Jo’Bama Admin BEGGING For Saudi Oil. He Closed Work On The Pipeline. This WHOLE Fiasco Is Jo’Bama’s FAULT

Jo’Bama Admin BEGGING For Saudi Oil. He Closed Work On The Pipeline. This WHOLE Fiasco Is Jo’Bama’s FAULT

Jo’Bama is begging the Saudi’s for oil… What’s he begging for? I thought those lousy CommieCRATS were against oil? But, they’re over there begging… This is what happens to America with CommieCRATS in charge and ‘go along to get along’ GOP. Biden stopped the building of the pipeline – that was one of the FIRST orders he made after he illegitimately ‘won’ the Presidency:  With a pen stroke, President Joe Biden cancels Keystone XL

Saudi Crown Prince Gives Biden The Cold Shoulder: “I Do Not Care” What He Thinks“, they’re not going to pump out huge quantities of oil.

Just look at the news:

White House Mulls Biden Visit To Saudi Arabia To Plea For More Oil

All Hell Breaks Loose On Russian Oil Embargo Fears: Futures, Stocks Plunge As Oil Soars To $139, Gold Hits $2,000

Elon Musk Calls For Europe To Restart Nuke Plants, US To Boost Oil & Gas Output “Immediately”

Futures Tumble, Europe In Bear Market As Oil, Gold Soar

Russia Says Global Oil Embargo Could Push Prices Over $300

House To Hold Imminent Vote On Ditching Trade Relations With Russia & Belarus, Including Oil Imports

Shell Limits Some Heating Oil Sales In Germany As Shortages Develop

Moobat Psaki blames PUTIN!! Why didn’t they just STFUP when Putin went to kill neo nazis?

WOW: Ship Carrying Auto Parts Sinks Off Japan Coast

WOW: Ship Carrying Auto Parts Sinks Off Japan Coast

Everything is going up in price. Inflation is here to stay. And once the rest of the world figures out that we are just printing money and buying their products with worthless paper, everyone will flee the dollar. Buy what you can now, hard assets will only go up in price. Buy extra car parts just to have on hand. Brake pads, rotors, oil and air filters, spark plugs, hoses.

Video hat tip, Nicholas-

Read it here: FREIGHT WAVES.

Fact check this, Biden “fact-check” bots

Fact check this, Biden “fact-check” bots

By David Ben Moshe aka Mr Mad Jewess:

The Facebook fact checkers don’t believe that gas soared because of Biden. To the fact checkers: the buck stops with the president and prices started shooting up when he took office and cancelled the pipeline and removed all federal lands from oil exploration.

Fact check that!!!!

‘Biden was not responsible for any of those price triggers.’


The news certainly wont tell you the truth about the planned FUBAR.   Trump isnt telling the truth, either.  Our world has been DESTROYED.   Courtesy of the DEMOCRAT Party with their fascistic, bully mentality… add our ‘precious’ (puke) GOP governors who went right along with the unConstitutional lockdown.


SYRIA: Egypt Suggesting Suez Canal Closure B/c Of Obama & His War Mongering LUNACY?!

SYRIA: Egypt Suggesting Suez Canal Closure B/c Of Obama & His War Mongering LUNACY?!

How do you leftist scum enjoy that gas?  It’s already $3.45/gallon.  Now, Obama has the whole planet in an uproar…Egypt possibly closing up the Suez..?? Hmmm… Aint that peachy? Who knows what is happening..  What are the lefty’s going to say IF they close it?  That Egypt is a racist for doing such a thing to poor OBAMA?  Man…Ya can’t make this shit up!

Oh well, USA…Suffer if it happens.. You men refuse to trash this creep.

The Tamarod campaign has released a statement Wednesday urging authorities to close Suez Canal to vehicles carrying weapons supporting US military attacks on Syria.

Here is the link  (Thank you QV)

By the way, America…


Obama Wants Control Of Oceans, Oil & Women’s Private Parts; Is There Anything Else This DICTATOR Wants?

Obama Wants Control Of Oceans, Oil & Women’s Parts; Is There Anything Else This DICTATOR Wants?
He acts just like his buddy, Hitler, only black…

It Is 1979 All Over Again, & Obama Is CARTER, NOT Reagan

View ImageWatching this whole Egyptian scenerio play out, all I see is Carter reincarnated in Obama, just 10x worse. 

   I see Gas rationing coming to America with lines like the lines we grew up with. I see plastic bags becoming a luxury…. Good thing a few weeks ago, I started using paper bags.  In fact, how do we even know that Obama isn’t cheering this on, since he is a Muslim himself?  I can guarantee you, that the Marxist pigs in this administration are using this crisis, like that Bolshevik, Emmanuel said.  Notice that the B.C. news is off the net? Just like that…bingo! This is just what O was waiting for, it was his ringing door moment-saved by the bell, so to speak.

  Tragic and comedic all of this is…..> I think the Marxist slime KNEW this Egyptian crisis was going to happen.  That is why they put that likeness of Reagan and Obama on TIME Mag, but Reagan- Obama is NOT, nor will he EVER be…He will NOT be able to bring about any ‘peace’ in this situation, and there are no hostages to set free to make the manchurian look like a hero. Just a  measly, little 2.3 billion of our American dollars going to Egypt in foriegn aid:  Match that to Israel, for a bogus ‘peace’ deal made under Carter the Cad in ’76.. Makes ya wonder if more $$ will be involved to ‘redistribute OUR wealth’ abroad… 

  Anyway-Reagan, although not the best prez ‘ever’, but the best in our time, LOVED America, Obama hates America.  He is like Carter with this mess. It feels like 1979 all over again……..

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Matthew Simmons BIG OIL Expert Dies “Suddenly!” Saudi Running Out Of Oil?

Part Deux “The Twilight Zone”.  Ok it is Conspiracy Theory time. Matthew Simmons has died officially of a heart attack in his hot tube in his Maine home. Now I have to be honest in that I never heard of Mr. Simmons. What is the significance of Simmons’ death? Simmons is the man of respected opinions (or at least was respected) that divulged to the world that Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves are way smaller than the Saudi’s would like anyone to know. This is not good news for the big oil corporations and the global governments that have made oil and its refinery the life blood of the global economy.

   If Simmons is correct then a panic to search for alternate fuel sources would go into Manhattan Project mode. If the oil corporations are not part of a rush to save lifestyles as the world knows it, then the oil corporations would go broke. That is undoubted a disturbing number in the trillions (I’ll let the Conspiracy Theorists verify that) of dollars.  The rest of the synopsis here: Is There a Reason Matthew Simmons Died?

CREEPY AND SUSPICIOUS: Oil expert Matthew Simmons dies in Maine hot tub “accident”   

 Oil guru Matthew Simmons dies in Maine

 Matthew Simmons Discusses BP’s Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico

Obama, The Magicians Speech Last Night To The EWE’s


President Obama solved the oil disaster all by himself.  That is why he refused assistance from other nations to send oil skimming vessels into American waters.

Reported By; The Southern Belle

Did you listen to our GREAT President Hussein Obama last night???  Did you get goose bumps up and down your spine as he explained how he alone will solve the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico???  It was just like getting an awesome back rub and a heavenly massage.
The answer is simple.  All the Senate has to do is pass Obama’s CAP and TAX.  If we only allow Obama to levy massive carbon taxes on everyone then the oil crisis is solved because we will be bankrupt and there will be no need or money to buy oil and then we will see the end of oil drilling in America.  Isn’t that a wonderful solution?? 
Obama is certain that if we are kind and polite to the sweet Mullahs in Iran that they will be more than happy to provide us with all the oil we want at a low cost of only $500/barrel.  Won’t y’all enjoy paying $25/gallon for gasoline?
Obama also said not to worry about the oil spillage because his brilliant team of freaks determined that sooner or later the oil reservoir beneath where the oil is leaking will be exhausted.  Patient is all that is needed and trust in our GREAT President.  In just two or three years the oil leak will stop by itself.
Toot toot and please have a wonderful day in Obama Land.
Donna found this: BP Exec Sold BP Stock right before the spill…