AZ-No Fed Funding For Yarnell Hill Survivers Of Fire. But, Obama/Feds Give Hotel Rooms To ILLEGAL ALIENS

AZ-No Fed Funding For Yarnell Hill Victims Of Fire. But, Obama Gives PLENTY To ILLEGALS Seeking Sanctuary

I don’t know what to do. Can you imagine the agony these victims of that fire are going through? NO homes? I live not far from there.  I just don’t know what to do.  This is a case where people need help, badly.. If you can give freely, without condition, please do..

Obama, the illegal piece of crap who occupies the White house through fraud and deceit-of course, will give a ton of cash to illegals for roofs over THEIR head, but no tax dollars for poor whites (many elderly) who lived in manufactured homes and trailers. Paid their taxes, didn’t bother anyone.  Good citizens.  

It’s almost better to renounce your citizenship and become an illegal.  The fascist, black firster, illegal-loving government will not help you unless you are Trayvon.  Who does this to their people in other western countries?  Who?  Elderly people, no doubt, served their country are dissed by the SONOFABITCH, illegal, foreign usurper-Obama.

Damn… Again.. Ya can’t make this shit up.

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See this and know where YOUR tax dollars go: Feds rent out $99-a-night hotel rooms for illegal immigrants 

Keep kissing illegal ass you SICK, demented left wing psychopathic MONSTERS.

These are all of the young men KIA, trying to save these elderly & poor folks in Yarnell Hill:

Look through this search to help IF you can. I know times are hard: