MUST C VIDEO: Occupy D.C. Admit Loud & Strong: They Want To Replace Capitalism With Communism

McCarthy was right.

NO ifs, ands or buts about it.

Listen to the words here very carefully.  It is exactly what we have been talking about on this website for almost 4 years now.  The #OWS are Communists. Straight up Communists.  

Maybe now you should be able to understand why I vehemently support the facebook ranter, Raub.

Only one type of solution will cure the Communist cancer: Meeting their force with force OR DIE.

Its YOUR choice.  I choose to be more like McCarthy, until the time comes where I will have to defend my life, family, property and town. AND I WILL from you bastards..You are damned traitors and are deserving of death.  May it not be far from you.

Obama Could Cancel Elections With Chaos? State Secession? What a MESS We Are In

We are in a mess. Huge mess.  Youtube below: I really don’t like Alex Jones, but this is an excellent interview with Jerome Corsi.  Let me make myself clear:  All of the “Occupy Wall St” protests are just a diversion to keep eyes off of what Obama is doing to wreck the nation more.

Listen to this video, it is excellent.  Put your bias aside and hear this video.