Why Doesn’t The US Press Just SHUT UP About Russia!

Why Doesn’t The US Press Just SHUT UP About Russia 

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I’m so sick and tired of the never-ending ‘blame Russia’ for everything US press.  The NY Slimes recently posted this insane drivel:  Bla bla bla, “Russian propaganda, bla bla bla

I love Russia and I love Russian people and I’m NOT ashamed of this.  I’m pro-Russia and I’m not afraid of the US Govt.


NY Slimes said this about Global CA, an anti war website:

Most of the report focuses on an ecosystem of websites, many of them fringe or conspiracy minded, that Russia has used or directed to spread propaganda on a variety of topics. Those include an online journal called the Strategic Culture Foundation and other sites, like the Canada-based Global Research. The document builds on information disclosed last week by American officials about Russian intelligence’s control of various propaganda sites.

Then, they claim about Mr. Michael Averko:

In recent weeks, the F.B.I. questioned Mr. Averko about the Strategic Culture Foundation and its ties to Russia.

And?  The FBI called me about Neo Nazi’s that used to dominate a website I frequented.  They wanted information and questioned me too:  B.F.D.

Intellectual writers such as Michael Averko and Global CA are working night and day trying to ease tensions between America and Russia, (and any other country the American government feels like bombing) by constantly having to ‘call out’ the lunatic, Russia-phobic press & the war mongering State Dept…     Funny how the Stalin-Crats praised Russia to the skies for decades, since the 1920’s – but now that Russia is healed of it’s Communism, these insane freaks are constantly meddling in countries bordering Russia like Maldova, Macedonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia and more to intimidate and bully the Russian people.  

Adding insult to injury, the Slimes claim that Global CA…

The State Department report tries to gauge the reach of the pro-Russia propaganda sites. Global Research is by far the most popular.

To which Global CA has said time and time again:

Global Research has previously denied that it is part of a pro-Russian network of websites, but did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Global CA, “Pro Russia propaganda”.   Isn’t that a laugh?  Global CA is ANTI WAR.  NY Slimes are PRO WAR.  Always.  Unless it’s a Dem starting the war and then they just place a zipper on their mouths and duct tape on their fingers from writing…  But, we ALL know inwardly, the R’s and the D’s are war-mongering lunatics who are never happy unless they are blowing up half the world.  Especially brown people.  They do LOVE to lead the war propaganda charge against the middle east, (brown people) and the South American countries, (brown people).  How they LOVE blowing those brown people up to kingdom come.

The NY Times is after Russia and have been since 2013.  Thats when the US Govt murderers foisted the President Yanukovych out of power because he was supposedly ‘pro Russia’.    John McCain could tell you all about it..but he’s in hell.

65 Best Truth about Ukraine images | Ukraine, Truth, This or that ...

Everyone is ‘pro Russia’ except the Stalin-Crats, the Trotsky-Dems, the Leninist-Libs.

I just sit here and shake my head at this complete hypocrisy.  While I admire Russia, it’s leader – President Putin, it’s arts, music and culture.  I most certainly do not rant on and on about Russia day in and day out.  Suffice it to say…if Russia got really pissed off at NYTimes and decided to drop a wet fart on their building…I wouldn’t shed a tear.

Here endeth the lesson.

NYTimes: ‘Moldova The Next Ukraine’ (I’ve Been Telling You This) US/EU To ANNEX Moldova

NYTimes: Maldova The Next Ukraine (I’ve Been Telling You This) US/EU To ANNEX Maldova

*Update, sorry I had Moldova spelled wrong

The Christian-hating NY Times is reporting that Moldova will be the next Ukraine because of Russia.  This is a LIE.  Why are they (The Moldovans) joining the EU?  So that McCain and pals can become rich off of EU gas.  Period.  End of story.  If you believe what they are pushing out of DC, its official:  You. Are. An. Idiot.

NYTimes: here is the lie (Hat tip Christoph H)


Think of Moldova as “the next Ukraine,” for Russia may be about to take a bite out of this little country, nestled beside Ukraine and Romania and often said to be the poorest country in Europe. Russia already has bullied Moldova mercilessly for trying to join the European Union, imposing sanctions such as a block on Moldova’s crucial wine exports. Russia is even threatening to cut off the natural gas on which Moldovans depend.

Russia is not ‘annexing’ anyone, EU/US/NATO is.  Map of NATO EU expansion since 1949:

I have already warned you what is happening.  Before anyone else did.   Now, they are building up the Russia hate propaganda, without any remorse.

The lies coming from the MSM have completely split the conservatives from each other.  Many conservatives are SO STUPID, they believe that Putin is trying to expand the Soviet empire and is secretly a KGB agent, even though the KGB is gone.  They still believe that Russia is the USSR and there is no Russian Federation.  According to these conservatives, Russia is not an Orthodox-Christian country but a Communist country that is also NAZI:  Yes, insanity.

People like me read the truth about Russia and are not stuck in 1985.  Bloggers like me know that Putin and Medvedev have been the best leaders that Russia has seen in a hundred years.  Because we READ and research.