Why Did The FBI Remove Theater Attack Warning?

Looks like the government is to be feared more than the CO Shooter.

My Response To Jimmy Hoffa Jr: Bring It On, You *Fat* Bastard.

  Lets look at my own personal statistics… Hoffa Jr is corrupt, disgusting, fat, and a tool.  You are already dead, Hoffa.  Why? Because your own ‘army’ will end up turning against you.

   Now, lets take a look at the scenerio of these stupid left wing slobs; They are paganistic, heathens, barbaric, they have no core values, morals or ethics. They have no foundation, country, or patriotism.  Last but not the least; They have not GOD.  So, guess what? We win.  The side of righteousness always wins.  The only real ‘ideology’ that the leftists have is that they are thieves. After all, Communism is theft.  So, they have an ideology of ‘fists in the air’, theft, murder and destruction.  Communism has failed everywhere in the world, and trying to establish it here will not work, either.

Bring it on, Hoffa. 

You are nothing but a FAT TOAD and a g’damned bully with a short, gordo prick.

Now, go down and take a snooze next to your father before we send you there first.

Jimmy Hoffa Jr.  Reptile Proletariat