Lady GAG OFF’s “Gays” In The Military “P.R.” For LEFTISTS~ Goes Over Like A Lead Balloon

 Tank 1 Even the traitor, Lindsey Graham couldn’t care less what the fairy, Lady GaGa says re. Military and “gays”.   Senator: I Don’t Care What Lady Gaga Says, She’s Not in Military

 lady gaga bp gulf oil spillLook- Gag me bitch; You are an entertainer, and not even a good one at that. Nothing you do is ‘original’, it is the same shit as Madonna, only more debaucherous.

People, actually many people ask me why I write about this hag so much .  It is because young ladies watch her videos, they sing her sicko-songs. The videos are sexually violent, not good for young girls, and young women, aged 13-19. It repulses me that her videos are not even rated R.  Or even X.  The videos are 100% SATANIC.

See this video below, it will show you a synopsis, & or discernment, of GAG OFF’s videos.  It exposes how evil these videos are, and you should NOT allow your kids to watch this devilish crap.

The people, actually sub-humans that directed this video are probably 2x Germanottas age, they have been satanic much longer. There is NO way that this kid, GaGa, could have come up with a lot of this very evil symbolization in this video below.   In fact, I at this point, that I believe Lady Gagas “Bad Romance” video is Gaga now, herself, and that is what the entertainment industry is made of; SATAN Worship. This should also give you an idea of the ‘gay’ agenda; it is SATANIC.


YES, our WORST nitemare has happened..

The M. Obama DOLL.  Screwing Barbie up now. 

 WHATS NEXT, man..

{This is the Silkstone Barbie…the only Barbie left that had class}

They ALSO have this, for your kids to WORSHIP <BARF!>