#PROJECTION: WhiteHouse: “Russia Could ‘POTENTIALLY’ Use Chem Weapons”. Right After Our Government Has Been CAUGHT WITH BIO WEAPONS

#PROJECTION: WhiteHouse: “Russia Could ‘POTENTIALLY’ Use Chem Weapons”. Right After Our Government Has Been CAUGHT WITH BIO WEAPONS

Ya can’t make this up! This is the EPIC ‘projection’ from the Democrat bastards! Everything they do or get caught doing, they accuse the ‘other side’ of: Deleted Web Pages Show Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’?! And: Did US Embassy Remove All Their Ukraine Bioweapon Lab Documents From Their Website? See this also: Chief Nerd.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration publicly warned Wednesday that Russia might seek to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.

CLICK to read the White house state propaganda.

Commie Salon’s @DavidSirota “What If Prez Obama Lied To Us?” That’s RACIST David!

Commie Salon’s@DavidSirota  “What If Prez Obama Lied to Us?”  Thats RACIST David!

White-hating moron, David Sirota from “The Salon” is worried that Obama has lied about the NSA.  How stupid can one be?  All politicians lie.  Somehow, because Obama is black, he would not lie, David?  What? Is this only reserved for ‘evil’ white people?

You have to read this article.  Its just soooo obvious that Sirota has intentionally turned into a black-hating racist….!!!  What other explanation can there be?   Is racism good for me but not for thee?  Damn, these left wingers are a cancer. They can criticize this CREEP without being called racists- but we can’t? Bullsh*t!


This is the same jackass that hoped the Boston bomber was white. He got his wish, didn’t he?  Stupid jerk..


I just don’t buy that he’s so unaware of the world around him that he made such statements from a position of pure ignorance. On top of that, he has a motive. Yes, Obama has an obvious political interest in trying to hide as much of his administration’s potentially illegal behavior as possible, which means he has an incentive to calculatedly lie. For all of these reasons, it seems safe to suggest that when it comes to the NSA situation, the president seems to be lying.

See the rest:  What if the president lied to us?


By the way, your articles are TOO LONG.  Borrrrrrrrrrrrring. 

S.W.A.T. Team Invades a home; for Student Loan Debt; Dept of Ed

Yes, this is America’s taxpayers money used to apprehend a person deliver a search warrant who has defaulted on student loans.  Obama’s  Department of Education has the availability of  S.W.A.T. teams in apprehension of these people who fail to pay their student loans.  Under US Bankruptcy laws as they cannot use their court to relinquish their debt and restore their credit history.

Aren’t S.W.A.T. teams used in drug raids,  to obtain illegal search and seizure of automatic weapons for criminals?

Didn’t Obama sign into law an overhaul of Student Loan Program,to expand college access for millions of young Americans, in what he called “one of the most significant investments in higher education since the G.I. Bill?”

I wonder what will happen when Obamacare is  implemented fully?

Obama Lies Again; to Tornado Victims of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Obama just wanted another photo-op session. Obama doesn’t care about the struggling people of the US, especially after  the series deadly tornadoes that showed their ravaging effects across the Country. There are so many victims without any homes. It does not matter what your race you are. Obama doesn’t discriminate.

“Obama came in, Obama said we are going to help everybody, that is a LIE”

Shirley called Obama out on this video. Where is their housing units to protect the displaced residents from the elements?  FEMA trailers, POTUS, remember those that  were provided from temporary housing after Katrina?  But no, you do not want them, Shirley.  You cannot trust the government for safety. 

FEMA-supplied trailers for displaced Gulf Coast residents have been found to emit formaldehyde vapors, causing serious health problems.

“Once again, we discover that FEMA has wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on uncompetitive contracts and then failed to properly oversee the performance of those contracts,”Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee.

“In human terms, this huge amount of money could have been used to provide safe and decent temporary housing for thousands of displaced people.”

Obama Lies and people die.


At Bowie St. Univ, Obama Met By A Young Man Who Shouted “YOU’RE A LIAR!”

 Well he is the liar, Obama came to Bowie State University and was met by a student that spoke out against his speak concerning how conservatives and Republicans are the reason for today’s economic condition. The student screamed out “you’re a liar”, causing the president to pause his speech. Then the student was physically beaten up by supporters, cursed down, and thrown side to side.

H/T:   The Conservative Monster.com

“Organizing AGAINST America” O.F.A. LIES To Its Followers

Reported By Donna.

  I dont need more than this chart below to show you what a liar this Buffoon In Chief is, we give you the facts below, in the link below. We had to take from The Guardian, UK- to show the truth, since D.C. refuses to report the truth.  What is extremely disturbing as well, is that they still have the “Obama Symbol” of oppression against the people of the united states of America.  NO President before Obama ever had a symbol of their own.  Prez. Hussein O. YOU DO NOT OWN US.


Today the June employment report was released. Christina Romer, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, summarized the report this morning in a White House blog post:

The FACTS:  US job figures add to fears for long-term unemployed

The US unemployment rate fell to 9.5% last month but the drop was largely down to people giving up looking for work rather than strong job creation.

Figures from the US labour department showed a fall of 125,000 in non-farm jobs during June. But the drop was down to a one-off government layoff of 225,000 temporary census workers. In the private sector, employers added 83,000 staff.