To: Ralph Nader~Did YOUR Lit-Agent Make A “BLURP” On Your 1991 Bio With Obama? I Bet $1000 On NO.

To: Ralph Nader~Did YOUR Lit-Agent Make A “BLURP” On Your 1991 Bio With Obama? I Bet $1000 On NO.  I guarantee every last one of you, that there was absolutely NO mistake on the booklet for Ralph Nader.  And I guarantee that Obama did NOT have one mistake on his bio from 1991.  In fact, when I was in theater, we submitted bios for just about every show we entertained in.   NOBODY makes a ‘mistake’ on their bios.  If they do, it is usually a sentencing mistake.   A bio is a paragraph or 2 to ‘toot your own horn.’   Obama ‘tooted his horn’. He didn’t believe Americans were SO dumb, that they would elect in a foreigner.  He was wrong! American “liberal’ traitors would vote in HITLER if it meant that their agenda would be furthered. 

Obama is a LIAR AND a fraud. 

He should be arrested for treason, and every single exec. order thrown in the ash can.

Look how many websites are LYING about Obama being ‘not’  born in Kenya.  Here’s the deal with the fraud in the White House:  If he was born in Kenya and BOTH parents were/are American citizens, he would have been OK.  But, that is not the case.  Obama; the Muslim, psychopathic, Kenyan-born bastard did not have an AMERICAN citizen for a father.  He is NOT LEGAL, period.

‘Born in Kenya‘: Obama’s LYING Literary Agent ‘Misidentified’ His Birthplace

Sheriff Joe & Police: “Obama L.F. Birth Certificate~FRAUD!” What Say Coulter, Drudge, O’Reilly & Beck, Now???

I watched the whole televised edition of Sheriff Joes investigation of the usurper, Muslim, psychopath, Obama-who is occupying the White House, illegally.  Just like we and many others have been telling you; HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE  IS A FRAUD.

We tell the truth here, and after this morning with Breitbart???…..Well…. the truth can get ya killed.   So, ya’all be careful.   The devil is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Sheriff Joe: ‘Online B.C. NOT Good Enough, Obama-Microfilm Of Long-Form Birth Certificate Wanted’

CLICK HERE: Sheriff Joe’s Posse Wants Entire Microfilm Roll Containing Obama’s Birth Certificate

Sheriff Joe wants microfilm of Obamas Kenyan birth.

The focus on the microfilm records of Obama’s birth arose after Arpaio’s investigators realized the birth certificates of twins born the day after Obama, the Nordykes, had been released as white-on-black copies of microfilm to the family by the Hawaii Department of Health in 1966. MORE HERE:

Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Discovered Shocking New Evidence About Obama – DETAILS HERE

Saudi Columnist To Obama: ‘Resign, Just GET OUT!’

Only American leftist jerk-offs are madly in love with this IDIOT, wannabe, dictator/tyrant. NOBODY likes Obama. As I said, only fools, morons, jackasses & enemies within.  You got what you deserve. I hope you Obama voters DIE.

  H/T: QV

  EXCERPT:   In a recent column in the Saudi government daily ‘Okaz, titled Obama – Get Out!” Khalaf Al-Harbi accused U.S. President Barack Obama of applying a double standard in dealing with the revolution in Egypt and the revolution in Syria. He went on to demand – just as protestors are demanding of dictatorial Arab leaders – that Obama resign.

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Obama’s Enablers (FAUX NEWS As Well) Are Putting Up Straw Man Argument On “NATURAL BORN” Citizen

Go to fullsize imageWe will have Osama (I mean Obama) another 4 years because FAUX News are COWARDS.  Obama will get in again, because America is exactly as Eric Holder says, only I say it in different terms, you are a nation of unrighteous, blithering jackasses and COWARDS. 

See what Mario Apuzzo wrote today:


The Word “VOID” Is On Barack HUSSEIN Osama’s Fraudulent Long Form B.C.


See for yourself what you put into our White House, you vomitous assholes:

BIRTHERGATE: The Obama Doomsday Is Coming~Kenyans Say Obamas Records MIA?

Go to fullsize imageBreaking: Kenya Investigated Obama ‘African Birth’

By Press Release Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 06:01 AM EDT


 The official said the government had “information” that relevant birth records may have been removed or were missing. The rest below:

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Richardson To Take SOS Hillarys Place? Remember Richardsons “OBAMA IS AN IMMIGRANT” Remark? :-)

Go to fullsize imageDoes anyone remember all about Bill Richardsons “Obama is an IMMIGRANT remark?” The remark that was UNTOLD  by the MSM, Faux News, MSN, CNN, etc..?  Some of us DO have lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg memories.  See the link below….