Only A Sick, Demented, Disgusting Commie PIG Thinks Of “Orgy Regulations” For Covid:

Only A Sick, Demented, Disgusting PIG Thinks Of “Orgy Regulations” For Covid:
Rachel Levine is the head of the PA Health Dept.

Who does this? WHO EVEN THINKS OF DISGUSTING CHIT like this? A sexually depraved slob, that’s who.

Why would a stupid hag even submit this stupidity? The world looks at this god forsaken nation and says: ‘Look at their depravity. They are really sickos.” That’s what the world thinks of us.

And, just look at that beast! MY GOD!!! Please strike this thing!! Evil slime. Filthy savage. “Rachel Levine” BARF!

Pennsylvania Health Department Issues Preferred COVID Orgy Regulations: Wear a Face Covering, Avoid Kissing, Wash Hands Often

My friend wrote this. He is disgusted also 😦 This is Why They Hate “The Jews” #3