Obama’s “Arab-Spring” In Damascus, Syria. This Is Democrat “Human Rights”. Marco Rubio Wants To Destroy It More!

Where are the phoney-ass leftists for human rights, now??  Anyone that is well-read regarding the Syrian FOBAR – knows that Obama & Hillary are responsible for this catastrophe SNAFU.  I know that there are quite a few people that have stood against this (online, only).  BUT, what comes around goes around, people.  

This is why Obama the foreign, illegal, usurper must be forced out of office.  I dont care how anarchistic it would get.  He needs to be relieved of duty.  ALL of these people in the house and senate MUST GO. GOP or DEM.  They ALL must GO.

And, NO, this is not the way they have ‘always lived’.  

This is Damascus before:

How would WE like it if our country was in ruins like this?? God is not mocked.  He will pay back. He does not ‘love you more’, just because you are an American.