‘Fk the EU’, Victoria NULAND: “If Russia “Invades” Ukraine, Nordstream-2 Will NOT Move Forward”, Jan 27, 2022

‘Fk the EU’, Victoria NULAND: “If Russia “Invades” Ukraine, Nordstream2 Will NOT Move Forward”

The Spokesperson for OBAMA, Joey Diapers is on record saying this: ‘He Would END Nordstream 2

Here is the horrible witch who brought disaster to Ukraine in 2014-2015. Here she is back in January 27, 2022.

Rohrbacher, who’s election was stolen from him, 2 years ago questioned Victoria Nuland on her support for Nazis in Ukraine:

Here she was in 2015 saying “Fk the EU” in a leaked telephone call.

TWO U.S. confessions from the world’s biggest terrorists.

SATANCRAT Leftists Can Now Murder A Republican & Get Released On Bail:

Leftists Can Now Murder A Republican & Get Released On Bail:

The Satancrat below murdered a teen Republican for being a Republican. This is exactly why I tell you that the SatanCrats lie when they name YOU a “Fascist”.

And, the GOP party will do absolutely nothing. 41-Year-Old Shannon Brandt RELEASED on Bond After Killing 18-Year-Old Cayler Ellingson Over Teen’s Conservative Views

This Prophetic Dream About Obama This Man Received Was/Is 100% Truth

This Dream About Obama This Man Had Was/Is 100% Truth

This dream was and still IS highly accurate, considering all of Biden’s policies are Obama’s…

He still wasn’t born here.


For ALL the Hussein lovers – we told you!

♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

VOTE BLUE, VOTE NUKES: VIDEO, Ukrainian Troops Speak Fluent English W/ A PERFECT American Accent.

VOTE BLUE, VOTE NUKES: Ukrainian Troops Speak Fluent English W/ A PERFECT American Accent.

Now, do you know how the defeated Ukrainians ‘won’ the one battle a few days back?

The biggest war-mongers in the planet: The SatanCrat party: #Democrat Party Starts ALL World Wars & Proxies. Now #Dems Want WWIII W/ #Russia.

Please pray with us to save humanity from a nuclear war: Prayers: AGAINST NATO Forces In Ukraine.

The men that are there ‘in our name‘ fighting? I absolutely renounce their decision, 100%.

Ya’all Better See This Nuke Map.

War-Mongering, Dems Want To Start WWIII W/ Russia. I DO NOT SUPPORT WAR WITH RUSSIA, EVER.

Instead Of Arresting Conservatives For NOTHING, Why Isn’t The JoeBAMA Junta Helping People Of Jackson, Miss W/Out WATER?

Instead Of Arresting Conservatives For NOTHING, Why Isn’t The JoeBAMA Junta Helping People Of Jackson, Miss W/Out WATER?

Let’s face it: The people the JoeBAMA Junta are harassing are being detained for merely existing as Conservatives who support Trump. There is no law against a people supporting a past President. Look at the Obama-Bots, for eg.

The people of Jackson, Miss have NO water. That should be taking top priority for a pro black militant regime like the JoeBama Junta. The JoeBAMA’s should have ALL men on deck, fixing the water issue in Mississippi, building whatever needs to be built.

Instead, they are harassing people for being patriotic: Bombshell Report: Dozens of Trump Allies Raided or Served Subpoenas by FBI

Help your fellow man, you EVIL SatanCrat schmucks.

Barry Obama At The W.H. “Thank You, Vice President Biden”

Barry Obama Today At The W.H. “Thank You, Vice President Biden”

The old man doesn’t know if the devil is joking or not. He cant even tie his dang shoes. Biden probably thinks that he’s still the VP. Who knows if the old bag has dementia or Alzheimer’s.. Biden answers to OBAMA. Biden is OBAMA’S spokesperson.

Start at 50 seconds:

I don’t think the AntiChrist piece of garbage, OBAMA was joking at all. He’s running this disaster. He is destroying – on purpose.

Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

I remember this… It is said that this video was ‘leaked’ re. John Podesta.. and his possible violent pedophile practices…Watch the whole video to the end and determine for yourself..


If this is/was the truth and this is John Podesta...

I have no words except may the LORD our God destroy this evil.

NYT: Biden, Remaking Climate Team, Picks John Podesta to Guide Spending

Mr. Podesta, a Democratic stalwart, will oversee $370 billion in clean energy investments. Gina McCarthy, the president’s domestic climate adviser, is stepping down. John Podesta was a top adviser to President Barack Obama, chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton.