3rd Prez Debate: Ha Ha Ha. Mittens Romney Just Sucker-Punched Obama With His Medvedev Giveaway Of USA

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Ha ha ha.

Great, bout time someone told this Kenyan Muslim a thing or 2.  Obama just cant take someone talking and himself not being the center of the friggin universe. Already interrupting Mittens…Mittens told Obama that his ‘foreign policy was not to give America to Russia’.  And “Libya likes us” Says Obatshit-Obama… What an IDIOT!!!

GO TO HELL, OBAMA.  Even Mittens, as soft as he is, is able to tell your ass off because you are a LOUSY, UGLY, moronic, fascistic, dipshit who wants to be diKtator defacto.


Reality Check: This Is What Mitt Romney Won’t Say At Tomorrow Night’s Debate

We have a Chicken in the White House ripe for plucking, but sadly, these will not be Romeny’s opening remarks at the debate..

Theme Mr. President, “the abysmal & desperate state that this nation is not about me.”

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