Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse:

Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse In Democrat Philly:

The Camera-man slowed these scenes down a bit…but you MUST take a look at this. You MUST. This is so repulsive and disgusting that I feel so ashamed and sad to even show this!

THIS is just about ANY Commie-CRAT city in America and the sheep continue to vote for this.

[Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, Aug, 2021. HAT TIP: TED NOIZ]


Go to fullsize imageMEN, you get what you deserve. You do. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  You are allowing these EVIL women run the show. I blame MEN. Look at this and wake up for gods sakes!!!!!!!!!!!! You have allowed my country to be turned over to evil women, just like Jezebel, who hunted a great man of God, Elijah.. Now we have the whores of USA Babylon running the show because you are doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Controversial Jamie Gorelick on shortlist to run FBI

Your Tax $$ @ Work- 2 Gay Men Fighting @ Public Assistance Ofc.

I just want you ALL to know, that these are the people you will be providing Obama-Care for, to take care of their nasty asses.  Don’t say us ‘right wing crazies’ didn’t warn you. 

 You jerk-Soviet leftist whores have made our hell, you’ll pay…Soon.. 


OH HEY Sugar! I

 Oh, BTW: its not being anti-‘gay’, it is the lack of decency that has been coming from this community for over 15 years- (Which Conservative gays knows very well about) You can stand for your beliefs and still love a person, does not mean you have to agree with the ‘life-style.’ Homosexual friends of ours love my brassiness, but not my anger.. So? Agree to disagree.