemployment benefit. Within weeks, states eliminated extortionist medical co-pays for prisoners and scrapped bail. New Jersey passed a bill that released more than 2,200 incarcerated people all at once.

The pandemic has been a long nightmare, but those were progressive pipe dreams turned reality. The arrival of the coronavirus, along with the wide-scale economic shutdowns to slow its spread, forced American policymakers to admit that a new world wasn’t just possible — it was necessary.

Joel Pollack, also a Jew (but moderate to Conservative) shames Cohen on Breitbart: The New York Times has published an op-ed that argues that while the coronavirus pandemic was a “nightmare,” it is to be celebrated because it “made the radical possible,” enabling radical policies that had once merely been “pipe dreams.”

The op-ed, by Rachel Cohen, argues that what began as emergency responses should provide a foundation for future change.

3 Surefire Ways to Write Terrible Content - Business 2 ...

According to Rachel Cohen, the fascist policies that were enforced against Americans during the Covid plandemic should happen all the time. These are totalitarian policies that put American people out of work. Citizens lost homes, they lost cars, they lost life savings. Many are homeless and in the streets. They are on foodlines now. Yet, Cohen glories in this ‘progressive’ (Communist) pipe dream that she was just chomping at the bit to take place.

How can this be? Why are there so many “Liberal” Jewish fascists in the media? These same “Jews” hate white people, specifically white males, they abhor Christians, patriotism, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It seems many of them would rather American people be 100% reliant on this insane government. I find this interesting since Jewish people alive during the time of the 3rd Reich were completely reliant on the German Nazi regime. This is the same type of regime that these “Liberal” Jews would LOVE to see Americans under.

There really is not a huge difference in Nazi’ism and Communism. Both are totalitarian and fascistic–where the government has ALL the power and the people are subjects of tyrants & millions die.

Like any Christian that comes under scrutiny when they are in the wrong, so should a Jewish person come under the same type scrutiny when we are incorrect. This shocking behavior Cohen embraces should be stopped. It is anti Americanism in it’s purest form.

#NYT Hasn’t Covered #Swalwell & The Chinese Tramp Bcz He’s A DEM. Dem Reps Get Away With EVERYTHING

NYT Hasn’t Covered Stalwell & The Chinese Tramp Bcz He’s A DEM. Dem Reps Get Away With EVERYTHING

The story about Eric Stalwell and the Chinese spy and tramp actually happened in 2015. But, do you notice that Stalwell has not gone anywhere? He is still a Rep. If Stalwell was a Republican, he would have been gone years ago. Trent Lott was pushed out for much, much less: He made comments about Strom Thurmond’s life that the Communist Democrats did not like so they forced him out. The Communist Democrats forced AG Alberto Gonzales out after they accused him of ‘lying’–Which has never been proven.

The list of Reps who were forced into resignation in 2017 alone is mainly Republican: Kos is very proud of this list because their constituents hunt down the Republicans and allow the Democrats to do anything.

Communist Democrats will demand a Rep’s resignation over some words but a Rep like Nancy Pelosi, who embarrassed the whole nation in front of the world by tearing up Prez Trump’s state of the union speech —–that gets a pass. Trent Lott’s words to Strom Thurmond is ‘evil’… But, never mind that Pelosi has made $100 million dollars being a Congresswoman…..How DOES she make $100 million??? She’s a Democrat. NO need to investigate this…. But that is all that happens in any event to a Dem: Investigation with yelling and nothing else.


You won’t see Eric Holder on that Daily KOS list above, even though he was held in contempt of congress. You won’t see Susan Rice on it even though she lied under oath regarding the Benghazi fiasco. You won’t see any high ranking Democrat AG’s on that list because they get a pass just like Stalwell has.

The Democrats wanted GWB impeached for the Iraq war. I can understand that but they didn’t seem to care that Obama dropped 26,000 Bombs in 2016 alone …. It only matters when a Republican drops bombs even if all congress voted to do so. Obama dropped bombs and hid his crimes with NO votes from congress. But, he’s a Democrat. He got a pass. NO calls for impeachment. It’s a Democrat thang.

NOW: The Communist Democrat party want Trump arrested…For what? Because he wanted to grab some woman “by the pu$$y?” in a private conversation? Bill Clinton was getting BJ’s in the Oval office but that does not matter because he is a Democrat. The Communist Democrat party is angry that in the 90’s, Trump was seen with Epstein… But, it does not seem to matter that Bill Clinton WENT to Epstein’s island close to 20x. Again: He’s a Democrat…

SO-People are asking why the NYT has not covered Stalwell sleeping with the Chinese Tramp. They know why but they don’t say it and that’s why I’m here…Because I don’t give a damn if the D’s call me ‘racist’ if I point out the obvious.

After Ari tweeted that out, a stupid Communist Democrat said:

According to this lying crock of crap, “JC” above, Republican people are trying to ‘overthrow’ Biden. Even though there was massive voter fraud and it is a contested election because of the voter fraud.



#NYT Dr Colleen Smith, A #Simulation ista, Specializes In Mock Medical

#NYT Dr Colleen Smith, A #Simulation ista, Specializes In Mock Medical

Is Colleen Smith really a Doctor or simply a “Simulationista?”

Here is my video.  In the video I LINK is a breakdown:

NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability

NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability


Obama has killed 55 people by drone in the last 3 days in Yemen, Claims all 55 were Al Qaeda, Sure… Click here…

SO, now we are at war in Yemen as well as Ukraine & still wanting to bomb Syria… John McCain is fixing to over-throw Maldova’s government and even the NY Slimes is crying foul over Obama’s killing for a change we can believe in:  Read all about it: NY Times…


For years now, the Obama administration has been playing a self-serving and duplicitous game over its power to kill people away from any battlefield and without judicial oversight or accountability. It has trotted out successive officials and doled out tidbits of information attesting to the legality of President Obama’s claim to unilateral authority to carry out such killings, while withholding information essential to evaluating that aggressive claim of executive power.

Russia’s Putin said that Obama rules by the gun, yet Putin is the Hitlerian fascist??  When do Americans put their heads back on and realize that everything our government is doing is anti Constitutional?  You cannot be pro-Constitution and be FOR this war mongering insanity.   If Bush did this, we would never hear the end of it.  Why does Obama get away with this mass murdering of civilian people?

Obama probably wants to use drones in Nevada against the Bundy’s.

NY Times: Needs To Apologize For LYING About #Benghazi. We All Know It Was Al Qaeda

NY Times:  Needs To Apologize For LYING About #Benghazi.  We All Know It Was Al Qaeda

We all should DEMAND that the NY Times takes that post down, its a stinking LIE.

al qaeda flag benghazi courthouse
Al-Qaeda flag on the Benghazi Courthouse in late 2011, early 2012.

This report that the lying NY Times put out last night re. Benghazi has had me fuming.  I have NO doubt that the Communist Liberals are laughing their collective asses off, but this is outright treachery.  To lie like this about a terrorist attack that was perpetrated, in part by Al Qaeda.   How can they lie like this?    There are pictures all over the internet of the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi in early 2012.   

Isn’t anyone of the Democrat persuasion tired of the constant mularky?  Aren’t you embarrassed?  Democrats know the Times pulled this stunt to prop up the Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.   Their excuse is: “Well, you conservatives did not bitch about the Blackwater agents in 2003, so, why should we?”    If we ALL do not demand accountability  it will just cascade into more scandal, corruption and endless fabrications, division, lack of justice.   When in the sam hell will America stop these f*cking liars??  The whole world is laughing their ass off at AmeriKa.

A home decor collage from November 2013

Gateway Pundit says: 

Ambassador Chris Stevens warned superiors in Washington of increasing violence in Benghazi the day he was murdered. He also wrote a cable about his concerns that the Al-Qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings.

Story about the Benghazi continuous cover-up @ Dougs: 

New York Times Report Claims ‘No Evidence‘ of al-QaedaRole in Benghazi Consulate Attack


The New York Times’ Benghazi Whitewash

Hell, the slime probably wrote it because the bitch, Hitlery knows her new administration (In 2016) is AL QAEDA:

The New York Times: Hillary Clinton’s Bitch

A home decor collage from November 2013

It makes me absolutely sick that big name newspapers in America cow-tow  to these evil snakes on both sides of the political spectrum & outright LIE.  But, the NY Times hit their all time low with this Benghazi report that is the epic, political, opportunist lie of all time.   Just to cover up Obama and his probable predecessor, Hitlery Sodom Klinton for her 2016 coronation.  No justice, no truth, just Communist lies, daily.  And, then they “LOL” at us stupid sheeple for believing their bs.

Story @ Dougs: 

New York Times Report Claims ‘No Evidence‘ of al-QaedaRole in Benghazi Consulate Attack


The New York Times’ Benghazi Whitewash

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s Don’t Count

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s don’t count:


What REALLY happened in Benghazi? I know what happened and so should any person who is a news junkie.  Obama/Hillary’s Arab spring brought on Benghazi.  Killary Klinton helped assassinate Gadaffi.    Gadaffi loyalists w/ Al Qaeda  had our people murdered for interfering in their country, we aided in assassinating their leader:  Click (in this link is the story).     That’s the bottom line whether you like it or not.   It’s called natures law of cause and effect.   Add the fact that the Al Qaeda flag was flown above the Libyan flag during the revolution:   See it here 

Mr. Hoft also has some pictures, of the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi:  HERE

At any rate-You can read through the NY Times post (below), but I stop where the BS begins.  I received this news as I was watching Fox… Bottom line: According to the NYTimes, it was the ‘Youtube Video.’   Witness’s don’t count.  Only NYTimes LIES count in our screwed up America.

SEE:  Dec 28th Report: A Deadly Mix in Benghazi

I guess this means nothing:

CIA personnel who testified Tuesday on the Benghazi attack provided new evidence that it was premeditated, telling lawmakers that the deadly mortar strike on the CIA annex began within minutes of a rescue team’s arrival, Fox News has learned.

 More: CIA witnesses offer more evidence Benghazi attack planned.

Nobody can even talk to the witness’s because Obama the pathetic a$$hole fears impeachment… Dec 28th, The DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility-  DEMS runnin scared…

  This Benghazi mess is just a damned cover-up & they know WE know.    Mediate reported this bs story as well:  Here (Al Qaeda not involved, bs..) 

Why was the Al Qaeda flag hanging in Libya above the Libyan flag, then???

Blood all over Obama’s hands.  I can see lying Obama on the phone to NYT telling them to make up anything to cover up his bloody hands…


By the way, Stevens was gay.  They sent GAY Stevens to a place where they massacre gays.

Trump: “Well Written Op-Ed In NYT By Putin Made O Look Like A Schoolchild” Sick & Sad.

Trump: “Well Written Op-Ed By Putin Made BHO Look Like A Schoolchild” Sick & Sad.

It is a sad day to me when a foreign dignitary has to rebuke my country. My Grandmother would have puked.  This has made me heart-sick–But, it is what it is.  Trump believes that Putin wants to ‘take the mantle’ of the world leader.  Just remember:  This is what the Communist/Democrat has brought you:  BAD leadership.  Radical, Communist, Muslim Jihad-loving, drug-using, inept drek.

I was not a Romney fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I seriously doubt that Mitt Romney would have done to the east what Obama has done, considering he is not a Muslim. The Dems put in a foreign-usurper, Muslim over a Liberal from Massachusetts.  Real brilliant, you irresponsible jackasses… 

We get the government we deserve (as a whole)        

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