I’m Confused~Michelle Malkin & Ann Coulter Didn’t Call Romney A Circus When HE Brought Up The Birth Cert

Michelle Malkin » Calls ‘Birthers’ ‘The birth certificate circus

Ann Coulter-GOProud spokes-person &  moonbat extradornaire.. Denounces Trump & ‘Birthers


Yet, when Romney brings up his birth certificate, these 2 trollops didn’t say a word. Why is that?  They take up for Mitt RINO Romney and denounce us little folk just trying to get at the truth.  It should be easy for you all to see why I never watch these 2 foam-domes on the tube..Or read their blogs.

To this day, neither Coulter nor Malkin can explain this bio:


This above is just a figment of the imagination and we are all living in koo-koo land, the Twilight Zone.