Our Wonderful Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio-Moving Ahead Investigating The Foreign Muslim Usurper, Obama’s Ineligibility

Obama has produced fraudulent birth certificates to the American public.  The b.c released in 2011, March – had NINE layers of fraud.  Obama admitted himself in bios all throughout the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, making him a dual citizen. This website believes what he put in writing:

Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin and every other conservative pundit said zero about the factual evidence that Breitbart released in March 2012 (above).

 Because they dismissed it (Breitbart died BECAUSE of it), I will NEVER trust these people as truth journalists. EVER.  This whole issue can bury Obama, impeach and toss him out. “Conservative” pundits should have been on this most important issue, 24/7… But we all know they are NOT real conservative people…Caring NOTHING for the Constitution.  They only cared not to be labeled ‘birther.’  Stupid, huh?