#Commie Elitist Obama Quietly Passed Law Making Insider Trading Easier for US Politicians

#Commie Elitist Obama Quietly Passed Law Making Insider Trading Easier for US Politicians

Can we say corruption?  Is there anything that these politicians touch that is not corrupted?  We need to know the value of every single politician before they go into office and when they resign or are voted out.  So, where’s the #OWS crowd now?

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Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago (Leftism Closed These Schools)

Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago (Leftism Closed These Schools)

Anytime you see something like this; It’s the left wing.  Imagine if they started admitting they suck?  That they are the ones that have totally destroyed this country with their dumbing down?  Unions pay too much money to these teachers.  Vacations, T.O., high wages, health care- where tax-payers just can’t afford it any longer.


Nazi Joe Biden: ‘Government Has Right To Determine What Weapons Can Be Used By The Public’

I’m SICK of these rat-bastards.  You have NO right to even open your mouth, Biden- you OLD gasbag.  I’ve never heard so much NAZI rhetoric from a VP in my whole entire life. SHUT UP.  WE PAY YOU.  WE F’N PAY YOU.  Who the hell made these SOBs the grand poobah?  Imagine if this was GWB?  I can’t stand these miserable pigs anymore. Someone…please, will ya clock Joe, already??


‘Attributes’ Of The Neo-Democrat Party, Who Rule America

This was on my F/B page this AM.

The Democratic Party has become the party of the Anti-Christians, Jew-haters, Israel-haters, Jihad-lovers, War-mongers, Anti-baby, Anti-traditional Marriage, Anti-God, Anti-Caucasians; home of the Racists, the Haters, the Elitists, the Homosexuals, the Tanstesticals, the Pansexuals, the Illegal Aliens, the Ex-Cons, the Ex-Felons, the Moral Relativists, the vote frauders, the Bigots, the Pagans, the hate-America movement, the Marxists, the Communists, the Bolsheviks, the Progressives, the Socialists and the Anarchists.

Hope you leftists are happy.

This is the HELL you created.


FAT SLOB, Michael Moore Calls For Revolt In Michigan-He Should Just Stick To Eating & STFUP!

CLICK, this is funny:  Unions Protest Right To Work Vote -Michael Moore Calls for Revolt!

I’m still trying to figure out when Michael Moore will realize that the only people who listen to him are the ones taking his lunch order.

How many union employees did the slug use on his films???  

Why doesn’t Moore just eat and shut the f’ck up like a good fatty? This fat shit could never lead a revolt, he’s only good for target practice.. The guy is so fat, he leaves footprints in concrete! Michael Moore is so fat NASA orbits satellites around him. He’s so fat, he had his baby pictures taken by satellite…




NBC’s Chris Matthews Racial Rant After Debate. We Hate Obama Because He Is A Marxist/Muslim-YOU IDIOT

NBC’s Chris Matthews Racial Rant After Debate….


Pot. Kettle. Black…

Manomighty…I get so sick and tired of this total bullsh’t.  Whahhhh, dat racis, bla bla bla. Racist, racist… I’ve never been so sick and tired of one single word in my whole entire life.  THEY are the racist; keeping black on white crimes and Bolshevik ‘Jewish’ & fraud “Christian” treachery from the American people. They act like minorities are the king of the hill, head of the list, cream of the crop at the top of the heap… Sucking up to illegal occupiers, kissing Jihad ass, talking women’s p*ssy’s non stop.  The “Liberals” are filthy, disgusting, mental, wack jobs.


GO F*%K off Chrissy STRAIGHT-JACKET Matthews, you stupid douchebag Ass Hat.



Even MSNBC Says Obamas Bogus Job #’s Are Bullsh*t

Joe Scarborough is confused by the new jobs numbers…Wow, ya think, Joe?  No shit..

Obama HATES America so much that he will lie like a snake just to get in ofc.  Having Obama again will mean the unemployment # will be 25-30% unemployed.  Why can’t you idiots see that this is the absolute WORST prez in history? Worse than Carter and Bush 43.

Wake up dummies.

MUST C VIDEO: Occupy D.C. Admit Loud & Strong: They Want To Replace Capitalism With Communism

McCarthy was right.

NO ifs, ands or buts about it.

Listen to the words here very carefully.  It is exactly what we have been talking about on this website for almost 4 years now.  The #OWS are Communists. Straight up Communists.  

Maybe now you should be able to understand why I vehemently support the facebook ranter, Raub.

Only one type of solution will cure the Communist cancer: Meeting their force with force OR DIE.

Its YOUR choice.  I choose to be more like McCarthy, until the time comes where I will have to defend my life, family, property and town. AND I WILL from you bastards..You are damned traitors and are deserving of death.  May it not be far from you.

FILTH! Chicago: Police Arrested 7 Protesters Who Were Caught w/ Bottles Of Human Urine & Feces. OBAMA’S Followers

FILTH! Chicago: Police Arrested 7 Protesters Who Were Caught w/ Bottles Of Human Urine & Feces. OBAMA’S Followers

If MEN do zero. I will just give up.  I will go into my room and not ever come out again.  MEN are allowing this SHIT.

Chicago: Police arrested 7 protesters who were caught with bottles of human urine and feces. (NBCChicago.com). This is the movement endorsed by Obama and the Liberal Democrats. And they have the gall to criticize the Tea Party Movement?

Obama Is Right – “Americans Have Gotten Lazy”~The Occupy Wall Street Crowd In 100% Proof

The creep in chief did not know how right he was.  His band of Communists, miscreants, anarchists, rapists, molesters, STD carriers, rat-infested, lice-infested followers prove, that for once, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is right.

Just to show you I absolutely agree with  O-bastard about this, I have found the best & the brightest  photographs I could find of these fine specimen:

Proof that these kids do not want to work-EVER. They, ‘protesting’ against bailouts, want a bailout:

Obama is scum, his followers are pigs. Proof is here, and he was right.