‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.

‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.


Anybody that actually thinks that Obama/Jarrett are Zionist ought to have their heads examined.  They’re Communists, NOT Zionists. At any rate, it is mostly Christians who like Israel and give her moral support..

Look at what the Zionists are doing now…Funding Iran to blow up Israel (sarc) This is Valerie Jarrett’s baby.. Many people are so happy that America is now buddy-buddy with Iran.  Where are the Libertarians against foreign aid?  Crickets. Chirping.  It was always just Jew-hatred, nothing more.  While I am none too fond of the Israeli government, I certainly would not give their arch enemy 20 billion dollars.  What can we expect from Obama, though?  Just more treachery, throwing allies under the bus and shaking hands with Commie terrorists, attending funerals of genocidal, black South Africans.

SO, how is this plan working for you ‘Jews’ that voted for this piece of rotten sh*t?  You’re just doing what you did during the 1940’s: Throwing your brethren under the bus. Predictable.


Meanwhile…we are broke at home, bankrupt, in debt and our healthcare is cut off next year.

Democrats Should Run David Duke For Pres. In 2016-The Liberal ‘Jews’ Will Vote For Him

Democrats Should Run David Duke For Pres. In 2016-The Liberal Jews Will Vote For Him

Everything is koo koo, Now…Anyone else notice that insane folks seem to hate the people of Israel?

Chuck Hagel got the nod for the SOD, yesterday.  Liberal Jews voted for Obama, 69% in 2012.  Obama is a Muslim, who hates Israel and appoints Jew-hating, anti-Christian jackasses..Samantha Power ring a bell??  So, what’s the real difference between Duke and Hagel?  I see NO difference.  White Supremacists LOVE Chuck Hagel.  Chuck Hagel hates Israel.  So, why would it be any different if Duke ran for Pres on the Dem ticket, 2016?  Liberal Jews would help his campaign—as long as he is a Democrat.

Hell, Why doesn’t Obama just adopt Duke on his staff? They are on the SAME page.

David Duke endorsed Charles Barron for a seat in NYC: (A Jew-hating, white-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, black bastard) I am sure that more than a few Lib-Jews helped that idiot.  The Neturei Karta are Socialist ‘Jews’ that hate Israel.  Duke hates Israel.  Neturei Kartas hate most true, Torah-abiding Jews, as does Duke.  Duke is always attacking religious, right-wing or conservative Jews….Ditto J-street, Jewish Daily Forward, Mondoweiss, etc..   In fact, Mondoweiss hates Zionists and believe we have “ZOG” (Zionist Occupied government)  So does David Duke!!  Which we don’t & I am right, again…  Hagel is 100% proof that Zionists are not in charge at all.   -By the way; One cannot be Commie/Socialist and Torah abiding, you fool Neturei Karta’s-   Duke hates Christian-Zionists, so do all of these moronic, aforementioned ‘Jews’.   Duke supports Muslim, Islamic Jihadists, as do Lib-Jews & Neturei Karta kisses their ass as well..


David Duke, 2016 on the DEM ticket. Why not?  Makes sense in a world gone insane.  People who hate America’s allies seem to be the “IN” thing, now.


Streisand should sing “Somewhere” at his Inauguration:

Ya Can’t Make This Sh*t Up!

God does not change.  “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) and curse them that curse thee (Israel).”   True faith individuals love and support the PEOPLE of Israel.  We know their government stinks, but God does not ask us to support government.  He asks us to support PEOPLE and discern if they are holy or righteous.  Most Israeli Jewish & Christian PEOPLE are right-minded.

Obama Hates Israels Guts & Even A Member Of The Incogman’s Family Says So

Go to fullsize imageLets get something straight about the Incogman…. He is OBSESSED with me. He writes about me all time. (He is secretly madly in love with The Mad Jewess.) But lets also face the fact that he just needs publicity….which is why he links me-this is a busy website, and he needs more Jew hatred & Pro-Israel, Christian hate..

  EXCERPT from his rag:

You know, the gorgeous half Goyette/Jews like “The Mad Jewess” go off all the time about Obama being “anti-Israel,” a Muslim lover and all that crap?

Hell, a family member even once told me he thought Obama was anti-Israel.

 …..Said the Incogman on his sweet post this week:


So, Obama is a “Zionist” LOL….LOL!!! Not according to Hitlery Clinton, his SOS, who believes that Israel is illegitimate:

Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements ‘Illegitimate’ – ABC News

This one was written in the UK about Obamas hatred of Israel:

Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Israel – Telegraph Blogs

  BTW: On Incogman’s website, it says:  Buy Incogman a ‘cup of Joe’… You know how trailer trash need your money…Kinda like the leftist/Union morons……

SPREAD YOUR WEALTH TO THE INCOGMAN!! (Imagine…asking Americans to support his junk in these lean times…. Amazing..)

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Lets make poor wittle Incogman feel better….