SC: BLM GANG Vandalizes Drill Sargent’s Home. White Males Need To Form All White-Male, Self-Defense Gangs.

SC: BLM GANG Vandalizes Drill Sargent’s Home. White Males Need To Form All White Male Self-Defense Gangs.

You know.. I don’t play nice. I don’t fight nice. In life, online or wherever. I am very confrontational when I have to be. I am only a woman… But, even I understand: the time for doing this ‘alone’ is OVER.

It’s time for white male leaders in every city and town in USA to FORM ALL WHITE MALE, SELF-DEFENSE GANGS. Enough is enough. IF you don’t, you are leaving your friends, neighbors & loved ones out to dry. You are setting yourselves up to be harassed by minority, violent, street gangs, non-stop. If white males would show up in ‘mobs’ like the BLM gang does anytime whites are beaten or harassed, this sh’t would stop. I’m not suggesting anything Nazi. I’m suggesting self-defense in gangs.


One of OBAMA’S rotten sons was harassing this neighborhood where he didn’t belong. What the hell was he doing there?? They ALL knew he was NOT from there. And, who knows just what the hell one of his sons will do anymore? They burn cities. They loot. They are violent with Asians. They murder, rape and rob white people. Hispanics, also.

The Drill Sargent had to confront this jerk. Why did he not just keep moving? Why was this yo-yo acting like an arrogant little bastard? Read this…

Either white males form self-defense, white gangs or PERISH ALONE. Because the ‘law’ in America does NOT protect American whites. Deal with it.

Obama Sons (& Daughter) Beating Elderly White Women Aged 84, 86 & 89

Obama Sons (& Daughters) Beating Elderly White Women Aged 84, 86 & 89

Contributed by DBM

How long are white people going to put up with being beaten by these white- hating black youths?  It’s time to protect your children & elderly.  Buy guns, use them

Click: (Black) Parolee charged in murder of (White) 84-year-old Novi woman

Click: (Black) Suspect Identified In Beating Of Elderly (White) Woman

Click: (White) Victim, 89, grateful (black, African-american) mugging suspect caught



89-year-old woman

Georgia McKee

Bernice Schaufele